Anthrax outbreak kills hundreds of animals in Zimbabwe national reserve

January 11, 2012AFRICA – More than 165 wild animals including 88 hippopotamuses have died amid an outbreak of anthrax in Zimbabwe. The hippos were found dead alongside 45 buffaloes, 30 elephants and two kudos in the country’s northern Mana Pools national park. Zimbabwean Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokeswoman Caroline Washaya-Moyo told the state-owned Herald newspaper that tests had proved the hippos were killed by anthrax. She added that the cause of death for the other animals had not yet been confirmed but said early signs suggested they had also fallen victim to the infectious disease. Ms. Washaya-Moyo said she feared the outbreak could spread to other wildlife in the protected reserve, which lies around the lower Zambezi River. She said: ‘Our office has confirmed the anthrax outbreak following the death of the animals in Mana Pools. The Authority engaged the vet offices who later collected samples from hippos for lab testing. The lab test confirmed that 88 hippopotamus died of anthrax.’ Officials are today conducting further tests on the affected animals, which are all believed to have died in the last few weeks. Government veterinary officer Chris Foggin said a team of specialists had visited the area and were burning the carcasses of the dead animals in an attempt to prevent the infection from spreading. He told the Herald: ‘A number of animals have died, but we have visited the area and we sealed it off and we are burning the carcasses to prevent any further spread, an action well considered now that the lab reports confirmed anthrax as the culprit.’ Mana Pools is one of Zimbabwe’s most famous national parks. –Daily Mail
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11 Responses to Anthrax outbreak kills hundreds of animals in Zimbabwe national reserve

  1. Charlene Hammond says:

    ….Wait a minute…. Wasn’t there something just recently about the U.S. government stocking up on anthrax vaccines?? (Alex Jones, or The Intel Hub, maybe?) When reading it I remember thinking, what in the world are they gearing up for?
    There are no coincidences.


  2. Charlene says:

    Between Anthrax and the new and improved H3N5 flu, big Pharma will make a killing.
    And it’s no coincidence that the US government recently stocked up on Anthrax vaccines, right around the time of the YU55 comet psyops.


  3. Irene C says:

    That is so sad. I cry for those who have no voice.



  4. Natural anthrax? or manmade and being tested? I know some call me a worry wart but I do honestly belive many of these starnge outbreaks could be caused deliberately


  5. Victoria says:

    The previous Rhodesian Government considered Rock Rabbit/Hyrax born Anthrax outbreaks very seriously, and would threat any outbreak as an emergency. It is a moot point, whether the current Zimbabwian Government has the money, the resources or the sense of urgency of the previous government.


  6. Victoria says:

    My husband just reminded me that Anthrax can be found in every country in Africa. The disease has been there for millenia. Anthrax is a dangerous disease. Yet, no one, not even the UN has put forward a plan of attack for this disease and its irradication.

    Anyone wanting to make a biological weapon just has to visit Africa for samples.


  7. Columbine says:

    There have been anthrax outbreaks all over the world for millenia. Check out for statistics in Great Britain from 1887-2006. In 2010 anthrax was reported in a domestic animal in Ukraine. In South Dakota 10 cows died from anthrax in 2003. It is a frightening disease, yes, and a dangerous one but finding these poor animals dead in Africa from anthrax is not really a surprise. It is probably 100% naturally occuring.

    Why do people always want to attribute to “them”, or “the government” or “the secret powers behind everything” or even “UFO’s and aliens” what GOD does? God is the one in control of this earth and universe, not aliens, ufos nor even mankind. For this example, take the words of the psalmist in 104:
    24 How many are your works, O LORD!
    In wisdom you made them all;
    the earth is full of your creatures.
    25 There is the sea, vast and spacious,
    teeming with creatures beyond number—
    living things both large and small.
    26 There the ships go to and fro,
    and the leviathan, which you formed to frolic there.

    27 These all look to you
    to give them their food at the proper time.
    28 When you give it to them,
    they gather it up;
    when you open your hand,
    they are satisfied with good things.
    29 When you hide your face,
    they are terrified;
    when you take away their breath,
    they die and return to the dust.
    30 When you send your Spirit,
    they are created,
    and you renew the face of the earth.


  8. cecelia says:

    Anthrax thrives in dirt. it is naturally occuring everywhere. when the spores have an “outbreak” it is deadly. i don’t think everything thats going on is all coincidence and I pray for us all, brothers n sisters.


  9. yamkin says:

    Outbreak Of Anthrax In Bongo District, Three People Reported Dead – Ghana


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