19 Responses to Tense world on the brink: Doomsday clock may move closer to midnight

  1. Frinn says:

    OK. Is THIS Maye A HINT of What Has Already Been Prophesised in early 2011??? If So,, Why Not just Cut to Chase and BLATANTLY & PUBLICALLY ANNOUNCE This??? 2011 Was Year to SCARE EVERY HUMAN STUPID and also,,, Give reason for Us Humans to PREPARE For THE END Of The Human Race!!!! This does, however, leave Me a Tad PISSED OFF. WHY??? My Family and I would Rather DIE through a NATURAL CATACLYSMIC Event rather Than by The Hands and NO BRAINS Of Fellow HUMANS!!!!! :(:(:((


  2. Helen Parks says:

    Yes the year of 2011 was a year of being PRIMED
    But why do they keep saying THE WORLD will end?

    OUR world might end – but not THE world…GET IT RIGHT


  3. K says:

    And so it continues. I always tell my family sure I am afraid of earthquakes and tornados but nothing scares me more than man.


  4. Suanne says:

    ??? “…the narrowly averted nuclear disaster at the Fukushima plant in Japan”??? Looks like an actual, ongoing, full-blown nuclear disaster to me…


  5. elijahsmom3 says:

    What amazes me is that anyone could consider Fukushima to be an “averted” disaster! OH, sorry, guess we’re still pretending. I thought for a second that game was over. Silly me.


  6. Apple IIGS says:

    It’s been officially pushed back 1 minute, to 11:55 PM (back where it was at in 2007). Personally I would have put it 2-3 minutes back with current world events.

    Just Iran ONLY is enough to push it to 11:57 PM!


  7. Brandon says:


    Do you think that the media may now be coming to grips with the reality that we really don’t have that much time until doomsday arrives? Where do you think we are now in with regards to this earth changes crisis? You said that extinction has happened several times in the past but what makes this coming one worst is that we now have 7 billion people on the planet. Well with all this doomsday clock talk, the Mayan calendar rumors, the talk of how historically bad the natural disasters were in 2011, etc do you think that the next earth extinction could be around the corner? All the signs Christ spoke of are now taking place and accelerating. Keep up the great work and may God bless you richly.



  8. Christian Avakyan says:

    Atomic bombs might wipe out a few cities, or even countries. I’m not worried about that.

    My fear is of a man mad virus that could wipe half of humanity


    work on your immunesystem, learn about herbs, and get growing your veggies. Best insurance policy! all the best for the rest


    • Apple IIGS says:

      I don’t know if I agree, a wide-scale nuclear war is not survivable (unless you have access to a deep underground shelter, years worth of supplies) and a nightmare for anyone above ground who does survive. And the Earth would be unlivable for decades, possibly centuries.

      Interesting in how all the tens of thousands of years man has existed, only in past 70 years have we devised a way to bring our extinction, almost instantaneously. Or more slow methods like man made viruses, environmental changes, over-population, destruction of food chains and animal species. I often just look at the mind boggling number of cars, trucks, planes, etc polluting the air daily with poisonous gases, and wonder how the Earth can go on like this for another 100 years..or even 50. Right now there are just so many ways to destroy ourselves it seems the odds are against us continuing on.


  9. alicia says:

    Only God knows the hour and the time in which our time is due. As far as the dangers humans place on one country to another, is inevitable by greed, political, and the powers of satan sitting at the helm. The world as we know it will never be the same due to the hands of the humans and all the wonderful toys, from China to Iraq it is just a matter of time. Be ready for Jesus, it’s going to happen no matter what we do, I say be ready in fatih and mind and spirit in Jesus Christ.


  10. Fillade says:

    In response to current republican canditate disscourse barry made a very telling comment.
    ‘I promise you, things wiil change”.

    If anyone has documented all the so called Progressive Agenda Changes from the very start of this satanic occupiation, this is a very troubling statement.

    To truly comphrend the intent, read the writtings of General Albert Pike, in 1871.



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