6 Responses to Three earthquakes strike nuclear plant region of Fukushima district

  1. unspokenhermit says:

    Japan had a long history of devastating earthquakes and tsunamis even then it did not stay back from building many Nuclear plants one after another. It is now getting the result of its ignorance of the history.

    The Japanese people are not happy.

    Many realize a significant portion of Japanese soil is not suitable for habitation. Just last October a leaked Tepco documented indicated the total amount of plutonium and neptunium emitted from the plant. This stuff sticks around for millions of years…

    If you haven’t seen the dispersion maps for plutonium they are published here:



  2. History always repeats itself…but only in and at the human capacity. God, however, when He acts upon His creation, never repeats Himself exactly the same way twice. Twins (His creation is people) are never completely identical, never repeated the flood (which is how the land masses origionally separated), never split the Red Sea again, though He does so in so many other ways, He sent His Son as a baby (won’t happen that way again, yet He will be back). This planet, solar system, everything made is His by His Hands, the only thing He repeats is His character (love, faithfulness, justice, mercy, grace) or we wouldn’t exist at all. While those who refuse to believe His Word, (everything that has ever happened is in there, and everything happening now) the future is only known by Him alone, and He will not do what any human thinks, or rationalizes, or predicts He will do…except remain who He is…God. god of the Universe, God of the Earth, God of all…the One and only.
    Every prediction man has made that has “come true” was written by Him long before they were born, hence, man gets no credit. The truth is like gravity…believe in it or not…eventually it will convince one all by itself…perspectives and choices of man do not change the Truth.


    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      beautifully written buttrflygrl14. :> I totally agree with you…and as much as all of the blog stories are important on this site, with out Jesus there is nothing good that can be done.
      It was very encouraging to read your reply. Be blessed!


    • K says:

      I loved that. thank you and God Bless!


  3. George says:

    Here’s an article from the above site………………………………….
    A recently published study in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity confirms that the radioactive fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster reached Europe (Lithuania), and included plutonium, the most deadly manmade element (nanogram for nanogram) in existence.
    According to the study’s authors the radionuclide concentrations measured indicate there was “long-range air mass transport from Japan across the Pacific, the North America and the Atlantic Ocean to Central Europe as indicated by modelling.” What this means is that every region under the jet stream — which includes half of the planet north of its equator — could have been exposed to some degree of plutonium fall-out; a fact that is all the more disturbing when we consider there is no such thing as a safe level, and that the harm (on the human scale of time) does not dissipate: the half life of plutonium-239 is 24,200 years, and that of uranium-238 is 4,460,000,000 years, which is older than our planet.
    In a past exposé, where we identified the likelihood of the occurrence we are now reporting on, we published Jet Stream radiation dispersion projections from Germany’s EURAD system which showed that Radioiodine-131 and Cesium-137 were within detectable concentrations thousands of miles away from Fukushima within days after the event. This was, after all, a nuclear explosion (as occurred also at Chernobyl) producing extremely small particles moving at extremely high velocity, and not a hydrogen-based conflagration, which was erroneously reported to be the case in the first days following the disaster.
    Additional Reading: Radiation Disaster Associated Protocols


  4. There are some forms of cancer, called myeloproliferative diseases, which may be caused by just one marrow cell being mutated by a radiation particle, either from space or from earthbound source. These are considered rare diseases, but I expect they could become common now.
    They take a while to makes themselves known and diagnosed, so some people could be “maturing” toward diagnostic level now. Pollution may be another source of this mutation; the researchers are hesitant to be specific.


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