Scientists say Japan in for another big earthquake

January 6, 2012JAPANLast year saw the number of underground tremors in Japan going up a hefty seven times, with the national meteorological service reporting almost 10,000 jolts registered on and around the Japanese islands -most of them aftershocks of the catastrophic, Force 9.0,  earthquake that hit the country’s northwest on March 11, 2011. Seismologists believe that chances are pretty high that a similar quake may come along within the next 30 years. The March 11 earthquake and tsunami  killed almost 16,000 people, with an estimated 3.500 more still unaccounted for. –Voice of Russia
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4 Responses to Scientists say Japan in for another big earthquake

  1. Good Luck says:

    REally… well you all need to be watching the USGS…and if you cant copy/paste the snap shots of what we’re seing in the US mainland. In jsut he last 72 hours or less there have been over 14 EQ’s 3.0+ range.. I watch this site pretty closely, this is the first time I have seen this level of activity.
    Japan, will indeed have another major EQ, but my call is the Trigger Event..Mega Thrust will start with the Casscadia Subduction zone..and fault shred all the way south, down past Mexico..


    • Irene C says:

      I agree with you. I’ve been watching USGS very closely also. I noticed a lot of recent activity in Alaska and California. It’s a bit frightening. I’m also concerned about the Cascadia Subduction zone.



  2. tellthetruth1 says:

    After just finishing reading through your latest stack of volcano news, this is awful. The shaking warned about in Scripture is certainly revealing itself…


  3. Columbine says:

    The earthquakes in Alaska and California are “normal”. My husband was a child in Fairbanks during the Anchorage “Big One” in 1964 (estimated to be 9.2 magnitude) and remembers it very well. He experienced so many small tremors as a child that he doesn’t even pay attention to them any more. When I lived in Alaska 37 years ago we often had small tremors. I would notice that one of my hanging plants was slightly swaying, would check others and sure enough, they all would be. I wouldn’t feel the tremors but the house did. I experienced a 5.7 magnitude just 5 miles from the epicenter in the early 70’s in Alaska. Ask anyone who’s lived in California (and pays attention to their surroundings- most people don’t) how often the ground moves. I’ve watched the USGS page for many years and California is always moving, several little quakes reported almost every day somewhere in the State. I would start getting scared if California and Alaska STOPPED moving!!

    It’s all the quakes that are being reported in other states recently that catch my attention. Washington, Oklahoma, Alabama, Idaho, Utah, South Carolina, Texas, Ohio – just in the last week, as well as Virginia, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and others in the past few months.. Some are normal – the Colorado Plateau continues to rise in elevation as it has for 1,000’s of years (Pikes Peak is said to be taller than it used to be) and that continued rise causes quakes in places like Utah, and I remember small quakes here in Colorado when I was a child 50 years ago. I know there are more sensors in place now across the US, but it still seems that there are more quakes happening in a very wide area. Fracking could be causing part of it. Whatever the cause – Jesus Christ prophesied that in the last days before his return there would be an increase in earthquakes and it does seem that is happening world-wide.


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