7 Responses to Wave of violence sweeping across Nordic countries stuns Western observers

  1. Martin says:

    What about the immigration politics , take all kind of rotten apples in your country and be suprised that those kind of killings take a hold your freedom!
    No go zones in different cities in the nordic country’s because of islamic individuals that can not cope with freedom!
    Supported by the left wing anti-christian parties!
    They hijacked most of those no go zones!


  2. Blessed says:

    Sweden is the least religious country in the world. My advice to Sweden open up churches and get back to the honoring and worshiping the Holy Trinitiy.


  3. K says:

    Yeah my Swedish friend laughs at me when I say I will move there once I can’t stay in America anymore because of violence. He told me I was romantizing it and he said he has seen a huge rise in neo nazism which has been there for a long time but a lot of anti semItic hate crimes. Which happens in a lot of places but everytime he talks to me he said it is getting worse and worse in certain areas ( not just neonazism but all types of violence and crime) 😦


  4. Senseless, Violent World, Getting Worst!


  5. Philippino Bob says:

    No go zones…???? What is that? Never heard that before.


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