6 Responses to The unraveling of Iraq: country descending into civil war- 72 killed in latest wave of bombings

  1. Tom E. says:

    So why did we (coalition of the willing) spend billion upon billions there?

    As with the previous post “Wave of violence sweeping across Nordic countries stuns Western observers”, we have to face up to the notion that people of the world do not all hold the same core beliefs as most of us do. Sadly, many left leaning people believe that if given the chance all people will behave as we do. And by that I mean, respect others and respect life, other peoples property, and so on.

    Sadly this is not the case. It did not take 24 hours after the US left Iraq for the Shiite to start attacking the Sunni’s. Sunni’s used to have power, it is now payback time.

    The people of Sweden out of the goodness of their hearts have allowed many to immigrate into their country to allow them to strive for a better life, and if the majority of the comments are correct, they Swedish get paid back with historic violence.

    Look at the UK, where they have officially taken leaps back in terms of the way stock animals are handled to provide Halal prepared meat.

    I completely agree with the notion of multiculturalism, but should we not vet the new values a culture brings in? In the middle east the are very good at that, ask Coptic Christians in Egypt if you want some hints of their methods.


  2. Irene C says:

    As a mortal living on this planet, my temporary home, I am saddened by the violence and bloodshed that man commits against man. As a Child of God, I agree with your Biblical implications. These things will come to pass and unfortunately, will get worse. There will be no peace until the Prince of Peace comes.



  3. JerseyCynic says:

    “We don’t particularly care if Iraq’s ‘democracy’ survives,” we wrote last month. “It’s not America’s job to make the world safe for democracy, it’s America’s job to keep this Republic (or what’s left of it) safe from attack. Pardon our isolationist insensitivity, but these warring sects can detonate themselves into oblivion for all we care – as long as our troops aren’t getting caught in the crossfire.” Yes it’s a damn shame that anyone, anywhere in the world is being targeted for obliteration as a result of their religion – but unless there is a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States resulting from the terror, it’s just not something America should get involved in militarily….”

    YES – what they said. and what the commenters at fits say…

    “…They don’t give a sh*+ that we’ve lost almost 5000 son/daughters for this hell hole-let alone all the Iraqi innocents we’ve killed…which number into the hundreds of thousands. They want another ten years of our blood and treasure to “keep us safe”.
    The Big O pulls out some troops but hires “private” contractors to the tune of 19,000 and gets to claim we are “out”….”

    and YES, pardon my “insensitivity” (not really – I’ve had enough of this pretending)

    we are where we are today because they kept these games going for 81/2 years

    “keeping us safe from attack” should be enough to keep the military industrial complex in business.


  4. Philippino Bob says:

    From all the middle east countries, Iraq will be the first to go into chaos.
    I say chaos because it won’t be possible to classify it as civil war.


    • U

      As I said before, what’s happening in Iraq with the lawlessness and violence will be happening in every nation across the planet shortly. Look at Egypt, look at Syria, the escalating violence between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria, Yemen, look at Mexico, look at portions of Brazil, look at the rise in violence in Sweden, the rioting and anarchy in Greece and the UK last summer… We haven’t seen anything yet as far as breakdown in civil order. Austerity measures are about to bite industralized nations and police, civil services, and military forces are being gutted due to massive debts.

      There is not enough prisons on the planet to contain the coming storm of rage. It’s calls a civilization unravel.


  5. Fillade says:

    The inquity is abounding right before our eyes, does anyone see it, do you have an eye to see?.
    It’s no cooincidence whenever barry visits Hawai satans plan lurches forward, must be something in the pineapples.
    What they are doing right now is applying the grease to the slide, as they corrale the distracted masses towards the shuttle.
    The republicans in the senate are the slime of the earth, totally sold out, spineless, cowards.
    ” I will send upon you strong delussions”. there is only time left to pray before it begins.


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