Doomsday rumors creates panic across districts in India

January 4, 2012Lucknow, INDIAThis is straight from Ripley’s Believe it or not. The panic gripped denizens in UP with rumors of mild tremors and ‘people turning into stone statues’ floated on Tuesday night. Hundreds of people in several districts spilled on roads with fear palpable on their face. The rumor started at around 1 am on Tuesday night. Some SMS were exchanged that sleeping people have turned into stone statues and an earthquake was expected. Soon the SMS took the shape of a rumor with constant forwarding among friends and relatives. People panicked and spilled came out on the road. The numbers swelled every moment. They started calling frantically to their relatives enquiring about their well being. With every passing moment the rumor gained ground. Similar scenes were reported in several other districts as Kanpur, Unnao, Fatehpur, Gorakhpur and others. Calls were made to police control room and the staff tried to discourage the rumor but there were no takers. Amidst this in Muslim localities some of them stated that Qayamat  (Doomsday) has arrived and people thronged the mosques. Muezzins also started making announcement urging everyone to come out and pray. Soon the mosques were also fully occupied. Amidst this some enterprising tea stall owners also opened their shop and their whole stock vanished in few hours. Somehow the night passed by amidst fear and apprehension. In the morning everyone was seen discussing the same thing at office. Rumors are still doing round with people worried about the night. –Two Circles
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3 Responses to Doomsday rumors creates panic across districts in India

  1. K says:

    That is sad and also very strange.


    • i
      Dark Storm clouds on the horizon

      It’s an indication that the psychological foreboding feeling of something ominous is hard-wired into the machinery. It’s the source of the escalating fear and derision at the warnings seen across the planet. If you’ve noticed lately, the stories about tremors are creating more panic than large-scale earthquakes. We’re about to see stranger things. Hang on to your hats…the winds are about to blow.


  2. How on earth did a rumor start in the middle of the night and get to that level?
    mind boggling


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