Floods ravage parts of Indonesia

January 3, 2012INDONESIAFloods hit at least 10 different areas across the archipelago on the first day of 2012. National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said Monday that Surakarta, Sragen, Sleman, Yogyakarta city, Klaten, Brebes, Nganjuk, Pasuruan, Bungo and Banjar had been flooded since Sunday evening. He said heavy rain in Surakarta, Central Java, had caused the Bengawan Solo River and a number of other rivers in Sragen to overflow, causing floods on the Surakarta-Sragen-Surabaya main thoroughfares. “The traffic was halted because the flood water reached up to one meter in some places,” Sutopo said in a press statement. He said heavy rain also occurred in Sleman, Yogyakarta, and around Mt. Merapi, leading to cold lava floods in some areas of Klaten in Yogyakarta province. Sutopo also said a number of villages in East Java were inundated following the collapse of embankments alongside the Ciapit, Bancang and Kabuyutan River. “In East Java, four houses collapsed and about 2,675 houses have been flooded,” he said. –Jakarta Post
Some 40,000 people living in around 11,000 homes have been affected by floods in Central Java, following the collapse of three river levees, local media reported on Monday. Levees in Ciapit, Bancang and Kabuyutan had apparently collapsed, resulting in flooding in dozens of villages in Brebes, Central Java. The news media also reported that a one-kilometer stretch of road in the regency connecting Semarang to Jakarta was also flooded, causing heavy congestion on Sunday, particularly from the Semarang area. Residents required logistic assistance and heavy equipment to repair the Kabuyutan river levee. Two other levees are also in need of repair. Indonesia is prone to heavy downpours and floods from November to April. –RSOE 
contribution by Mahati
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