16 Responses to Captured U.S. drone technology, radar-evading missiles, and nuclear fuel rods: the crisis with Iran just got more dangerous

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Well, I will say it again, Happy New Year to the EP Family and Friends.
    2012 is here and regard to what has been posted so far, it is starting with a bang.
    As alvin has posted, “Fasten your seatbelts”!


  2. The economic embargo placed on Iran is so creepily similar to those put on Japan prior to the start of WWII.

    The Japanese and the Pacific theater were ALWAYS important but of extremely secondary hinterest to FDR and the powers behind him. (Less than 15% of the material and human resources expended by the U.S. was in the Pacific Theater. All the rest was in Europe.) Who could be surprised by Japan’s aggressive response. The United States left them no choice by many reckonings. And any student knew that a surprise attack on any U.S. installation in the Pacific would have been immediate cause for war. How could we tolerate a sneak attack?

    Because of the Japanese alliance with Germany, there was also no doubt that Germany would declare war, making the massive objections to American involvement in Europe’s wars crumble in irrevelence. FDR WANTED to provoke the Japanese exactly for this reason.

    “Let’s see what we can do to provoke the Iranians into some spark of an action that will then set off the much larger war we desire, but which now is ‘not our fault'”.

    They will get away with it, too.


  3. Martalien says:

    Obama’s Signing Statement on NDAA: ‘I have the power to detain Americans…



  4. K says:

    I am sorry if this has been stated before Alvin but I was curious how many ancient prophecies mention 2012 being the year of major earth changes besides the Mayans?

    But back to the article above I just feel like the lid is going to blow and it’s just a waiting period to see how it will unfold and what Iran will do or maybe I am wrong.


    • It’s a choice between poisons or ‘perplexities’ with no way out as the Bible puts it. If Iran develops nukes, the region is destabilized and those weapons will likely find their way to Syria and Venezuela. If Iran is stopped, the war could end up turning the Middle East into the equivalent of a bombed out Lebanon where civil war and region conflicts rage on indefinitely.


  5. carolyn says:

    I forget what book I read it in, a Paul Williams one maybe, or Robert Baer, but there is credible evidence that Iran already got 4 nukes from Khan in Pakistan a while ago. This, to me, seems like the most plausible reason why Israel never bombed the nuke plants- they cannot affort four possible nuclear hits in retaliation.


  6. Philippino Bob says:

    Iran is stopped already, therefore I agree that civil war and regional conflicts will rage indefinitely.
    Arm and drug dealers or governments agencies working for the elites, will not allow the profit to stop.


  7. Irene C says:

    I fear that if Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz, war will ensue. And with Iran capturing one of our drones, that could make our “job” that much more difficult. Happy New Year. Let the games begin?



  8. Jon Richards says:

    Hi Alvin,
    I’ve been experiencencing a feeling of major chnges in the world and to the planet Earth for several years, I also experiece a feeling of hopelessness, and maybe even mild despair. I feel there is major change in all our futures, I also feel that there is more than coincidence with all the dreadfull occurances (natural and human influenced) occuring at this point in time and 2012 is already upon us. Maybe we are on a path to destruction we have no control over, I feel that it is unatural and illogical that our governments and military are not ‘winding in their necks’ having knowledge of the profecies surrounding 2012. I have been preparing as best I can, though my wife is depressed by the topics and we have two young children to think of – can I ask you what preparations you believe would be prudent at this point? Tnanks for your guidance and help with this and thanks for your great website.


    • 20th Century Fox

      Thanks Jon. Civilization definitely has all the distinguishing marks of an “end-game” especially when we examine Theodor Mommsen’s model. When we overlay this with the present biological extinction going on in nature, the declining health of the oceans, the growing erratic and unpredictable changes in climate, global economic collapse, mutable microbial ascendency, the rise in global militarism, and a geological change in epochs – it becomes even more obvious we are already encapsulated in a psychologically-desensitized extinctionary state.

      Theodor Mommsen’s Model of the collapse of Civilization


      We’re all feeling it and its affecting us in different ways. Those without critical foundations of family, faith and friends are the most adversely affected. Let’s all continue to buildup our network with family, friends, and like-minded souls. The comfort of familiarity in crisis is always psychological soothing. Somehow, someway, by God’s grace- we’ll get through this. The challenges before us also present some amazing opportunities for us to rise above the fray. Keep your spirits up and stay connected.

      peace and love,


  9. Bob Miethe says:



  10. Ayush.S.K says:

    Dear Mr. Alvin,
    for the first time in my life, i saw 5 meteors , 3 of them in the same trajectory ( East to West ), 2 of them in ( South to North ) between 22nd Dec 2010 and 28th Dec 2010. I am permanently residing with my family in Sharjah, UAE, just close to Dubai. All of them were spotted between 2 am and 5 am.

    I have not disclosed this matter to anyone yet, except to you, i am highly worried. All the above mentioned Celestial matters ceased to exist at just above 150 M from the ground. I am wondering whether they are ” Just ” Meteors or Alien Space Crafts. Sadly i never had any video cam with me, i just popped my tiny head out of my apartment window to have a cigarette smoke as i didn’t want to disturb my Pregnant wife.


  11. Preppin Pawpaw says:

    Good morning Alvin,
    Thought this post shows a little more aggression on the part of Iran…. New Year starting off with a “Bang” Hope you had a great holiday and Thank you again for such a great site….


    • Thanks Preppin Pawpaw. The Mad Mad Mad World we live in is about to get a lot madder as tension mounts across the globe and austerity measures began to bit. 2012 will be year anger is vented in crime, lawlessness, and violence to the tune like we’ve never seen before.

      All the best,


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