Patient zero: Man in China in critical condition with H5N1 infection – no known contacts with fowl

December 31, 2011BEIJINGThis story wouldn’t be quite so strange were it not for the fact that it not only comes on the heels of our previous post but it also has a bizarre conjunction with two rather odd newspaper clippings from the movie, The 12 Monkeys. The first movie newspaper clipping shows the date of December 31 (today) – the second clipping says  “Millions fear End soon” which coincidently appears to contrast the time of now right before the year 0f 2012 in which millions fear the end is soon. –The Extinction Protocol
Today’s CNN article: A 39-year-old man in a southern Chinese hospital is suffering from what appears to be a contagious strain of avian flu, state media reported Friday. The man — identified by Xinhua as a bus driver with the surname Chen — was hospitalized in Shenzhen on December 21 as he battled a fever. He tested positive for the H5N1 avian influenza virus, a provincial health department said Friday, according to the official news agency. Chen was in critical condition Friday at the hospital, the health department said. The man had not traveled out of the city of Shenzhen, nor did he have direct contact with poultry in the month before he came down with the fever, according to the department. Shenzhen borders Hong Kong, where more than 17,000 chickens were ordered culled on the same day that Chen was hospitalized. That decision came after a chicken carcass tested positive for avian flu. The territory’s director of Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation declared the Cheung Sha Wan Temporary Wholesale Poultry Market an infected place, the government said then in a statement. Farmers were told they could not send chickens to the market for 21 days. The Hong Kong government said it was working to trace the origin of the chicken, which was infected with the H5N1 avian influenza virus. But, as of December 21, authorities did not know the source. As of December 15, the World Health Organization calculated that 573 people had been infected — and 336 had died — after coming down with the H5N1 avian influenza virus since 2003. Twenty-six of those deaths had been in China, with the largest number of fatalities, 150, occurring in Indonesia. Vietnam and Egypt had more than 50 deaths each. This summer, the United Nations warned of a possible resurgence of the virus — which peaked in 2006, at one point infecting people in 63 countries — saying there are indications a mutant strain may be spreading in Asia. A variant strain of H5N1 — which can apparently bypass the defenses of current vaccines — had appeared as of late August in Vietnam and China, reported the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The group noted that the strain’s movement around Vietnam threatened Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan and the Korean peninsula. By then, eight people in Cambodia alone had died this year after becoming infected this year, the agency added. –CNN
See out post from February 2011 where we warned a potential H5N1 pandemic was brewing
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24 Responses to Patient zero: Man in China in critical condition with H5N1 infection – no known contacts with fowl

  1. Pablo says:

    Interesting that he’s a bus driver, which means, if this is contagoius, many hundreds, or even thousands, of people in a city as densely populated as Shenzhen would have been exposed to him. I’ve been to Shenzhen many times. The buses are like sardine cans due to the huge population there. It will be interesting to see where this goes from here.


    • Good Luck says:

      that is a very good and keen observation.
      If the information, regarding his previous whereabouts is accurate, then we’re in trouble and we could most like be looking straight in the barrel of ground zero point, of a world wide disaster. Biblicaly speaking, were probably heading there shortly.

      However, the Chicoms, are notorious for being liars, and compound that fact wtih people there may be afraid to reveal the truth of their whereabout, due to the harsh human right violations that exist… we may not have accurate information.


  2. elijahsmom3 says:

    Has anybody noticed that this man is a BUS DRIVER??? How many people has he possibly infected??

    God be with us all.


    • Pablo says:

      Yeah, I noticed that too (and commented on it). If you’ve ever been to one of these large, industrial Chinese cities you know that those buses are always packed as tightly as is possible due to the large population.

      Here we go…


      • elijahsmom3 says:

        Yeah, I think our comments were posted close to the same time. I haven’t been to any of the Asian cities, but I’ve been to the Middle East and the Mediterranean, and it’s the same there. Packed like sardines, pushing and shoving, hot sweaty people getting to know each other REAL quick. People that haven’t been to those places have no idea. He might as well have been standing in Grand Central Station.



    • Irene C says:

      I agree. God be with us all.



  3. Pablo says:

    Also, it’s interesting to note that he entered the hospital and was diagnosed on December 21, 2011, just one year from THE date that so many have been talking about the past ten years.

    And so it begins…


  4. Sue says:

    Can’t verify it yet, but there is breaking news of 11 dead, and over 200 quarantined in Vancouver from an Asian flight and bird flu is suspected.

    First time poster and frequent reader. I am frequently blessed by the comments as well as Alvin’s, so I keep coming back.

    I would be honored to be counted among you.


    • Thanks for the note and the sentiment Sue. Keep us posted if you learn more.

      best wishes,


    • elijahsmom3 says:

      Welcome to the EP family Sue. Many of us feel the same, and more will be coming. I’ve been coming to this site since August, and it is amazing. It’s a comfort and a place for camaraderie when we all need it most.



    • Joe says:


      I live in a suburb of van and work there every day. My niece went to the hospital last night with siezures and fever of unknown origin, and is being brought to childrens hospital tomorrow. She is at my house everyday, playing with my daughter, (3 yrs old) while being looked after by my mo in-law.

      I have been having dizzy spells the last few days.



  5. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, this is not good. The experts have been saying for years that once that virus makes the jump from animal sourced to human sourced, it is going to be the next global pandemic. I hope this isn’t the beginning of that, but it’s a bad sign that he had no contact with fowl prior to getting ill, and as some of you have already stated, he drives a bus FULL of people. May the Divine be with our souls.


  6. Daisy says:

    This sounds so familiar……to the movie Contagion.


  7. Aaron says:

    Just come on the news the man with bird-flu in guangdong has passed away 😦 is this the start to another pandemic?


  8. Education says:

    Patient zero found on a crowded bus…. I read an estimate that the mortality rate is around 80% that at full contagion with no virul inhibitors bare in mind most of us have taken this already I.e tamiflu over the last year or two that over 5 billion people could potentially be infected if the original host continents air ports traffic systems where not shut down immediately on detection, don’t think that was ever going to happen in Asia was it, me thinks it’s s little conveniently timed after the announcement of papers detailing how to ‘culture’ this virus in the past weeks, also amazes me that with the recent spate of dead birds dropping from the sky the local authorities would tell us any more than it was just another weather anomaly… Think we’re looking at the end game people, swine flu couldn’t be containe and this is much much worse.


    • I think such a contagious virus could take a lot of people from this world. H5N1 is higly virulent and I wrote in my book, it is one of the most serious virus threats facing us in modern times. It can biologically devastate a host over a very short duration. Diagnosis to death can happen in as little as 72 hours.


  9. cqscafidi says:

    Interesting that the labwork to genetically engineer the H5N1 virus for easier human-to-human contact was conducted in The Netherlands, home to Queen Beatrix, Bilderberger, Useful Eater.


  10. Nick Cammack says:

    Couldn’t someone else on a crowded but have infected the driver, Why blame the driver because he was the first to die, hopefully the only one to die


    • This is not H1N1 or the flu that swept the world in 2009. It’s something more sinister and will not prompt the type of sitting on hands we saw with the H1N1 pandemic in 2009. H5N1 is always highly contagious via the aerosol route by its vary nature. That’s why there always such mass culling of animals infected with the virus when they’re an outbreak. Diligent health officials will retrace his steps and try to quarantine anyone he had exposure to. It’s a cause for concern but we really need to wait for more information to come forth in coming days.


  11. Jack Spade says:

    Thanks for all the news feed, but Man! You boys and gals need to come down a notch. If this virus was really contagious there would have been hundreds of people sick along with the driver by now. Besides, if this thing really becomes a super virus….might as well get yourselves a bottle of wine, put on some music and enjoy your time. Because everyone will get it,….it just a matter of time.



  12. Jeff says:

    Maybe it’s a mutated virus from all the radiation in Japan. Who knows, but all this talk of an engineered H5N1 virus in Holland and world elites wanting to dramatically lower the world population, maybe this was engineered. Maybe even China engineered the virus, as I wouldn’t put it past them. Either way if it’s engineered or natural, we could be looking at 2012 being the end time that we’ve been hearing about for years. If it was engineered, now would be the perfect time to release it since everyone is expecting SHTF in 2012 anyway. Seems like a real coincidence for this to potentially take off in 2012.


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