Another sungrazing comet inbound towards the Sun?

Contribution by Yamkin – Suspicious Observer
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9 Responses to Another sungrazing comet inbound towards the Sun?

  1. Barbara Kelly says:

    Your site is the best. I check it several times a day. I am wondering if you have any thoughts on the HUGE planet looking object on Sechi B HI I navy site. I have been watching this for a week and have seen no comments on what it might be. Will be anxiously looking for your respone. Thanks so much for all your great information. I am sure you have it, but sending link to site.

    Sorry made an error in email address.


  2. eagle777eye says:

    yea 2012 is going to be interesting. hey how long has the solar cycle been going? i know it last 11 yrs. I should go to skyweather i guess, but just asking. thanks for your daily post. oh and Happy New yr.


  3. Yadira Gomez says:

    You should credit Suspicious Observer, because is their video


  4. yamkin says:



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