10 Responses to 2012 doomsdays talk becomes mainstream chatter

  1. Philippino Bob says:

    I must be one of the few who believes that 2012 will be an excellent year for most of us.
    Judging from my study of SP500, the U.S. stocks should perform very well and so should the US dollar, gratitude of US elections in 2012.
    However, have a look at what happens afterwards, that is what will follow after the elections and after 12/21/12.

    It will be a one way street… DOWN !
    My friends, this CAN NOT BE and it will not be caused by bad economy nor the un-payable national debt… NO WAY!
    Something very sinister is coming and the authorities are not informing the public.
    Whatever it is, it certainly will NOT be good news.


  2. saxxonblack says:

    “Imagination isn’t real, it only thinks it is.”


  3. Cramer says:

    “resistance to shouldering the burden of saving the capitalist system” ???
    You probably mean “saving the social-‘democratic’ system” because there’s no capitalist system any more. If it was capitalist system, the bankrupts would be long gone and no “shouldering” would be needed.


  4. Erik says:

    If doomsday chatter includes talking about or wanting a ‘new beginning’ then i guess it isn’t a bad thing;).

    Times are changing. Things we took for granted aren’t certain anymore. I think we all need to take a look at ourselves and see if you are happy about who/what you are^^

    I don’t see this ‘change’ as a bad thing. People are waking up and beginning to realise the world is not only about making money and a career. Love is more important.


  5. Kaos says:

    Recipe for Disaster Soup
    This is an “all in one” recipe and pretty straightforward…

    You will need!

    A Large work area (Something with a 25,000 mile circumference should do)
    Approximately 7,000,000,000 Souls (For best results use a mixed variety of cultures)
    Add a splash and dash of religion, a couple of conspiracy theories, some upper class and a good glug of Greed (Don’t hold back on the greed as it helps separate the upper class – don’t add the rest of the classes yet, you’re better off beating them near the end, in fact just beat the rest of the classes throughout the mix and add whenever really – nobody cares about the middle and lower classes.)

    Add a handful of Political Idiots & a couple of Bad political figures.
    Some Greedy Bankers and a few Currencies will slew the mix. (Greedy Idiot bankers if you can get them – There not that hard to get hold of.)
    Add a handful or two of bad decisions & some quantitative easing which will help bring out the flavour of the greedy bankers.

    (After adding the greedy bankers you might have a weak structure, this is normal and I would advise you watch some TV or buy some junk off eBay to put your mind at ease – Don’t Panic!)

    You will find that the currencies are starting to break down so add some media, a stock market crash, social unrest and the rest of the classes (Beat the hell out of the middle class again just to make sure…)

    You might need a bible for this next part.

    Add a Clash of power (Mixed continent sort – this also helps bring out the greed) & a couple of civil wars.
    Add some Natural disasters (“Maybe” A Super Volcano and a Mega thrust or two)
    After adding the Natural disasters you might find that your souls are thinning out!
    (This is a good sign that you’re almost at the end)
    Balance all this out with some force if necessary (for best results use military branded and extra at the end)
    Add a world war and finish it off with a Week magnetic field, a solar maximum and a Long Count Calendar.



  6. Dennis E. says:

    Not going to let it bother me today or tomorrow……
    Going to live each day without worry…………..
    I cannot stop what is going to happen tomorrow in regard to Earth Change events/social and economic
    issues. But I believe I should be aware…………….


  7. Irene C says:

    Although I believe that 2012 will be a troubling and possibly catastrophic year, I think I fear the panic of the unprepared masses more than I fear the actual happenings.

    Erik – I may not so much be happy with who/what I am, but I have peace with Who is with me through it all – Jesus. He is the One who will take my hand and guide me through the chaos.



  8. JerseyCynic says:

    DO NOT ADJUST YOUR MIND – the fault is with reality



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