Wild Christmas weather: freak hailstorm wreaks havoc in Victoria

December 25, 2011 AUSTRALIAStorms pelted Victorians with hailstones as big as billiard balls during a wild Christmas Day barrage. The damage bill could run into tens of millions of dollars after hundreds of cars were bombarded, windows in homes and businesses were smashed and roofing was torn away. The State Emergency Service was called to more than 2500 jobs when a series of storm cells intensified dramatically in Melbourne in the afternoon. The worst was a tornado that hit Fiskville, near Bacchus Marsh, west of Melbourne. Severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for many parts of Victoria throughout the afternoon and evening, but the weather was expected to improve ahead of today’s Boxing Day Test at the MCG. Early this morning, a severe weather warning remained current for parts of southern New South Wales, including Wagga Wagga, Albury, Deniliquin, Cobar, Broken Hill and Wentworth. Around Melbourne yesterday, most calls to the SES were from Keilor Park, Keilor Downs and Taylors Lakes. Parts of Eltham and Greensborough were hit more than once and planes were grounded at Melbourne Airport. Lightning hit the 3AW transmission tower, knocking out its analogue signal and putting it off air to most listeners. About 77 passengers on a flight out of Darwin spent almost four hours at Sale airport after Qantas decided it was unsafe to fly into Melbourne. Metro warned commuters to expect major train delays, with most lines disrupted, and advised passengers to defer non-essential travel. The storm blacked out more than 5000 homes in Port Melbourne, Ballarat, Armadale, Toorak and South Melbourne as families sat down to Christmas dinner. A family in Apollo Rd, Taylors Lakes, had nine cars damaged and roof tiles and outdoor lights broken when the storm hit about 3.30pm. Robyn Sullivan said the hailstones had been almost as big as tennis balls. “It was like a roar as it came through,” she said. “I’ve never heard anything like it.” News 
Sweden:  Authorities and local media say a storm sweeping across Norway and northern Sweden has disrupted train traffic and brought cruise ships on the famous Hurtigruten route to a standstill. The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute issued a class 2 warning for northern Sweden on Sunday, its second highest level. As a result, Swedish traffic authorities have canceled all train traffic in the area between Sunday evening and Monday morning. Norwegian news agency NTB reported the storm also has forced two ships on the scenic Hurtigruten route to a standstill in Trondheim. It said around 400 passengers were stranded in the town in central Norway. –Yahoo News
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14 Responses to Wild Christmas weather: freak hailstorm wreaks havoc in Victoria

  1. Good Luck says:

    Ahh… this is not really that freakish…
    Please do a google search on hailstorms in Austraia.. this time of year is conducive for them

    “The 1995 Christmas Eve Hailstorms over Southern Western Australia”


    • It may not be freakish to anyone sitting from their armchair and surfing the net but it you lived through the expereince as these residents have; it’s newsworthy and something they haven’t experienced. Quote: “Robyn Sullivan said the hailstones had been almost as big as tennis balls. “It was like a roar as it came through,” she said. “I’ve never heard anything like it.”


      • Ronni says:

        Amen to that, Alvin. People also don’t seem to realize that its not just the individual events, its everything across the globe that seems to be happening at once.


      • Exactly, I’ve been tracking these events for 3 years and I’ve heard the term “I’ve never seen, heard, or experienced anthing like this” so much that, I’ld be rich if I was given a Euro everytime I heard it. Sorry, better make that Yuan.


    • Melbourne Chris says:

      You have no idea buddy, I’ve lived 30 years in Victoria, which is on the other side of the country to WA, we have very different weather patterns. So you say it happened once 20 years ago at around this time of year in a remote & very distant part of our very large country did it? Let me tell you, it’s a big place, state of Victoria & WA are many countries apart on a European scale. I spent Xmas without power here in the NW Melb, had to travel from one side of town to the other, it wasn’t just the hail, our roads were flooded for many hours after the storm hit….. This in a place that for my 30 years here is mostly dry in summer, not humid, wet & tropical like WA, Queensland or Northern Territory. WA is on the indian ocean, we are on the pacific. We even get less rainfall than Sydney here in Melbourne, my whole childhood was spent running around on Xmas in very dry 40 degree Celsius days…. So far this summer it’s been the coldest start to summer I have ever seen, we’ve had more storms than sun, few days even getting above just 30 degrees & us Aussies don’t make big deals of these things, but across this once big brown land we are sopping wet after years & years of drought, our lands have been transformed all across this massive country just in the last 12/18 months. I have been lucky to travel extensively as many aussies do and just like the movie about the wizard of Oz, our media is by far the worst in the world at keeping us in a state of ‘Oz’ or ‘Aus’, given our culture & lax attitude, it has been easy to do. This is not normal, 150 year old triple brick Victorian era houses had damage done to them they had never seen before in their histories. & I have to come here to find reliable sources of info about what’s going on…….


    • Chris from Melbourne says:

      Do you have any idea where WA is compared to Victoria, we have completely different weather you arm chair know it all. I’ve lived here in Melbourne my whole life, we get less rain here than Sydney, it is not wet, humid or tropical like it can get in the larger northern states of WA (which sits on the Indian ocean, we on the pacific being many countries away by a European scale). Xmas here is supposed to be a dry 40 degree scorcher in the middle of our summer, but we have barely seen the sun this summer which is UNHEARD of here. We get large hail storms, but never in summer, not in Victoria, not in my lifetime until now.


    • pagan66 says:

      Good Luck – Victoria is over 1,600 km’s from Western Australia. They are two extremely different states with differing climates, especially at this time of year. Hail is not known in Vic this time of year, neither is it known here in South Australia – which is between those two states – we got hammered by storms again on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day & that in itself is highly unusual also. Before you say that this weather is not freakish, why don’t you come to my house & help me dry out carpets & rugs that were saturated a fortnight ago then once finally dry were saturated again, help me get the hail damage out of my car, help me go through my books & stereo equipment that has been destroyed from part of the roof that has leaked & now partially caved in & collapsed with the sheer weight of rain & hail that fell. Whilst you’re at it, come help me calm my family, my animals & then turn back the clock so we can spend what I believe was the last normal Christmas we will ever know in some sort of peace & harmony.

      Thank You


  2. Kurtbo says:

    Not the first time this year that there have been big hail storms in the world.. But weather conditions are increasing. Now there are two quite big storms in Norway named Cato and Dagmar. This is rare weather for Norway.




    • Ronni says:

      Wow. Nothing freakish about that, right? When you enlarge the photo of the clouds, again, it looks like a face. Forehead coming down to the nose, an open mouth, and even an eye over to the left, as if in profile. Crazy.


  3. R Munro says:


    Helicopter on medical mission flew backwards as it was blown about by severe storm force winds on Christmas Day.


  4. PAT2 says:

    After reading these posts above and under other categories, it seems to me that the weather is becoming worse on a daily basis. Alvin, do you see such extreme weather events of this magnitude happening anytime soon on the east and midwest coast of the U.S? The East Coast snowmageddon of 2010 was something many folks who lived in places all their lives stated: I have never experienced anything like this before and I can testify to that, especially when it came back to back and with high winds that made the situation worse. For me, 2011 has sure been an eye opener – comets, meteroids, earthquakes, tornados, solar events, damaging winds, strange sightings and weird cloud formations, mass animals and fish dying mysteriously, sink holes and collapses happening globally, unexplained rumbling/shaking. Did I miss anything? Peace and love to all.


    • Well, I documented changes starting all the way back to 2009 in my book but 2010 was worst and 2011 saw different and some more bizarre extremes like snow falling in the Atacama desert of Chile and in the desert region of Nambia. It’s only just beginning as the atmospheric processes and the planet itself is thrown into more greater chaos from internal planetary fluxes.


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