Seismologist says 9.0 magnitude earthquake could destroy much of Kashmir Valley

December 22, 2011INDIADirector Information, Jammu & Kashmir, Khawaja Farooq Renzushah said that U.S. based seismologist Roger Bilham’s Warning that Mega Earth quake can cause devastation needs to be verified and people of Kashmir need not to panic. He told that Local newspapers carried front page stories about Roger Bilham of Colorado University predicting a major earthquake in Kashmir that could trigger landslides which would dam the Jhelum River and plunge the valley under water. Bilham said, “We are not forecasting an earthquake. We are merely indicating how big it could be… A major earthquake could trigger landslides big enough to submerge the entire Kashmir Valley.” Renzu Shah said that The U.S. based seismologist Roger Bilham’s Warning that ‘Mega Earthquake’ can cause devastation needs to be verified and people of Valley need not to panic. “A 9.0 magnitude earthquake prediction has caused unnecessary panic among the people of valley,” and adding that he advised these scientists to get their reports further verified before giving it to media. Renzu Shah said that Last year in July 2010 similar report was issued about disastrous earthquake prediction in East Turkistan and Kashgar similar Survey was published in media according to which entire belt of Kashgar and east Turkistan was predicted to be erased out of world map as a result devastating earthquake. He advised such alarming survey report of American based scientist with regard to 9 magnitudes richter scale earthquake report should be verified and analyzed by concerned experts before created any panic or human cry. –Ground Report
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9 Responses to Seismologist says 9.0 magnitude earthquake could destroy much of Kashmir Valley

  1. Kim says:

    To me this is the mentality…keep the sheep as dumb as you can. WHO are the experts…and where are the “concerned” experts ? I would want to be informed if I lived there. These people need to prepare, not to be pacified and reassured that all is OK…we are living in the day of major changes no doubt and in all fairness, I would want to know. I live near the New Madrid Fault and the “experts” don’t talk about it here….With all the large gas plants and nuclear plants /storage facilities in this area….and not a word about anything. The Lord says, “their hearts will grow cold”. It is all about money now… not concern. I rejoice the day I hear the trumpet sound and see his entrance.


    • Donna says:

      I agree….I find my spirit feels itchy (if that doesn’t sound too weird ;>_> lol ) and I am looking forward to His return so much. \(^o^)/ Exciting and terrible time we’re living in.


  2. Syed Arif Hussain says:

    I’m a civil engineer & i believe on facts and practical knowledge…


  3. Rafi Sufee says:

    i don`t know y goverment are silent on this serious issue


  4. Arif Hussain ( Safapora) says:

    Kashmiri people are true muslims. They know God is great. If God wishes such happenings, then Kashmiri’s are lucky to receive such gifts. ( mooth momin k liya thoofa hai)


    • Kim says:

      Then the news is wrong…their faith is strong so they are not in a panic..correct? The holy scriptures report we should be everything. Prepare…get ready to help others that are less fortunate..get ready to see God’s stirring. We are the people of GOD…we are not SHEEPLE. As Proverbs 8 reports, I would enjoy watching his handiwork as it is spectacular!!! I also would hope others would be wise to prepare and watch as we are people of God. The scriptures also say we are to trust HIM. We need TRUTH revealed to us from HIM. His ways are not our ways. This valley is absolutely beautiful!!!


  5. mohmad saqib says:

    Worship and ask forgiveness for our sins……. ALLAH is great, and ALLAH will sought out everything………..


  6. J Russ says:

    John, in his vision, Revelation 16: 17-21 predicts a massive earthquake will destroy this planet. The earthquake will be so massive that he was unable to describe its magnitude. According to the Bible, this will happen suddenly and without warning. Perhaps none of this is true, but what if it is!!!


  7. Raja amir says:

    On what base Roger had predicted such a devasting earthquck, there is no such possibility of 9.0 magnitude of earthquak ,if he has evidence then put it on table , despite of it that kashmir lie in high seismic zone region 9 magnitude of earthquak is not possible here ,if such earthquak occur here it will totally demolish the valley ,
    stay firm and pray to ALLAH…………


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