20 Responses to Lovejoy 2012 Omen: 13th century prophecy of comet heralding great destruction?

  1. tellthetruth1 says:

    Do we need a telescope to see it?


  2. Yamkin says:

    These astronomers don’t really have a clue what Lovejoy is going to do next. I’m expecting even more amazing events with Lovejoy. Notice how I have not used ‘comet’ in front of Lovejoy. Sit back for more amazing sightings.


  3. chondramam says:

    Am a bit confused…thought LoveJoy had come and gone, surviving it’s path across the sun, but was gone…how can we see it’s tail? And if LJ is not gone, where is it?


  4. paris says:

    All the info of the comet bringing destruction and blood raining down is not prophecy. The ancients recorded these same events happening 3500 years ago…the Egyptians wrote about in the Great Book (The Kolbrin Bible). They told us that a celestial body appears like a blood red second sun. From this body, fire and a bloody red substance rain down from the sky and the object makes the ground shake, volcanoes explode and great winds and extreme weather and massive tsunamis. The ancients told us that this object has visited our planet many times and they warned us that it would one day return. When it did, the human race would have forgotten about the Sky Monster and only the wise would know of its return.
    The ancient warning was lost and somewhere along the way the warning became prophecy; only the elite members of some governments and religious groups know the hour of the Destroyer is upon us.


  5. paula98270 says:

    Thought of this when I read your previous article! Interesting.


  6. Nomen et omen. Lovejoy for this comet is the best thing that could happen so far.
    Very interesting this comet.


  7. Frank says:

    Whats perplexes me is that I had been watching that comet for 5 months . You could see at at dawn from central California. Not too many people payed attention to it because it resembled jet contrails. I admit it did look like jet -contrails, but it wasnt. I watched it every morning thinking that this will be the day the media starts talking about it. I imagined how the Indians might have seen it the last time it passed . it did like like a bird with swept back wings. Now its in the media and i still see the same comet every morning. They call it lovejoy. What the heck is going on. I am and concerned.


  8. Irene C says:

    I really wish I could see this comet. The last comet I saw was back in the 90’s. I believe it was Hale-Bopp in 1997. It was amazing and could even be seen during the daylight hours.

    Whether this is an omen of bad things to come? Well, 2012 is setting up to be an active year, even without Lovejoy. But the mystery of this comet only adds to all of the developments around the world.



  9. I think you must be seeing something else altogether Frank, given that you live in the northern hemisphere and Lovejoy is only visible in the southern hempisphere, It will maybe be visible by those of us north of the equator in february


  10. Ruggiero says:

    It’s possible that lovejoy is Nibiru or planet x?


    • No, it’s not Nibiru and it’s not a threat to Earth…maybe it was meant to be just what it is- an Omen, foreshadowing the coming year or two. The prophecy puts special emphasis on the tail and that appears to be all we’re seeing left of this comet. The fact that the comet also happen to survive a solar encounter, come on the last days of the year, and its visible earth transit also falls on the winter solstice may be the prophetic ‘omen‘ feared of dark days ahead. The Bible talks about the signs in the Sun, moon and stars and the powers of heavens being shaken. ‘The powers of heavens‘ are the stars…and the Sun’s corona was shaken, and all this came on the heels of a blood-moon eclipse. Signs upon signs…see updated post


  11. yamkin says:

    Asteroid 2000 YA will come 2.9 LD / AU 0.0074 distance to earth on 26th December 2011 – Will this be a BIG Boxing Day Disaster gift?


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