South Korea goes on high alert on news of Kim Jong II’s death in North Korea

December 19, 2011NORTH KOREANorth Korean leader Kim Jong-il has died at the age of 69, state-run television has announced. Mr. Kim, who has led the communist nation since the death of his father in 1994, died on a train while visiting an area outside the capital, the announcement said. He suffered a stroke in 2008 and was absent from public view for months. His designated successor is believed to be his third son, Kim Jong-woon, who is thought to be in his late 20s. The BBC’s Lucy Williamson in Seoul says Mr. Kim’s death will cause huge shock waves across North Korea. The announcement came in an emotional statement read out on national television. The announcer, wearing black, said he had died of physical and mental over-work. South Korea says its military has been put on alert following the announcement and its National Security Council is convening for an emergency meeting, Yonhap news agency reports. –BBC
North Korea fires test missile: And no sooner did Kim Jong-il pass from the earth than his military practiced the belligerence Kim preached: it test-fired a missile. South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reports that the “short-range” missile was fired into “into the sea off North Korea’s east coast” just hours after the announcement of Kim’s death. No one appears to be hurt, and it seems that the test was planned in advance. But the message is clear enough: North Korea wants the 28,000 U.S. troops on its southern frontier to know that now is not the time to mess with it. The South Koreans are on the same paged. In the hours since Kim died, South Korea beefed up airport security, banned their citizens from travelling north, and stressed “peace and stability” with their northern neighbor. No one wants to provoke the new Pyongyang leadership at a time when its grasp on power might not be absolute, a situation that lends itself to violent miscalculation. The U.S. is monitoring North Korea very closely and is consulting with allies in the region.  –Wired
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25 Responses to South Korea goes on high alert on news of Kim Jong II’s death in North Korea

  1. GaharuKU says:

    Why can’t those two Korean (East and West) merge into one, like Germany.


  2. Gaur Nitai says:

    We aee now living in a society where we regularly can see that suffering is more and more rearing its ugly head all over the world. Things are not getting better. In fact they are getting progressively worse. And meanwhile the useless government leaders are helpless how to put a stop to these miseries in spite of so many flowery campaign promises. This enigma is manifesting more and more due to fact that we are not living in harmony with the laws of God. Indeed we are practically violating every law in the book. So the simple root cause solution for dissipating this avalanche of misery is to reconnect ourselves with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the source of our existence. All other attempts to solve the problems are dealing only on the symptomatic level and therefore can only bring temporary relief at best with no hope of providing permanent relief. Therefore the Krishna Consciousness or God Consciousness Movement is the greatest blessing of the Supreme Lord upon the suffering global civilization, and those who dedicate themselves fully to this movement are the greatest welfare workers for relieving the suffering on the poor souls on this planet.

    May the lord shine the light if knowledge upon all…
    Hare Krishna


  3. Irene C says:

    Although not unexpected, this could make things interesting.



  4. luisport says:

    The next weeks are going to be interesting…

    – Kim Jong Ill dead
    – Pope in grave condition
    – Tensions in Syria, Israel, Iran, Egypt, …
    – Euro/Economic crisis


  5. luisport says:

    U.S. contingency plans after Kim Jong-il’s death
    The United States has come up with scenarios to cope with any contingencies in North Korea after leader Kim Jong-il’s death, the commander of the U.S. Pacific Command said Wednesday, according to Yonhap News.
    “We are prepared to execute a wide range of options in concert with allies in South Korea and in discussions through (the Department of) State, which would have the lead, with countries in the region, and internationally if necessary,” Adm. Timothy Keating said at a news conference at the Pentagon. “I don’t think it is axiomatic that the departure of Kim Jong-il means a national security crisis. We’d hope it wouldn’t. But we are going to be prepared if it does mean that.”

    Keating’s remarks come amid allegations that Kim Jong-il has been pushing ahead with nuclear and missile tests to pave the way for a smooth power transition to his third and youngest son Jong-un, 26, after he apparently suffered a stroke last summer.

    “What would happen if and when he cedes control or is no longer capable of exercising control? Don’t know,” the commander said.

    “But I can tell you that we have plans with the United States Forces-Korea and others in place if the president tells us to execute those plans in the event of some uncertain succession in the North.”


  6. Dennis E. says:

    I have always believed that this regime was a puppet of the Chinese. When they make a strategic military move, they might use an issue here to distract The USA and our allies.
    just a thought……….


  7. Gen says:

    They are saying that a short-range nuclear test has already been undertaken on the day of his death. His body is hardly cold. Not a good omen.


  8. Mike says:

    I wonder what this means for us? It would seem that his son will not be easier to deal with than his father. I have become very paranoid over the last couple months reading the posts on this site and the only answer that i seem to get from anyone is trust the lord. I beleive this to be good advice ,its just very dificult when i wonder if i am going to have to defend my family with my bare hands or be on our way with the lord before it all hits the fan. This always seems to be the gray area depending on who you speak too. I just wonder if i should be better prepared to defend my faith and family.



    • We have to trust in the Lord. That’s all we can do. You have no reason to be paranoid. What’s on the site is what’s out there in the world and it’s always been this bad… people just chose not to face it. That’s why 1/3 of the planet is suffering from some form of mental illness and the a good portion is addicted to drugs or anti-depressants because of the avoidance failure and lack of psychological integration into the larger context of reality. When the world is diquieting, that’s time to change things. I think we should prepare spiritually, mentally and physically for the challenges ahead of us and strengthen our connection with the living God. As far as defending the faith, something Martin Luther King once said, “A man that has nothing to die for has nothing to live for.”

      ‘Should-it-come-to-this’ contigency planning should be in the back of all our minds because it will certainly come to that.



      • mike says:

        Thank you Alvin.
        This would seem to be the best advice I spoke of earlier. It just shakes me inside to imagine what this all will be before we leave this place.

        Manny blessings to you and thank you for the information.


      • It’s a mad world we live in. At times, life has been enjoyable, yea, even tolerable but in the end we know we have to look for a city whose builder and maker is God. No one need wonder anymore why Abraham always spent the rest of his latter life dwelling in tents and never occuppied a city.

        Many blessings to you. You have many people here who are traversing the sound ground you on. Take comfort…



  9. K.J. says:

    Well it is of course possible that the kid may turn over a new leaf and attempt to make his mark by changing the dynamics in the region in a positive way. Unfortunately, it is much more likely that he is the product of his genetics and the environment he was raised in.

    Time will tell, but the odds are we will not have to wait too long to see the direction he is taking.


  10. Gen says:

    It was only about a week ago that North Korea threatened South Korea about lighting up Christmas lights near the border. Psychological warfare they said.

    It is God who gives and takes life so I would be thinking that this latest development in the scheme of things is a real sign we have gone around one more corner. One more move on the chess board that will determine following moves.

    It will possibly shoot things in a different direction than we anticipated. It would be nice to think it will be for the better but I can’t see that. It would be nice to think that the new young leader might have his softened and turn his people, at least partly, away from atheism. Although the firing of the test missile would make one think otherwise.

    As time sifts through the hour glass…………

    As each day goes by we need to become closer to our Lord through prayer. I feel guilty that I seem to be asking for so much help from Him lately and have told Him that in prayer.

    The thought came to my mind that I am helping Alvin with my little imput to this site. If but one soul turns to God then what a great thing that is in the eyes of God.


  11. Stefan says:

    According to rumours from alternative news channels he was assasinated.


    • jones2012 says:

      My first thought upon hearing he died from a heart attack was “CIA”. They’re kinda famous for them along with acute encephalitis that suddenly struck a couple of astronomers earlier this year.


      • pagan66 says:

        There have been hundreds if not thousands of mysterious & unsolved deaths of scientists, journalists, astronomers, writers, publishers, directors, politicians, astronauts, aeronautical engineers, physicists, archaeologists, biogenicists, defence system analysts & others in all kinds of different occupations. What is alarming are these deaths have definitely escalated over the last decade or so. Seems if you get too close to the Truth, neutralization swiftly follows & it also seems that even as the Earth is consumed & destroyed & there is hardly anybody left on it to care much anyway, the perpetrators will still be denying any accountability whatsoever & will still be covering up their guilt.


  12. Platoon Sergeant Chee says:

    North Korea, a Communist Chinese teat,
    may fall to chaos and war against South
    Korea. The quantity of artillery pieces in
    the north would decimate Seoul and U.S.
    bases are definitely targeted. The North
    Korean’s would suffer greatly; as would
    the ROK or South koreans…. One must
    wonder what role for China & Russia???


  13. lololo,loll says:

    maybe 2012 will happen,,,


  14. Tim says:

    China, Japan leaders to meet amid North Korea angst
    Leaders from China and Japan will likely agree to work together to help maintain stability on the Korean peninsula following the death of North Korean ruler Kim Jong-il when they meet next week, but anything more than platitudes will be hard to come by.

    South Korean President to Visit China
    South Korean President Lee Myung-bak will make a state visit to China early next year, his office said Thursday, part of a stepped-up effort to coordinate policy on North Korea more closely following the death of Kim Jong Il. The planned summit trip, along with a visit to China by South Korea’s nuclear envoy on Thursday, indicates an improvement in ties, driven by the need to liaise on policy toward Pyongyang during the potentially volatile transition to new leadership in North Korea


    • IMG
      North Korean mourners for Kim Jong Il fall upon their knees in veneration to the dead leader

      These are certainly supernatural manisfestations of satanic supernatural nature that becksons veneration of Kim Jong Il as some type of deity. Don’t be surprised if we start seeing reports of ghostly apparitions of Jong il being reported across N. Korea. The controversy between Christ and Satan centered on worship in heaven and upon Earth the controversy will end, similarly around the controversy of worship (it’s day and personage) the conflict is to forever end.

      Beginning Heaven: God – Michael, Christ (He who is like God) – Jerusalem
      Ending Earth: Beast – Image of the Beast (System that is like the Beast) – Babylon


  15. Tim says:

    Book claims Kim’s eldest fears NKorea may collapse
    A new book claims that the eldest son of North Korea’s late leader Kim Jong Il believes the impoverished regime is in danger of collapse and that his young half-brother, chosen to lead after Kim’s death, is merely a figurehead.


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