On the move? Scientists discover geothermal activity outside Yellowstone zone

December 17, 2011Wyoming – Yellowstone National Park – NASA’s Landsat satellites have been tracking Yellowstone’s underground geothermal activity, a deep heat that is stored 4,000 miles into the earth’s core. But there are areas where these energy levels are becoming erratic. Old Faithful could be in trouble. The Landsat Program is jointly managed by NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey, beginning its services of remote sensing in 1972. It became part of the Yellowstone National Park’s new monitoring plan in 2005. In addition to remote sensing, Landsat also uses airborne reconnaissance in order to “observe geothermal changes across all of Yellowstone in a systematic and scientific manner.” (NASA) Up until recently, the heat coming from Yellowstone’s underground magma chamber has always been the fuel for over 10,000 of the volcano’s features: Old faithful, hot springs, geysers, mud spots, terraces and mud pots. But NASA is reporting that the Landsat imagery has picked up some unexpected developments outside the park’s borders, also picked up by energy companies beyond the park’s borders. “If that geothermal development outside of the park begins, we need to know whether that’s going to cause Old Faithful to suddenly stop spewing,” says Rick Lawrence of Montana State University. The Landsat satellite allows the scientists to recognize big changes occurring in the geothermal area, like Yellowstone. However, nobody knows what is happening or where due to the satellite’s large pixel size in its imagery. But clues are being found regarding the interconnection of the underground geothermal events. –Digital Journal
Contribution by Luisport
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10 Responses to On the move? Scientists discover geothermal activity outside Yellowstone zone

  1. Why am I not surprised?!


  2. nickk0 says:

    Alvin – Is the article stating that these ‘unexpected developments’ are RECENT developments ?

    OR, just that the activity was always there, but that the NEW Technology, has allowed us to ‘see’ it for the first time ??

    – Nick


    • We don’t know what that super-volcano will do and anybody that tells you that is lying. Mt St. Helens suprised geologists just like the Icelandic eruption appeared to come out of nowhere. We may have a few days warning if we’re lucky…but then again, we may not.


  3. Atlantis says:

    Hectic! This is starting to get very serious, very quickly.


  4. Abercrombie says:

    I visit this site everyday and i found a good post!

    look forward to reading your next post.



  5. Gen says:

    ???? Sorry.

    The Philippine storm post was not showing when I posted that link. I found it after I posted the Reuters link on the storm.


  6. yamkin says:

    S.A. Weather and Disaster Information Service, South Africa

    The SAWDIS received several reports of earthquake activity today in the Augrabies area. Tremors were felt as far as Keimoes. The last quake was reported to have taken place at 20h07 in the Augrabies area.



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