9 Responses to Russian authorities seize radioactive material bound for Iran

  1. Helen Parks says:

    from the disguised words of Nostradamus

    2 4 4 Que par Barbares pillé soit et vollee
    oppose quarrels – be little variable (the differences will not mean much in the bigger picture?
    SEES BARB (Turkey? Or Mongol)
    RAE PERILS SPILL Q (C.M.E.? or laser. Q is “orbit, or “all around
    I.E. see LOSE oil

    Barbares: gives BEARS (Ursa/Russia) BAR REB ARABS


  2. Another rattling of the sword by an uncritical lazy media: Sodium-22 is used for medical purposes, i.e. a positron source for PET scans. 

    22Na is a positron-emitting isotope with a remarkably long half-life. It is used to create test-objects and point-sources for Positron emission tomography. (Wikipedia)

    All this western MSM chatter about Iran’s alleged nuclear programs!
    When is the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) going to investigate Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Program? MSM coverage has been completely one-sided. Israel has already violated every item it accuses Iran of allegedly violating.
    Every point mentioned in the IAEA report on Iran’s Nuclear Program equally applies to Israel’s Nuclear Program.
    -Does Israel have a secret nuclear weapons program: YES
    -Has Israel allowed unfettered IAEA access and inspections of its nuclear facilities: NO
    -Has Israel secretly built nuclear weapons: Almost Certainly
    -Does Israel possess the delivery capability to execute an nuclear attack on its neighbors: YES
    -Does Israel habitually threaten its neighbors with annihilation and initiate unprovoked attacks on its neighbors: YES
    “Nuclear Threat is from Israel NOT Iran”
    “Mordechai Vanunu worked as a nuclear technician at Dimona. A supporter of Palestinian rights, Vanunu believed it was his duty to warn the world about the danger Israel posed. In 1986, he smuggled out photographs showing that the plant was producing enough plutonium to make 10 to 12 bombs a year, and that at least 200 miniaturised bombs had been built.”


  3. k says:

    Bang the drums and incite the sheeple…as we sow, so shall we reeple. let’s vet the story, and know the element…as we plunge towards war, we seem so hell-a-bent.
    Can you make a bomb with that isotope
    is the media trying to extinguish hope.
    I have this feeling we have been here before
    My name is America…and I’m addicted to war.


  4. Unbreakable 313 says:

    And so the b.s begins.. Does this sound familiar.. It does to me .. First post on this site and I been following and reading here for months . Great site. I told everyone I know.


  5. luisport says:

    zerohedge zerohedge
    Obama Says ‘No Options Off the Table’ to Stop Iran Nuclear Arms
    há 9 minutos


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