6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes seafloor south of Kermadec Islands

December 15, 2011KERMADECA strong 6.3 magnitude earthquake erupted on the ocean floor south of the Kermadec Islands at 1010 GMT on Thursday. The earthquake struck at a depth of 34.1 km (21 miles) but is not expected to be strong enough to generate a tsunami threat. The 6.3 magnitude earthquake was preceded by a 5.6 magnitude foreshock. The Kermadec earthquake is the 5th major earthquake to strike the planet in just four days and it comes as an omen of still more potential planetary seismic unrest. We first saw signs of mounting seismic tension across the planet on December 4th after a successive string of moderate tremors rattled tectonic plates across the globe. In subsequent days, a cadre of stress eruptive earthquakes have struck along the planet’s island arcs. Before today’s Kermadec earthquake, for example, the Island Arcs of South Sandwich Islands, Kuril, the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, Sumatra along the Java Trench, and the Antilles region of the Puerto Rico Trench were all hit by tremors. Similarly, after the 6.3 Kermadec earthquake,  5.3 and 5.6 magnitude earthquakes which struck the Izu Islands along the arc of the Izu-Ogasawara Trench of Japan. Stay tuned; this turbulence may be far from over. –The Extinction Protocol
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9 Responses to 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes seafloor south of Kermadec Islands

  1. tellthetruth1 says:

    Can anything be seen above from where it hit? Just thinking of another ‘quake which set the sea boiling! Forget where that happened now, but you may have reported it?


  2. Any time one talks about these earth changes, the “scientists” point out that our world was this bad many times before. What does one say to them (I see “scientists” every day because I live in a community founded on science). They point not only to world wide changes in other centuries,
    but to the general pulling part of society in the “medieval warm” period of the l4th century, when plague and war killed most of the population of Europe and spread far beyond the borders of Europe. So many people were killed that a lot of women were left as property owners, and were in demand for marriage. Historians say that out of this came the Renaissance, as a small population had much to work with when the horror passed. Anyway, I hear this every day. I hear it even in church. The 14th century sounds like a precursor to “now” when the population is about to be decimated, but in the l4th century they didn’t have CERN and its like. I can’t emphasize enough how bad CERN is in my mind. My Christian neighbor, a nuclear physicist, goes there to observe and thinks it’s great.


    • i

      When people say that everything is cyclical just like it’s happened for millions of years. Ask them if they are aware that there are 5 extinctions that also occurred in Earth’s past millions of years ago? Tell them, perhaps you’re right everything that happened in the past just keeps happening. What these people really want is to select that part of history that will continue to warm their heads while its still stuck in the sand regardless of how many other people in the world are being wiped out by calamities. Anything else that might potentially disturb they way of life in this world, or pursuit of mammon is dismissed as irrational exuberance. So, in my opinion…the only repetitive cycle I know these people keep referring to is the “REM” cycle.


  3. Columbine says:

    For more information on El Hierro, check out Erik Klemmeti’s volcano blog, Erruptions, at
    http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/category/eruptions/ . Read the comments section for photos and reports on the volcanic and seismic activity happening just under the surface of the ocean there in the Canary Islands. His readers and commenters are avid volcano watchers and even ‘discovered’ a volcano eruption this year before the main stream scientific community did! There is also an El Hierro page on facebook you can ‘like’ for updates (in Spanish).


  4. calli says:

    Alvin your map is wrong – Kermadecs are to the North East of NZ – I think you’re showing the earlier big quake in Papua New Guinea.

    Lots happening in NZ over the past 12 days esp in Wellingotn and also bottom of the South Island Check out Geonet NZ for last 30 quakes details

    Bottom of South ISland
    15 Dec 4.4
    15 Dec 4.5
    11 Dec 4.5
    9 Dec 4.3
    4 Dec 4.8
    4 Dec 3.5

    Wellington region
    14 Dec 3.3
    14 Dec 3.2
    10 Dec 3.2
    8 Dec 3.1
    8 Dec 4.2
    4 Dec 3.2
    3 Dec 5.7

    Precursor of something brewing???

    have a great Christmas and thanks for your site.


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