Rain disappears from skies over half of Mexico- worst drought in 70 years

December 14, 2011MEXICODust blows across once fertile fields in north Mexico, where the worst drought in 70 years has left thousands of cattle dead and destroyed more than two million acres (almost one million hectares) of crops. “It practically hasn’t rained this year,” said Ernesto Ruiz, a farmer in Satevo, in the border state of Chihuahua. “It’s sad to see the land like this,” Ruiz added, observing the remains of his corn and sorghum fields. Dry conditions have affected 1.7 million head of cattle, including 50,000 that have died, according to the Agriculture Ministry. Northern states are suffering the most and seeing record levels of drought, including Chihuahua, neighboring Durango and the northwestern Baja California peninsula, along with their neighbors in the southwest United States. Mexican meteorological services say the nine worst-affected states represent almost half the country. Southern areas have meanwhile recorded some of their wettest periods on record this year. The start of winter brought cold temperatures but no sign of rain in many northern areas. Rainfall could be up to 80 percent less than usual in some areas through the winter, according to the Environment Ministry. The dire predictions provoked dismay, including among farmers who rely on sophisticated irrigation systems, such as Ever Mendoza. Mendoza said that a river which once reached the same width as his fields was now reduced to little more than a trickle. His water reserves were nearly empty and his few remaining crops were low. “Normally, it should grow this high every 22 days after sowing,” Mendoza demonstrated with his hand. After a month and a half, the crops were still far below target, he said. Rural development officer Jose Granillo Vazquez estimated that 70-80,000 families in Chihuahua could be seriously affected by the drought. “This is the most severe drought the country has registered,” President Felipe Calderon said.Terra Daily
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10 Responses to Rain disappears from skies over half of Mexico- worst drought in 70 years

  1. -oi!gracias says:

    what happen to the chemicals they spray on the
    clouds to make it rain?


  2. tellthetruth1 says:

    “…once fertile fields…” Isn’t that just the saddest thing you ever read? As for where I live, we’re apparently so dry that there’s talk of water rationing beginning this winter! And as for crops, well, out of our own garden this past year (2011), everything was so tiny, most of it wasn’t even worth pulling out of the ground. Staples such as carrots, onions and potatoes were extremely poor in size and quality. Now, much vegetation is actually rotting before you can cook it.

    This sure ain’t paradise no more:(


    • The planet’s climate is unraveling before our very eyes. In one year, Mexico has gone from bread basket to basically arid region along with sections of Texas. I don’t know what more it’s going to take for people to pull their heads out of the sand all these droughts are creating.


      • tellthetruth1 says:

        Yes, I’m aware about Texas. Got beloved Christian friends living there. Earlier this year, was it their Governor(?) called a prayer meeting over Texas and people complained. Can you believe it? Truly grateful for the news you bring to us. It helps us to keep our eyes open.


    • Irene C says:

      I agree, it is sad. Here in Ohio, our garden didn’t do as good as we would have liked. Our tomatoes and peppers were numerous, but our peas, cucumbers, and onions weren’t even worth having. Then when one looks at the devastating floods and droughts the U.S has had, this doesn’t bode well for our food supply. On top of all that, conditions in other parts of the planet are crumbling too. Alvin is right, our climate is unraveling in front of our eyes.



  3. Jamie says:

    Hello, Mr. Conway and all. I was wondering if anyone heard about the thousands of birds that accidentally mistook a Utah WalMart parking lot for a “Body of water” and died upon impact. I cannot say that I have ever heard of such a thing. I do know that they do fly into closed windows but not enmasse. What do you think could have driven these birds to do such a thing?


    • I read about it this morning. The explantion given by the wildlife expert is ludicrious. Why would birds plunge full speed through something they can’t see through? Thse creatures live by navigating through the wild and its hazards and this is the first time I ever heard of anything like this. See latest post.



  4. Brownie says:

    I suppose the explanation would hold water (wink wink) if water had “designated parking lines on it??
    That’s why these resource people should be tested for Crack.????


  5. Yadira Gomez says:

    Shalom (peace)… It´s incredible that more than a half of the year Mexico´s South part is under the water ; Tabasco,Veracruz,Chiapas,Quintana Roo,etc. with endless flooding .
    There was a proyect 100 years ago in order to build an aqueduct from there to the north states; Sonora,Chihuahua,Durango,Coahuila,Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, politicians never heard that and now we see the consequences of a neglected selfish government.
    Shalom U Brajot (peace and blessing)
    From Monterrey, México


  6. GaharuKU says:

    And in Indonesia, the price of foods also keep rising.
    Although Indonesia is agrarian country, we still importing rice from neighbor country like Vietnam.


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