Mysterious explosion and fireballs seen as homes shaken in rural Kentucky

December 13, 2011KENTUCKY – There are still no answers as to what caused an apparent explosion in Perry County Sunday night. Crews spent hours searching Sunday night after initial reports of a possible plane crash, but they gave up the search around 1:00 a.m. and said it was probably an explosion at an abandoned mine. Now officials with the Division of Abandoned Mine Lands are saying there is no evidence at the mine that would support an explosion. Some say they felt their homes shaking, others say they saw a fireball, but as of now no one can say for sure what happened in Perry County Sunday night. Preliminary reports of possible plane crash were ruled out after searching for hours and finding no crash scene, which led officials to this explanation. “There is a mine break up there. It happens in eastern Kentucky with a lot with old abandoned mines. They catch fire, smoke real bad, and sometimes they flame up. It does kill the trees around and that is possibly what could be seen from the air,” said Lotts Creek Fire Chief Chris Engle. Officials from the Division of Abandoned Mine Lands were called Monday to investigate and found that there is a coal seam fire that is causing the smoke and the burned trees, but that’s all they are able to confirm. My investigators found no evidence of an explosion or a fire ball. There was no crater no debris that they could ascertain,” said the Director of the Division of Abandoned Mine Lands Steve Hohmann. So until more information can be found, that leaves no explanation for the shaking houses and what appeared to be a fireball in the sky, but some in the area have their own explanation for what happened. “If there is no plane missing I think it probably could be a U.F.O. If there is no debris, it probably burned before it hit the ground,” said Perry County resident Kathy Collins. For now, it remains a mystery. Officials with the Division of Abandoned Mine Lands say they are planning to go back up to the mine site on Wednesday. –WYMT
contribution by David
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13 Responses to Mysterious explosion and fireballs seen as homes shaken in rural Kentucky

  1. docatomics says:

    …at what tempature/pressure does steam decompose in a plasma field ?
    = Tunguska, Siberia 1908
    =gifts of the distance stars long ago; when they go Super Nova and come to join with what ever they run into


  2. nickk0 says:


    If I had to speculate on a cause, I would say that it may be from an underground methane source, that somehow got ignited. ( static electricity ? )

    I am curious to see what the authorities find. I don’t think people could imagine an explosion and fireball.

    – Nick


  3. mike says:

    I wonder if there’s a correlation to the weird tremors etc that happened in New Jersey a week ago…


  4. Implosion says:



    • nanoduck says:

      Wouldn’t surprise me. Sometimes they get so hot that they explode midair. Also, perhaps some meteorites are made of frozen gases like comets?


    • Irene C says:

      A meteorite was my first thought. If it exploded in the air, it would cause a fireball and the explosion would shake houses.



  5. amethyst says:

    Could it not have been a jet breaking the sound barrier?


  6. I would disagree on it being a ‘jet breaking a sound barrier’. That stuff happens all the time and would definately NOT make the news…..a meteorite sounds fun and exciting but then the people would find the meteorite rocks on the ground so if that doesn’t make the news in a few probably wouldn’t be that. I am unfamiliar with methane explosions….sounds like an exciting day however.


  7. MustangSally says:

    Jets fly over that part of Ky all the time, they are used to seeing them. I think it was a mine explosion. Some gas pocket, static electricy, it has been dry there and cold. Or possible a rock falling and hitting another causing a spark. Just glad nobody was hurt.


  8. Magenta says:

    I don’t know if this is related or if it is happening in other places, but manhole covers are blowing off in Indianapolis! This has been happening for a couple weeks now, no one knows what is causing these explosions!


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