6.0 magnitude earthquake reported near Sulawesi, Indonesia

December 13, 2011INDONESIA A deep 6.0 magnitude earthquake has occurred in the Island arc of the Sunda Islands near Sulawesi. There were no reports of injuries or tsunami threats associated with this latest seismic event. Today’s earthquake is the latest in a growing list of stress-break earthquakes erupting along Island arc causeways.The Extinction Protocol
See also Sandwich Island earthquake
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7 Responses to 6.0 magnitude earthquake reported near Sulawesi, Indonesia

  1. Irene C says:

    Something caught my eye when I checked the USGS site this morning.

    Magnitude 5.4 – SOUTH OF PANAMA 2011 December 13 07:28:11 UTC

    Magnitude 5.3 – NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE 2011 December 13 07:28:54 UTC

    It wasn’t so much the magnitude of the quakes, but I noticed the closeness in the times they happened. It appears to be almost sumultanious. I’m not sure if that in itself is significant, but it surely got my attention.



  2. Lauren says:

    I noticed the depth of this and other recent quakes. What does it all mean? And is it true NASA has started monitoring Yellowstone?


  3. Nikkoale says:

    Earlier today I noticed that there was some renewed activity around Puerto Rico. About an hour ago there were a couple of 4+’s near the Virgin Islands.



  4. kana says:

    my friend tells me they are due for an 8 plus magnitude earthquake near indonesia soon 😦


  5. Gen says:

    Kana I hope they are wrong.

    My son is about to go to Phuket Thailand for a month. I told him yesterday to find out the Thai word for tsunami as soon as he arrives there. He looked at me with a strange look and said why. I told him there have been constant quakes off the coast of Sumatra and the three 5 point ones in Nicobar and Andaman Islands in the last week or so. The very stretch that let go in 2004.

    All he said was they have alarms. I can only pray that the one above who holds us all in his hands will watch over him. And all of us as well.

    He sold a lot of his belongings to finance the trip. I wish he had stayed home and spent the money on food. But it is his life and his decision to make.

    God bless you all on EP with strength, courage and faith.


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