15 Responses to Middle East War starts in video game world: U.S. attack on Tehran to be followed by Iranian game of ‘Attack on Tel Aviv’

  1. tellthetruth1 says:

    Gordon Bennett, (as they say) There obviously ain’t enough war in the world. Now it’s a game? I’m orft, or I’ll start grouching! What news, aye, Alvin?


  2. Martalien says:

    Truly disgusting in all sense of the words i absolutely have no hope this humanity we should have wake up long time ago


  3. G. Bryan says:

    im not a fan of fps (first person shooter) games, im a gamer threw and threw ive played more then most will in their lifetimes but as for killing someone where its digital or not just dont feel right so i gave up on them totally

    i feel they are a form of reduction on the real cost of killing a fellow brother or sister, there is never a reason for killing even in self defense, there are always better ways, shoot off a leg an arm even but to take a life should not be done unless in the most dire of situations and to protect those that cant protect themselves like children and never do i see a reason for going to war….

    when friends ask me what will i do if the “enemy” comes to town, i say ill invite them in for a drink, then they ask what will i do if the good guys come to town i say invite them in for a drink, then ofcourse they always follow with why? and i say because its impossible to know who the real enemy is, in my eyes we are all brothers and sisters being manipulated to believe there is even an enemy present as we see in todays world event everyone is afraid of no one but themselves fellow brothers and sisters fighting for control over what? i dont know…. all i can say is its a sad world we have to live in and one day for all of us it comes to an end, life is short be at peace and we all prosper

    peace and love unto all of mankind


  4. nickk0 says:

    Perhaps making (and buying) video games like these, in this day and age, should be considered, Very Poor taste.

    This is quite a sad irony ….. Kids who may be playing this video game, who might find themselves doing the real thing someday.

    – Nick


  5. Brian says:

    Yup ! Combat games ! ~ Ive got most of them , helps keep you on your toes for whats coming !
    But Battelfield 3 was put on sale so fast, the development team forgot to check if it could run
    on anything other than the BETA version so here i sit waiting for the help desk to get back to me
    with the required fixes to get the game loaded on XP Pro or Windows 7 with a VGA Geforce 9800GT…???

    Alvin still popping in at least twice a day to stay abreast of your excellent Factual News Reports…

    Kindest Regards As Always…


  6. -oi!gracias says:

    i pray that these video games will come into halt in the name of Christ Jesus! my son has become an addict to these demonic games of which he admits. he thinks the war is a video game where he can just shoot & kill and blood sputters on the monitor. predictive programming is on the loose to the kids and parents are at a loss… 😦


  7. Irene C says:

    Unfortunately, these games will continue as long as there is money to be made. The really sad part is, our children are becoming desensitized concerning war and death. When the real thing happens, there is no “reset” button and the dead people stay dead. I pray for our children, and I pray that parents will actually be parents and not let these games become babysitters.



  8. Rohan says:

    These games are’nt made for “kids”. They are rated Mature or R18 for a reason. I dont see anything wrong with what game developers are doing, these games have just followed movies in terms of their story telling and violence. What is wrong is that people or countries take these games too seriously, when they are not even real, just fiction like books and movies.


  9. Tim says:

    Interesting Report
    Hundreds of US-NATO Soldiers Arrive and Begin Operations on the Jordan-Syria Border


  10. Tim says:

    Iran MP: Military Drill to Close Straits of Hormuz

    Video: IAF Hits Weapons Storage Facility in Gaza

    Iran Missile Power Demonstration / Syria Arms 600 One Ton Chemical Warheads

    Report: Syria arms missiles with chemical warheads

    Footage of Stockpiles of WMDs Uncovered in Libya


  11. Tim says:

    Activision: ‘Modern Warfare 3′ is the fastest to $1 billion

    “Game publisher Activision Blizzard announced on Monday that Modern Warfare 3, the latest entry in their blockbuster shooter series, topped $1 billion in worldwide sales a record 16 days after its release on November 8th.”


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