11 Responses to Hillary Clinton warns bio-terror threat growing in the world

  1. Fillade says:

    After all the clintons have done to further the NWO agenda over their life time, we are to be cautioned of the dangers of a terrorist group the obama reich is in bed with.

    This planet has all to fear from these satanists, nothing to fear from their knuckle draging boggy men.



  2. nanoduck says:

    For any country or corporation with some money, it is very easy to set up a laboratory that can produce viruses or bacteria to use as bioweapon. The equipment and supplies can be ordered from any lab/medical supply, and research papers on genetics and culturing is easily available on internet or elsewhere. In addition, many of the pathogens are easily available and cultivated from nature. Anyone can do it with enough money and knowledge…that is the scary part.


  3. Glenn Rice says:

    You have spoken the truth, Fillade. Yes they have furthered the agenda, and that is what this woman continues to do. I would regard this statement as a typical globalist mixture of lies, half-truths, and NWO agenda mixed together. They have been promoting bio attacks on the public for many years through small scale releases, TV and films such as contagion. This may well be a message indicating a false flag release is on the way, and they have the material and the means to accomplish it. The four horsemen of Revelation are out of the gates, and pestilence is going to hit the world very hard. Seek God, and His protection from these evil days. He alone can guard us from this onslaught.


    • nanoduck says:

      I think the swine influenza scare in 2009 was a “test”. The H1N2 influenza virus strain apparently was a mix of different strains from different locations, which is hard to reproduce in nature. It is possible that it was naturally occuring, but what are the odds of having strains from swine strain, avian strain, and human strain all mixing together at once? We were lucky then that this strain didn’t have the teeth to cause serious infection in most people. But perhaps next time we will not be so lucky.


    • sandelane says:

      Glenn Rice, You are so right! I fee like I am being set up for a false flag event! My advice is DO NOT take a vaccine, no matter what happens, no matter what they say…..


  4. Irene C says:

    That woman is just plain scary. (Sorry, first reaction here.) They have written the script, set the stage, and the play is beginning. Whatever happens, do not panic. The play’s the thing…



  5. luisport says:

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  6. luisport says:

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  7. luisport says:

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  8. Lisa says:

    Amen these people are eugenisist and their cohorts have said they want to depopulate the earth as high as 90%!!!! If some bio weapon is used I do not know if I would look to the ME as the perpetrator. 😦


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