United Kingdom braces for bout with blizzard windstorm

December 5, 2011LONDONHeavy rain and gale force winds have already wreaked havoc over Scotland, Northern Ireland, and parts of England but now the December daemon, snow, is here causing more problems. Snow and ice are affecting roads across Northern Ireland, Scotland and parts of Northern England. The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for these areas and police are urging motorists to be aware of the risk of black ice on the roads. In Northern Ireland showers have been most frequent over counties Londonderry, Antrim, Tyrone, Fermanagh as well as in north Down. Meanwhile in Scotland the A9 and the M74 have been badly affected. The whole of the A9 is badly affected by snow and ice, especially at Helmsdale, Dalwhinnie and Badenoch. Motorists on the M74 in South Lanarkshire were stuck for three hours southbound after a lorry jackknifed in the snow. Motorists are being urged to plan their journeys, listen to police advice and be aware of travel updates. –4RFV.uk 
Swinton, the UK’s leading high street retailer of home insurance, is warning homeowners across the UK to prepare for gale force winds and heavy rain. Scotland is the first to get hit by the storm and it’s expected to move further south to England. Swinton is encouraging homeowners to be prepared and take necessary action so not to get caught out by the bad weather. Homeowners need to check their buildings insurance policies to ensure they are covered for storm and accidental damage as they could be left with a hefty repair bill. –Market Watch
Gale-force wind warning in the Philippines: Manila, Philippines – Rains loom over most parts of the country due to the diffused tail-end of a cold front prevailing over Southern Luzon, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said yesterday. PAGASA said the weather system will bring mostly cloudy skies with scattered rain showers and thunderstorms in Metro Manila, Southern Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The rest of Luzon will be partly cloudy to cloudy with isolated light rains. PAGASA issued a gale warning due to strong to gale force winds from the surge of the northeasterly surface wind-flow, also called the “hanging amihan” or northeast monsoon. It warned fishing boats and other small sea-craft not to venture out into the sea, particularly the coasts of Luzon, because of rough to very rough seas. –Tempo
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7 Responses to United Kingdom braces for bout with blizzard windstorm

  1. Penny says:

    ITS NOTHING!!!!”! compared to this time last yr over the top newpapers as useral!!!


  2. Garth Whelan says:

    I’m from the UK but living in the Philippines, and both countries are in this post. UK has forsaken the Lord. and it’s no wonder why England is experiencing severe weather; but keep your eye on the Philippines. God’s favor is on the Philippines, and there are prophecies that the Philippines will be a major player in the end time harvest (which is extremely close). People will be expecting major disasters for the Philippines, as it is along the active ‘Ring of Fire’, but the Philippines will not be harmed. While America is trying to get rid of ‘In God We Trust’ out of her money, the Philippines have a new print for her money, which says ‘Pinagpala ang bayan na ang Diyos ay ang Pangino-on’ – which translated is ‘Blessed Is The Nation, Whose God Is The Lord’. – and just for trivia, PAGASA is an acronym, but pagasa is the Tagalog word for ‘Hope’.


    • angie Juguilon says:

      HALLELUIAH! that is a big AMEN!, at least we Filipinos are still holding on to our values, and we believed that PHILIPPINES will rise again by the grace of God. We trust the Lord that in HIM nothing is impossible. LORD JESUS THE PHILIPPINES IS WAITING FOR YOUR AWESOME FAVOR. GLORY TO GOD!


  3. Helen Parks says:

    Entering the most important one again, as it was difficult to read the way it appeared above:

    9 48
    London Vienna or Rotterdam
    December 21st and Easter
    following ???
    1) passing Nibiru, Earth “shifts” (see PLANAR-PLANISPHERE on page 8 of the
    2) asteroid hits from quatrain
    2 30
    One who the infernal gods of Hannibal
    TOUTATIS? THE CHAOTIC ASTEROID RETURNS (one clue is the “four year” QUADRENNIALS orbit in 3 4 1 of the forum ASTEROID COMET METEOR page one of the web site)
    Will cause to be reborn, terror of mankind
    Never more horror nor worse of days
    In the past than will come
    to the Romans through Babel

    3) the “GRISEOUS” storm cells as in The Day After Tomorrow? – warnings scattered through out recent forums


  4. Irene C says:

    Wow, this winter will definitely be something to keep an eye on.



  5. Colleen says:

    It is indeed some interesting times we are now living. Imagine 2012! I cannot think we have much time left on planet earth. There is an amazing amount of Bible prophecy being fulfilled right “NOW!” Yet the people are still sound asleep.


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