Strong damaging winds rip through East Java, Indonesia- 1 dead

December 5, 2011INDONESIAOne student was killed and 14 were injured when the roof of their school was torn off by strong winds on East Java’s Madura Island, officials said on Sunday. Twenty-one other buildings were damaged on Saturday when the winds tore through Pamekasan district. Adj. Comr. Bambang Soegiharto, the chief of police in Tlanakan sub-district, where the school is located, said the victims were all students at an Islamic school. “There were 15 students injured, and one of them died,” the officer said. Most of the victims suffered from broken bones and were treated at the general hospital in Pamekasan, he said. Strong winds and heavy rains also hit the neighboring sub-districts of Pakong, Kadur and Proppo. The winds damaged 21 other buildings, mostly houses, in Pakong according to the deputy district head in Pamekasan, Kadarisman Sastrodiwiryo. In Kadur and Proppo, toppled trees cut off electricity for several hours and led to the closure of the main road linking Pakong with Pamekasan. “Not even motorcycles could pass through because the road was completely blocked by a tree,” said Achmad Wardi, a resident. Residents said the wind also brought down a motorcycle repair shop in Bandungan. “The garage completely collapsed and its roof was blown away by the wind,” Achmad said. Basri Yulianto, the head of Pamekasan’s disaster mitigation agency, said this was the second time this rainy season that strong winds had caused damage. In October, a windstorm damaged 52 buildings in Palengaan subdistrict, injuring one man. -Jakarta Globe
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6 Responses to Strong damaging winds rip through East Java, Indonesia- 1 dead

  1. Irene C says:

    Wow, another wind incident. How many wind incidences does that make just withing the past couple of weeks? Forget what I said earlier about seasonal changes, this is weird.



  2. juliette says:

    Hi i live in Kitimat BC canada and just noticed that it is getting windy.
    Also think that the birds know somthing is coming. My mum alwasy feeds the wild
    birds, and ive noticed the birds seemed to have diappeared, cause mums feeding area always have loads of birds feeding.


  3. Columbine says:

    Don’t know if you saw this report from Colorado a couple weeks ago. There has been at least one more wind storm with gusts up to 70-90 mph since this happened. One gust is reported to have been 140 mph. My husband and I drove up there a couple days later and were shocked at the number of trees down – big pines, aspens, spruce – some snapped half way up the trunk, others pulled up at the roots.
    11/17/2011 Fierce winds cause widespread property damage Hundreds of homes still without power; thousands of trees toppled
    “A horrific windstorm that moved across Custer County and surrounding areas late Saturday night and early Sunday morning caused trees and power poles to snap, and barns and buildings to topple. ,,, According to the National Weather Service office in Pueblo, the official weather spotter located northwest of Westcliffe reported 90 mph winds here, however unofficial wind speeds were at 115 mph or more.”


  4. Colleen says:

    I live in Kentucky and we have been having some fierce winds here. It got so windy yesterday, I feared the huge oak tree beside my house would collapse on top of me. This weather is getting stranger and stranger every day. Some folks like to convince themselves that this weather is being manipulated by man, but I believe the four winds are being released. These strange weather patterns have nothing to do with man made manipulations. The strange weather is a sign of our Lord Jesus very soon return.


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