Planetary and climatic changes on the footsteps of a magnetic field reversal

December 5, 2011AUSTRALIAWhile mainstream science agencies admonish us that the continual degradation of the planet’s magnetic field is no cause for alarm and should induce no significant changes to the mechanics of planet Earth; we can’t help but be concerned about the implications of shifting climatic patterns after witnessing the alarming rise in the number of extreme weather events that have occurred in 2011. Could these events in someway be also associated with Earth’s polarity reversal? The planet’s jet-stream has also become more erratic and is experiencing wild frenzied migrations, resulting in the outbreak of an unprecedented number of extreme weather events that have reaped destruction across the globe. No one knows what the full effects of a magnetic reversal will be on planet Earth since the last such event, according to scientists, occurred 780,000 years ago when no one was around to record the effects of it. NASA, however, has gone to great lengths to assure the public that events connected with polarity reversals are quite benign. Similarly, we might also add, the compounding effects of the Sun and cosmic rays on Earth’s climatic processes during this magnetic disorientation period are also undetermined and unassessed scientific variables. So, is the rise in these extreme weather patterns and natural disasters merely a cyclical consequence of our time or do these events lend themselves to the prophetic warnings from the ancients suggesting major changes have already begun altering the biosphere of the planet we know as Earth? D.S. Allan & J.B. Delair wrote as early as 1995: “Significantly, a drop in Earth’s entire magnetic field appears to have occurred somethime between 13,750 and 12,350 years ago. This was attended by various important changes, including earthquakes, volcanism, water table fluctuations and large-scale climatic variations.” –Cataclysm: compelling evidence of a cosmic catastrophe in 9500 B.C.

Extreme wind storms are wreaking havoc on cities across the globe from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Pasadena, California but weather extremes are also occurring on the other side of the globe in Australia. Perth Australia had 57 days over 32 degrees, the longest hot spell since records began in 1897, smashing the average number of hot days of 33.9. Brisbane and the Gabba experienced it driest weather in 29 years. “In the first four days of this summer, Sydney has now failed to reach 23 degrees, making it the coolest start in 44 years,” Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke said. “The city is on target for its coolest start to summer in 51 years,” Dutschke said. The Washington Post said: “Spring 2011 may well go down in the weather history books as the most extreme on record. From the massive April tornado swarm, to record Mississippi river levels, to extreme drought and wildfires in the Southwest, weather extremes were both violent and relentless, taking a terrible toll on human life and the economy.” – (c) The Extinction Protocol

Climate in chaos: There were more than 575 tornadoes death in 2011- the 6th highest record ever recorded. April  of 2011 saw the largest outbreak of tornadoes the U.S. meteorological service has ever recorded- 875 twisters, when the average for the last decade was only 161. It was also the wettest March-May on record in 10 U.S. states: Washington, Wyoming, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Vermont. Precipitation was 300% above normal for this same period in most of the Ohio Valley. 1300 daily precipitation records were broken in April across the Midwest and South; 72 locations reported their wettest day in any April, five of which set all-time daily rain records (for any month). There was, in fact, so much precipitation that a record 6.8 million acres of land was flooded in the Lower Mississippi River Valley. While some parts of the U.S. basked in record precipitation totals, the U.S. southwest also saw some of the worst drought conditions on record. March through May of 2011 was the driest on record in the history of the state of Texas. As a matter of fact, extreme to exceptional drought conditions ravaged much of the southern U.S. from southeast Arizona through New Mexico, much of Texas, and along the Gulf Coastline to the Florida panhandle. Record flooding was also reported in parts of Australia, Pakistan, Europe, Colombia, Central America, Bolivia, China, Brazil, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. The 2011 July heat-wave in the U.S. was one of the worst in more than 140 years- more than 2000 temperature records were shattered during this period. In contrast, record snowfall totals were also recorded across the globe from the Sierra Mountains and Oklahoma to the record snowfall totals reported in July in Chile’s Atacama Desert- which is one of the driest regions on the planet. Record snowfall totals were also reported in the desert regions of Nambia, Africa. South Korea saw the largest snowfall totals in 100 years. There were also super dust storms reported in the Middle East, China, Germany, and three such incidents were reported in the state of Arizona. – (c) The Extinction Protocol
The Washington Post said: “The onslaught of extreme weather events this past spring may have no equal in the historic record. Harold Brooks, researcher at NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center, speaking at a press briefing Wednesday, said the most similar year to 2011 might be 1927 which had significant tornado activity and flooding. However, historic indicators of drought do not suggest similarly dry conditions in the Southwest that year.”
Planet shaken by earthquakes: Besides the devastating 9.0 March 11, Tōhoku Japan earthquake, which was one of the strongest earthquakes recorded in Japan’s history, there were four more earthquakes that struck Japan of the 7.0+ magnitude range. There were three 7.0+ magnitude earthquakes also in Vanuatu and two in Kermadec. Turkey, Fiji, Pakistan, Chile, Argentina, the Loyalty Islands and Alaska were also all hit with 7.0+ magnitude earthquakes this year. There were 6.9 earthquakes in Nepal near Sikkim, Taiwan, and Myanmar, a 6.9 quake in central Peru and a 6.8 in northern Peru, a 6.6 in Bolivia, a 6.4 earthquake that hit Vancouver Island, a 6.1 that struck Kyrgyzstan, a 6.0 that struck the South Island of New Zealand, a 5.8 which struck Virginia and a 5.3 which struck Colorado in the same day and a 5.1 in Murica Spain. – (c) The Extinction Protocol
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36 Responses to Planetary and climatic changes on the footsteps of a magnetic field reversal

  1. 2011: A year of record extremes and natural disasters in the first 6 months of the year


    • Tom E. says:

      There floods where caused, by in large 2 factors
      1) Strong snow pack
      2) Failure to allow reservoirs to prevent such floods to drain. For some reason the Corps of Engineers did not allow the reservoirs in the mid-west to empty over the winter and early spring before the thaw. So the water had no where to go.

      This disaster, in part, was caused by humans.


      • Understandly, but no record snowfall—- no spring flood thaw scenario. The planet is still being inundated by excessive precipitation because ocean evaporation rates are rising and will continue to rise from submarine volcanism. Look at the number of earthquakes happening on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a divergent tectonic plate boundary that separates the North American Plate from the Eurasian Plate. Every time the sea-floor spreads; it exposes the ocean to magmatic pressures and heat. Sea-floor spreading and volcanism both increase with magnetic field reversal so says chief scientist Dr. Peter Vogt, of the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office.


  2. Carol says:

    Record snowfall, record rain, record heat and record flooding for 2011 in Levittown PA where I live.


  3. Dan s says:

    The 5.6m earthquake that hit oklahoma was also their largest in recorded history.


  4. Nikkoale says:

    Here’s a link from NASA talking about the drought conditions in Texas:


  5. Irene C says:

    With all of the extreme weather that has been going on, I don’t even want to think about winter in Ohio.

    As for the line “NASA, however, has gone to great lengths to assure the public that events connected with polarity reversals are quite benign.” – well, all I have to say is “Gotta Love NASA”. (Sorry, but I laughed when I read that.)



  6. Soon there will be no denying the truth. I enjoyed reading your article, thank you.


  7. pagan66 says:

    This brings it all home in such a brutal manner. We really do not have all that much time left, events are definitely escalating in both severity & time. I just hope that as people watch compilations of disasters such as these that they actually open their eyes & realize that things are not right with our planet, that we are in trouble & they need to start preparing both physically & spiritually.



  8. jones2012 says:

    It’s been raining for the past 2 days. Yea!!


  9. Joe says:

    and still so many refuse to open their eyes…


  10. Dennis E. says:

    Well, I guess the best way is to be prepared, be alert, be aware, but don’t panic, don’t stress, have a plan. But like preparing for an incoming hurricane, it seems you never have everything you thought you needed.


  11. nickk0 says:

    ” No one knows what the full effects of a magnetic reversal will be on planet Earth since the last such event, according to scientists, occurred 780,000 years ago when no one was around to record the effects of it. NASA, however, has gone to great lengths to assure the public that events connected with polarity reversals are quite benign.”

    I am not accusing NASA of lying, but – How do they KNOW, that the effects are ‘quite benign’ ??
    Is this statement based upon any scientific evidence ?

    I guess what I am asking is, if there is any record or evidence of wild weather, (or lack of), during the last magnetic reversal, 780,000 years ago.

    – Nick


  12. CBS says:

    They keep saying historical record. At best CET goes back to the 17th century, most places don’t have long records – the USA and Australia certainly don’t. The oceans and climate work within cycles of years decades, centuries, millenia it is immense. Just because we didn’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen before. That is mankind’s arrogance talking and why we struggle to cope and will continue to struggle. We are not in control and never have been. ‘What will be has been’ – Interesting times lie ahead. Peace and Love


  13. And to think of how the seasons have changed in England. So far, we’ve seen very little other than strange changes here, but the fact I’ve noticed the strangeness means much has changed. Your Mendip post blew me away the other day, Alvin. I’m approx 220 miles from that area. No more. I did a test after I read about the possibility of the upset with the volcano. Never ever knew there was one.



  14. mike says:

    2012 will break new record 2013 even more and on and on

    fasten your seatbells!!!


  15. Debora says:

    I wanted to add the Oklahoma 5.6 (plus all the after shocks in the area) but Dan beat me to it! Here’s the link to USGS

    It was a very active year in very odd places!

    I am wondering why “they” are keeping us in the dark about what they think might happen during pole reversal. Of course, most people won’t believe anything “they” say at this point because they’ve lied so often.

    Thank you for you work on this site!



  16. radiogirl says:

    Does the magnetic field disappear during its reversal? I realize there are a couple of schools of thought on this subject but what in your opinion does the earth landscape look like during such an event.
    I can’t help but think…if what we are seeing now is the first stages of the reversal…then what are we to experience during the peak of the event.

    I think alot of people who are paying attention now regard NASA as an institution whose public information will come with a government filter.

    The U.S. government has at its disposal some of the worlds greatest think tankers. My uncle was one of them .He worked at Los Alamos and Oakcreek Tenn. during ww2, NASA, Florida missle project on and on. They absolutely will not tell you anything .There are concete arguments for and against that. Whatever is happening to the planet,by now they are probably pretty sure of whats coming. This is an opinion ofcourse. But really, if we are in for some dynamic and destructive earthchanges…..they know.

    At the station I worked for …..if someone(official) visited the station owner and asked us not to discuss something on air……we did not discuss it. Our station owner had many stations and he did not like trouble …let someone else fight that battle. That is the way it is.

    So we are.. ,, at this point….left to figure out what our world will present us with and how to best cope with it.


    • MR

      We don’t fully know what the landscape would look like. We have to look at the wording of NASA’s statements too because I think earthchange events accompany magnetic field reversals, not cause them. What I look for is a common set of scientific parameters and see if they are the consequence of collateral cause and effect.

      NASA doesn’t fully understand the process because they can’t explain why the cycle is now irregular. Note: “Reversals are the rule, not the exception. Earth has settled in the last 20 million years into a pattern of a pole reversal about every 200,000 to 300,000 years, although it has been more than twice that long since the last reversal. A reversal happens over hundreds or thousands of years, and it is not exactly a clean back flip.”

      If it happens every 700,000 years- that’s when the Long Valley Caldera was formed and underwent a massive eruption, Lake Toba super-volcano also had a violent eruption, and Yellowstone’s last massive eruption came less than 50,000 years later. We know the supervolcanoes appear to go off in chains…so, we might be in for some surprises down the road.


      • LA says:

        Even that article you cited above states that these pole flips are not going to cause devastation. Based on the fossil record, they state there isn’t much change in plant or animal life. But here’s something: Couldn’t the entire continent where this fossil record is move dramatically because of tectonic shifting without destroying the fossil record that was there, say in the center of a continent? I’ve also seen articles where they found fossil evidence of tropical plants in areas where they wouldn’t be able to grow in the areas where the fossil was found.

        I’m also thinking that it would take some MAJOR force to cause the uplifting and growth of mountain ranges. I know that small changes happen over vast geologic time, but the way some of these mountains look (eg. Himalayas) it seems that there was some kind of significant and catastrophic collision at some point.
        “The initial mountain building process started about seventy million years ago (or the Upper Cretaceous period) when the two land masses (or plates) began to collide with each other. As a result, the already shallow seabed rapidly folded folded and was raised into longitudinal ridges and valleys.
        Soon afterwards, about 65 million years ago (Upper Eocene Period), came the second phase of mountain building. The bed of the Tethys started rising again. The sea retreated, and the sea bed was elevated into high mountain ranges.
        Later, about 25 million years ago (Middle Miocene Period) came another mountain building period which led to the formation of the low Shivalik ranges. After this, periodic mountain building phases occurred as the Indian plate pushed against the Eurasian plates which led to the Himalayan ranges rising further. The last major phase occurred 600,000 years ago.”
        — interesting how these periods of mountain building seem to coincide with cycles of pole reversals… and how the “last major phase occurred 600,000 years ago” — about the same time as the last pole reversal…


      • Suanne says:

        I think we may be confusing a MAGNETIC pole reversal with a PHYSICAL pole reversal or crustal displacement. Is it possible we will have a magnetic pole reversal when we cross the galactic plane, which apparently will happen in the near future (2012?) This is different from a physical reversal where the sphere literally does turn upside down. So magnetic pole reversals are, perhaps, sudden and “happen all the time” while physical pole reversal is very unusual and perhaps happens over a long period of time?


      • There is no confusion, at least in my mind. A magnetic reversal is simply an event where polar north and polar south exchange polarity whereas a crustal displacement is physical dislocation. A polar migration is where the magnetic poles just wander and is what usually happens prior to a magnetic reversal. Both can be relatively sudden and could happen routinely- we don’t know. There is some geological evidence to suggest- a magnetic reversal can happen very fast. This certainly flies in the face of what NASA has been saying about it could take thousands of year to unfold. The Sun’s magnetic field flips polarity at the peak of every 11 year cycles. A pole-shift is a planetary upheaval event. Research by Allan and Delair showed that during a past cataclysm, which they associated with the flood of Noah, the magnetic field may have flipped not once but several times due to the stress of the planetary upheavel. The magnetic North Pole is already moving or migrating by 50 meters a day towards Siberia.

        Thousand year magnetic reversal?


  17. Suzanne says:

    It is painfully obvious we are looking down the barrel of the end of times. I feel like your wisdom is a gift and a very big help. Thank you for spending so much time putting this information out there. I do have one question. Where are we in all of this? Are the seals already being broken or is this just beginning of the birth pains? Just wanted your opinion. In the midst of my crazy life, taking care of my 4 children (one who has many disabilities) and my aging parents, I feel as if I am waiting for something big to happen. I shouldn’t be because I m constatnly busy but that feeling never seems to go away.
    God bless,


    • Suzanne, this is only the beginning. Most of the dramatic events in Revelation have yet to expire but I feel that will happen very fast…

      For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the Earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the Earth.” Genesis 7:4

      We are told that from the shining of the Sun to complete Earth upheavel took as little as 7 days.

      Grace in Christ,


  18. SUN

    I do not believe that the Sun is the cause. I believe it is more likely compounding the problem directly and certainly indirectly as its solar wind strength wanes and allows more cosmic radiation to enter the Solar System. No celestial body approaching the inner solar system could wreak the type of havoc of which you speak because anything the size of Jupiter or larger entering the solar system would create a great catastrophe by dispelling other planets out of the system on its approach. Elliptical orbital systems are closed systems due to the main anchor star’s gravity. The Sun represents 99.99% of the mass of the entire solar system and even comets entering our vicinity are held in outer orbits called an Oort cloud by the Sun’s gravity.1 The reason scientists know this is because none of the comets that have ever entered our solar system has a parabolic velocity in excess of the escape velocity from the entire solar system. This tells us that comets are likely catastrophic by-products of the solar system and not from any region beyond.

    Footnote: The outer limit of the Oort cloud defines the cosmographical boundary of the Solar System and the region of the Sun’s gravitational dominance.

    1. Kuiper Belt & Oort Cloud”. NASA Solar System Exploration web site. NASA. Retrieved 2011-08-08.

    You are welcome and God bless,


    • Yes, I’ve heard of the book and wrote one that highlights some of the same points. The Sun’s gravity is based on its size and that’s readily detectable. There is a lot more than I have time to go into about the origins of comets but suffice it to say, their origins are likely from the inner solar system planets.

      Grace in Christ,


  19. Rhonda says:

    My sis-in-law just texted a picture to me tonight of a cherry tree with blossoms in Boston! Her comment was “Look at this, a cherry tree has blossomed in Boston? It must be confused as the weather is a little warm!? ” Amazing. It’s December in Boston with a blooming cherry tree…wow
    God bless,


    • That’s pretty wild, Rhonda.



    • Suanne says:

      We’ve got the opposite here in the mountains west of Denver/Boulder. Right now, it’s -13 and feels like -36 with the wind chill factor. The winters used to be mild here, but not the last 2 or 3 years. Previously we would only have a few days of bitter cold, but there have been lots of late. Tonight, is warning of dangerously cold temperatures, telling people to limit outdoor exposure, as though we needed to be told…


      • Julie R. says:

        Amazing, at my Grandparents in middle mo. today I saw a forsythia with a few new blooms as well.

        In some ways it is a sign from existence itself, as well as the final warning.


  20. JerseyCynic says:

    Rhonda, many of my flowering shrubs have flowers on them today. It’s been 60 degrees during the daytime for the past week here in Connecticut. I can’t tell the difference between the seasons anymore


  21. Gen says:

    Brisbane, Australia. Now after an unusually dry November, rain is forecast for 26 out of the next 28 days.

    The weather is definitely in commotion. Summer clothes one day, winter woollies the next.


  22. Helie says:

    what NASA does not say to the public is that there are at least 3 causes of physical pole shifts, on Earth

    1) an object in space like planet x influencing earth’s magnetic fields
    2) too much ice building up on earth, making the earth top heavy in places
    3) earth’s core slowing down

    when NASA says a pole shift occurs every 700,000 or so, maybe they are referring to just one of these aspects as causes. This leaves open the possibility of another shift happening anytime. Whether a shift occurs rapidly or slowly probably depends on it”s cause…

    Magnetic shifts may be caused by the sun’s behavour as well as other space weather, including the above.


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