Mountain explodes violently in Vietnam as earth cracks- scientist warn of a coming quake

December 5, 2011VIETNAMStrange geologic activity has residents on edge in Bac Tra. Residents of the town cannot help but feel anxious, as the intensity of the quakes keeps increasing. The nearby mountain of the Truong Son chain explodes ever more loudly every night. Lu Quang Lai, nearly 70, says he has never witnessed such strange phenomenon in Tra My in the past decades. “About 10 months ago, when the new hydroelectricity power plant started to conserve water, the water level in the lake got higher every day. The land here seemed to change. Every night exploding sounds would emanate from the earth, followed by a rumbling sound. Recently the explosions and quakes have become more violent. Glasses and cups fall down like leaves, everything tilts”, Lai speaks in a tremble. Nguyen Phuoc Danh, a motorbike mechanic, lives in a house 300km from Song Tranh 2 hydroelectricity plant’s dam. His home is the worst affected in the area, suffering from three tremors. “Two nights ago, the mountain exploded with a deafening sound. Although I’ve become used to the noise caused by TNT explosives during the dam’s construction, nothing compared to the recent explosion. “A few seconds later, the earth shook. The roof and the windows rattled. Things started to fall. The wall creaked, and then cracked. I took my wife and kids out to the street. A chill crept up from my heels to my head just like electricity,” Danh says in disbelief. Le Van Tuan, Chief of Administration at Bac Tra My District’s People’s Committee, says these strange events began with the filling of the hydroelectricity plant’s reservoir in January, when the mountain first started to explode. “If an earthquake were to occur, over 730 million cubic meters of water would rush down that distance, wiping out not only our town, but other districts towards the end of the Thu Bon River as well.”
Hoards of frogs: While the tremors await an explanation from scientists, residents continue to witness bizarre phenomenon. People of Bac Tra My District recall the story of Ho Van Thoi, 54, who brought back a load of frogs and toads caught in Nuoc Vin creek’s headwaters one day before the quake. Thoi says, “That afternoon, while trying to quench my thirst, I saw an army of frogs and toads swimming upstream. There were so many of them that they climbed on top of one another, all I had to do was reach down and pick them up.” Thoi, along with other villagers, asserts that such an odd event has never happened before in this area. “The frogs must have heard the tremors before us humans!” Thoi postulates. After the strong earth tremor at Bac Tra My on November 17th, Associate Prof. Dr. Cao Dinh Trieu – vice chairman and secretary-general of Vietnam’s Geophysical association – asserted that the event was a phenomenon known as “earthquake excitation.” The nearest seismic station is in Thua Thien-Hue, where a tremor of a 3.5 magnitude on the Richter scale was recorded. On November 28, the station recorded earthquakes in Bac Tra My and Nam Tra My districts with a magnitude lower than 3 on the Richter scale. There was also a cracking sound heard from Tra Bong (Quang Ngai) all the way to Quang Nam. –Tuoitrenews Vietnam
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24 Responses to Mountain explodes violently in Vietnam as earth cracks- scientist warn of a coming quake

  1. Nikkoale says:

    Interesting about the frogs and the man having a feeling of electricity going through him. This is the third article I have seen in the past week about frogs reacting in this manner before a tremor. I found this one the other day:

    An excerpt:

    “NASA geophysicist Friedemann Freund showed that, when rocks were under very high levels of stress, for example by the “gargantuan tectonic forces” just before an earthquake, they release charged particles.”


  2. radiogirl says:

    WOW what unusual events I’m learning about!Keep us posted on this area and God Bles!!


  3. Elizabeth says:

    I wonder if the explosions they are hearing are like the ‘booms’ reported across the US and elsewhere. They seem to be like ‘sound earthquakes’. I just read an article on Yahoo (I read the sheeple media b/c it’s good to keep up with the Control Machine is spewing forth) about the unexploded ordinances left behind in Vietnam have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. It was some obscene number of dead and injured since the war ended. Very sad.

    I would like to wish everyone on Exctintion Protocol a wonderful holiday season, and I hoped all of your hearts are warmed in these trying times by your loved ones’ company.


    • Irene C says:

      Thank you so much for the warm wishes Elizabeth. Our lives here are blessed despite the turmoils and hard times. I wish the same for you and yours also.

      I had to think about the “booms” also. I’m still curious on whether they are connected to seismic activity. And the part about the frogs is interesting also. Animals have a keen sense of their environment. They can hear, see, and feel things long before we humans. I had to also think about the beached whales we discussed a couple of weeks ago. There I heard about the elephants right before the 2004 tsunami hit. The elephants started running from the beach before there was any sign of the tsunami.

      If we would watch the animals carefully, we would have a greater understand of when things are going to happen. I always know there’s going to be a storm (outside of my arthritis) because my cats start acting strange. (However, I do have to ignore the fact that they slept through the tremor we had after the Virginia earthquake. They “could” have warned me about that one.)



      • Jachin says:

        My wife had a nightmare about two months ago where all the land disapeared and turned into mud everywhere, she said there was no more land to walk on and felt she would have to swim. In the water she saw lots of frogs, she likes frogs, but a voice in the dream told her that if these frogs bite you, you would die! Unclean spirits like those in Rev. 16:13? Possibly a confirmation of an earthquake in California where we live?


      • PAT2 says:

        I wish everyone here a happy and safe holiday. Despite all the upheaval, I really doubt we can do anything about it but try to be prepared best we can, try to get others to see what is going on and pray they take precautions as well. I thank Alvin for having this wonderful website and everyday I cannot wait to get home to see all the comments. For the last couple of months there is doubt in my mind that something is brewing. Also to mention that there was (although small) a 1.9M earthquake in Louisa VA, and as most know there was a 3.1 in Raven VA as well. I am watching and hoping this is not a repeat to the east coast quake this past summer. Oh and Irene C, the cat thing was funny!


  4. Brenda says:

    Well the earth is stretching from post glacial rebound effect. All the ice thats melted from the north pole over the last 30 years. It only gets worse from here unless people start praying connecting to God the whole earth will be in some deep trouble.


    • meandjesus says:

      You can relax Brenda, if God is going to destroy those who would destroy the earth during the battle of Armageddon, then rest assured that after going through all of that trouble, He isn’t going to just let the earth fall apart due to man’s messing around. However, the earth is very old and is in need of replenishing, so sometime later, He is going to remake the earth… As well as the heavens… All to make a brand new place for us!!!
      As for praying, connecting to God, that is happening even now… There are a growing number of awakened believers of the King Jesus and we are praying for an awakening of the nation and the world to God. The age of the glorious Church is dawning, then the Church goes to a marriage feast in Heaven and then we’ll be back to rule with Jesus over the earth. Great peace is coming, just not until we come back with Jesus. During the short time we are gone (7 years), the ones who refused Jesus will have to suffer the times of the greatest enemy of man attempting to destroy man from the face of the earth.


      • pagan66 says:

        meandjesus – If the scenario you describe is actually to happen, how could you advise anybody to relax? Do you realize that out of the 7 Billion souls that this now diseased, toxic & increasingly unstable planet holds, only 2.3 billion are Christian & that number is actually declining in size, not expanding? So in your hypothesis, the 1.5 billion Islamics, 1.1 billion atheists/agnostics. 1 billion Hindu’s, 394 million Shenists/Taoists, 376 million Buddhists, 100 million Traditional African/Diasporics, 23 million Sikhs, 19 million Juches, 15 million spiritists, 14 million Judaists & all the other religions & belief systems including Shinto, Jainism, Cao-Dai, Zoroastrianism, Tenrikyo, Rastafarianism, Scientology & Neo-Paganism – which in fact is the world’s fastest growing religion – are all damned & doomed to horrible deaths & the damning of their souls by your benelovent, loving God? To read your complacency about the demise of the majority of Mankind because they do not subscribe to your beliefs, makes my heart bleed.

        We are only one out of of millions of different species living on this ticking time bomb of a planet which is surely & inevitably about to undergo massive & catastrophic changes. Since the dawn of time Man has looked to the heavens for answers to the mysteries of Nature when he should have looked within & around – for if we could have been true to ourselves & lived in peace & harmony with our fellowman & respected our planet & all other creatures on it, we could have lived in a state of perfection. Nature has had enough, time is running out & we are too late by far.

        I hope that after the marriage feast of the Church in Heaven – not sure which Church you mean to be honest – there will still be an inhabitable Earth for you to rule over, 7 years is an astoundingly quick timespan to build a new universe when you consider that this one we know of took over 13.7 billion years to create.

        I wish you Peace


  5. Denise says:

    All very strange and interesting, but may God Almighty continue to watch over us. Amen and amen. I did want to add that I had talked to my son-in-law on Saturday,12/3. He is a avid hunter and he was telling me that he shot 17 deer last year and he has only gotten 2 this year due to the fact that the deer are all dying to blue tongue disease.I asked him what this was and he said it is a form of mad cow disease. They live in North Carolina. I thought this,too, was interesting……
    In Christ,


    • Deirdre says:

      Denise I live in Nevada and many of my friends (6 or more) remarked that on their hunting trips this fall they saw only does no bucks. The bucks are dying of the blue tongue disease in record numbers since last year. It seems to also be affecting the does. My friends hunting trips spanned Nevada, California, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Alaska. Pretty astonishing. Thank God we have provision in the King of Kings. I believe famine will come soon.


    • Elizabeth says:

      I live in North carolina, outside of Asheville, in the mountains. I live way out in the country, so we have a herd of 8 white tail deer that live in our woods. I have not seen a single buck with them this year; I hadn’t heard of the blue tongue disease, what part of NC does your son-in-law hunt in?


  6. The animals know when it is time to leave an area just keep it mind.
    We all will keep seeing strange things for a long time.


  7. Shahnawaz Taing says:

    Very intresting story,commonly comprehendable.
    With the scientific point of view and the observations of the people living in area has made the story quiet spicie…


  8. Tim says:

    May 9th, 2008 thousands of toads cross road near area where a 7.9 earthquake struck Sichuan China on May 12th.


  9. Colleen says:

    Aren’t we living in some strange and exciting times?


  10. Blue tongue is misquito borne and it went thru the swamp areas around oak city NC a few years back. My cousin’s used to get a stack of nuisance permits each year but the hunting has been pretty bad since it went thru. In part this is from overpopulation of deer caused by PETAfiles limiting hunting opportunities. Man IS the dominant preditor now, and if they don’t keep the herds thinned, they will grow weak and due to corwding (just like man) spread the diseases quicker…


  11. Colleen says:

    We are hearing of diseases we never heard of even a decade ago. The Bible says that will happen just before Christ returns. I bet 2012 will be even more interesting for current events.


  12. Mike Harkness says:

    The “maniacal ones” have destroyed so many of the earths natural food sources over the years, right under our noses..but with so much power they have, it seems impossible to rein the tide back. The war drums are just way to loud at these times for us not to notice a pattern that repeats itself, with the sad people who yield all the power in our world …currently..
    Stay the course of true belief,that in prayer, anything anything is possible, but be ready and you will be received with gifts, GOD bless


  13. Karen says:

    Lately these past few weeks I’ve been surrounded by static, electrocuting myself with almost everything I touch. I’ve switched fabric softeners and those static eliminating laundry sheets with no success. Now Im left wondering what they are doing with our atmosphere :/ HAARP or with any other technologies. Anyone else having similar experiences?


  14. Colleen says:

    I have been getting a lot of tinnitus and earaches lately. I also feel vibrating chills consume my upper and lower extremities. My bed feels like it moves ever so slightly at times. I was wondering if we are experiencing some very light earthquakes here in my vicinity. Maybe the earthquakes are too low of a magnitude to be felt. Also been hearing a trumpet like noise in the sky. This happened to me just before dawn. It was rather scary. This earth is becoming a very scary place, if you ask me. We just have to keep our trust in God, and remember that He is still in control. You know what I think? I think something is just not right.


  15. I also observe Nature a lot, as I lived near a Nature Preserve area in Baja California South: it cosists mostly of desertwild life, very diverse species but there is very little precipitation. When I arrived in 2009 we had 5 hurricanes, or storms during rainy season. It helped all the wild life. However, the following year, 2010 turned out to be a harsh drought year, and in 2011 I could see the wildlife disappear – it is noticable to those who want to see. I witnessed a fox die in front of my gate. There used to be hundreds of vultures, now barely any can be seen in the big skies.


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