Record number of mud volcanoes erupting across the planet- Trinidad mud volcano awakens after 14 years

December 4, 2011TRINIDADResidents of Piparo are living on the edge as the mud volcano that ravaged the village 14 years ago, has begun to threaten their community again. Residents are subjected to sleepless nights as they are haunted with memories of February 22, 1997, when steaming mud crushed houses and swept away cars, livestock and all else in its path. When the Sunday Guardian visited the site off Old Piparo Road yesterday, two new mounds had surfaced, spewing mud several feet into the air at five minute intervals. At the scene was Shammarine Kissoondath, 56, who lives nearby. He said he came to see what was happening as he had been kept awake by strange sounds issuing from the volcano. He said: “It sounded like gunshots and this morning when I awoke it was still making noise. This is the same sound it made before it erupted in 1997. It is possible that we can have a repeat and maybe this time it could be worse.” He said it only took ten minutes on that fateful day for the massive amount of mud spewing from the volcano to wreak havoc. Boyie Suratt, who lives about 300 feet from the volcano said he, too, has been sleeping restlessly since Thursday. Suratt’s home is nearest the volcano and he said while he does not believe that it will erupt any time soon, no one can predict when and how severe another eruption might be. “I was home in my gallery around 3 am on Thursday and I heard this sound like people bursting bamboo. We usually get a little noise now and then, especially when it rains because gas is trying to escape. But now the noise has been coming frequently like it have plenty gas down there.” He explained that the rain softens the mud which causes minor explosions. However, he admits that over the past few days the noise levels had increased significantly occurring at an alarming rate. He, too, recalled the drama that unfolded in 1997, saying that a wave of mud several feet high was crumbling any house in its path. Suratt said his home was saved as another house that crumbled was able to forge a barrier in front of his. He said on February 22, 1997, he awoke to mud spewing some 200 feet into the air. –Guardian  
Earthchanges: A storm is gathering on the horizon and the signs are apparent for anyone so inclined to see them. This year along, a record number of mud volcanoes have erupted including Azerbaijan, Karachi Pakistan, Ukraine, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Taiwan, and now Trinidad- showing the global extent to which geological forces are stirring methane and sediment under the ground beneath our feet. Volcanism has been kinetic across the Southern hemisphere, including the Canary Islands, Central and South America and East Africa (Congo and Eritrea). The planet’s climate has become more erratic and unstable- it’s storm systems stronger and more destructive. Earthquakes have erupted in places we’ve never seen earthquakes before in recent years and insidiously, sleeping fault system across the global landscape have awakened. Tectonic plates are becoming increasingly more restless. The list of ecologically devastated zones wrecked by natural disasters has also dramatically increased- Haiti, New Zealand, Pakistan, Japan, the horn of Africa, and eastern Turkey. Similarly, the fabric that holds civilization together, both politically and economically, is likewise unraveling. It is becoming more evident with each passing day that our planet is teetering more and more on the precipice of an unprecedented crisis. –© The Extinction Protocol
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7 Responses to Record number of mud volcanoes erupting across the planet- Trinidad mud volcano awakens after 14 years

  1. Niebo says:

    You are not in darkness, that the day should come upon you suddenly, like a snare….


  2. Peter says:

    Thanks for the insights


  3. Maiden PEI says:

    Great “Earthchanges” summary!

    Really helps to get the ‘whole’ picture.

    Thanx for doing such an amazing job, Alvin.



  4. prayntongues says:

    Luke 21:26-27
    26Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

    27And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.


  5. look out the changes!!!


  6. Candi Bishop-Knowlton says:

    Great job! You have a clear understanding of what is taking place on this planet. No dpubt your work here will save lives!! Thank you for ALL you do here!


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