Mud volcano in Taiwan expels mud up to two meters deep

December 3, 2011 – TAIWAN – Wandan mud dome, one of Taiwan’s 17 active mud volcanoes, erupted early Friday after nearly a year of inactivity, spilling mud flows of up to two meters high. Up to noon Friday, hot gray mud was still spewing from the volcano in Pingtung County and residents could be seen lighting fires nearby to burn off the gases emitted by the volcano. The mud flowing from three cracks in Hsinyuan Township spread to a public cemetery and a corn field but no other damage was reported. The eruption occurred south of Wandan Township, where the first eruption in the 1720s was recorded. The eruptions typically take place once or twice every year near the border between the two towns. There has not been an eruption in Hsinyuan itself for nearly half a century, according. –Focus Taiwan
contribution Yamkin
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4 Responses to Mud volcano in Taiwan expels mud up to two meters deep

  1. Nikkoale says:

    A mud volcano has awakened in Trinidad…


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