100 mph winds buffet Utah, toppling trucks, trees, power lines

December 1, 2011 UTAHHurricane-force winds, in places topping 100 mph, ripped through Utah Thursday, overturning semi-trailer rigs on Interstate 15, toppling trees and triggering widespread power outages affecting nearly 50,000 homes and businesses. In all, the Utah Department of Transportation reported 11 semis overturned by the wind on the state’s highways Thursday morning. Utah Highway Patrol Corporal Todd Johnson said that between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m., at least six semis were blown onto their sides on I-15 in Davis County in the area of the Lund Lane and Parrish Lane exits in Centerville as gusts reportedly up to 92 mph tore through the area. Johnson said none of the drivers suffered more than minor injuries. All traffic through the affected area was diverted for about two hours, Johnson said. By 7:30 a.m., traffic through the area had resumed, but was periodically suspended as new semi-related accidents occurred throughout the morning. Motorists still were advised to avoid the area, if possible. High-profile vehicles were ordered off the gusty stretch of freeway until at least 6 p.m. Thursday. Blowing snow closed down Interstate 80 at Evanston, Wyo., early Thursday, the Utah Department of Transportation reported, and the Utah Transportation Authority reported it had closed down the FrontRunner commuter train route between Layton and Woods Cross due to debris on the tracks and heavy damage to the Farmington station,where 15 light poles were toppled and the platform’s walkway roofing and siding shredded; passengers were transferred to buses to complete their trips. Initially, riders were bused between Layton and Woods Cross, but about 10:30 a.m., power went out at the Woods Cross station necessitating extension of the so-called “bus bridge” for FrontRunner passengers from Layton all the way to Salt Lake City. UTA also advised passengers using its Paratransit service in Weber and Davis to cancel trips Thursday. –Salt Lake Tribune
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13 Responses to 100 mph winds buffet Utah, toppling trucks, trees, power lines

  1. Martalien says:

    Dec 1, 2011 Southern California_Pasadena city declare local emergency


  2. luisport says:

    2 Fires at Fukushima Daichi Power Station 2 and 4 right now!!! Live Web Cam Video http://lucaswhitefieldhixson.com/lucaswebcamwatch.html


  3. prayntongues says:

    I grew up in SoCal, very familiar with the Santa Ana winds. Typically they blow from 45-60mph, pretty strong winds but this is ridiculous!!


  4. VERY impressive tree uprooting in Pasadena, they said over a hundred, showed very large trees pulled up by the roots and dumped on structures, collapsing them. I lived in Pasadena one year, and my son went to Cal Tech there, and would never have expected such a situation. Smog and pollution, yes, very bad, even wildfires above town which I saw a couple of years ago, but nothing near this type of wind.


  5. luisport says:

    Seattle airport sets highest pressure on record (since 1948) of 1043.4 mb. Whoa! 134mph wind gust reported at Mammoth Mtn., CA earlier today with 83mph sustained winds! http://twitter.com/#!/NBCNews


  6. Dennis E. says:

    Uh, If you remember about 10 years ago,maybe?
    There was a mighty wind that swept through Europe and a CBS news clip showed an airline taking off from London and a mighty gust of wind caught it and actually drove it sideways as it was taking off and the clip showed the plane as the pilot applied much thrust and it made its way.
    Not the first time.

    I wonder if this is something to do with the change of seasons,in that it has been very hot and now that the seasons are changing because cold air sinks and hot rises, so when air cools it sinks, and spreads along the ground? I have had a dread that I hope we would not have a winter as we’ve had a summer this year.

    Then again, I could just be out of the park ball……….. Just a blogging thought…………………..


    • Irene C says:

      I remember that Dennis. I’ve watched the clip a couple of times and the skills of the pilot to keep from crashing the plane were amazing.

      I’m not sure how unusual this really is. It’s quite possible that this is being cause by the season change. I know the Santa Ana come around all the time. I remember when the remnants of Hurricane Gustov blew through Ohio and Kentucky. We had winds of 70 mph which resulted in a lot of downed trees and power outages.



  7. Alvin it’s been awful here with the wind. The area hit hardest was just north of downtown Salt Lake City. 25 miles from me.

    This on the other hand, was less than a mile from where I lived for the past several years. Sandy is about 15 miles southeast of Salt Lake City.



    • I can imagine, Laura. It’s still surprising how many people thought these conditions around the world was nothing abnormal. Sounds like we might all be driving tanks to stay on the road if these hurricane-force windy days become more frequent.

      Take care,


      • Dennis E. says:

        Hi, Alvin, What are we missing about this?
        I know in 1961-62 in North Carolina, we had a wind storm to come through and it was not a hurricane or tornado. I was at school that day and i can remember how extremely difficult on the school ground it was to walk to the building against the wind and back in the classroom, a student reported to the teacher that the force of the wind had picked up another student allegedly.

        Thanks………….Dennis E..


      • IMG

        “These ‘extreme weather‘ events will become more numerous and deadly as global temperatures continue to rise and atmospheric condtions across the planet grow increasingly more unstable. This is the new face and force of natural destruction. It is deadly. It can strike in an instant. It is horrific and it will soon become the norm. In the space of less than an hour; these unbridled forces of nature can obliterate ecosystems, alter landscapes, and completely wipe man off the face of the Earth.” –The Extinction Protocol, page 145


  8. Tim says:

    Photos from last night’s wind damage her in SoCal (Southern California). Thank you Alvin for the heads up on Sunday for what was headed this way. It’s not over yet, the same damaging winds are forecast for tonight. Funny thing is, it was just a little breezy during the day and raging winds late at night.

    Unusual weather system produces destructive winds

    SoCal winds crush cars, cut power

    Strong winds across SoCal


  9. luisport says:

    Alhambra in state of emergency, power outages and fallen trees
    Congresswoman Chu’s office closed due to windstorm, Portantino’s office open
    California-American Water customers warned to not drink tap water
    South Pasadena water restored to normal, tree lighting canceled
    Area schools closed Friday
    Rose Bowl spared in windstorm
    Falling tree crushes kennel roof at San Gabriel Valley Human Society; no animals injured
    Huntington without power, closed through Friday for ‘major clean-up’
    Circus Vargas cancels Thursday show due to windstorm
    Map of current outages
    Pasadena assesses damage, prepares for next round of wind


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