22 Responses to Why the red dragon may soon be seeing nothing but red: China going broke faster than the U.S.

  1. Amy P. says:

    War may be a answer for them. Think of the resources a country like the US would give them for booty…. natural gas, minerals, water, farmland….technology. Not so hard to envision. God forbid!


    • Tom E. says:


      Yes, very good points, much of their farm land looks to be severely distressed from chemicals and bad stewardship of the land! There have also been stories over the years of China already securing foreign land for agriculture.


    • Mark Taylor says:

      If you’re hypothesis is correct, then they will start with Taiwan. This is an old wound for China, who’s always viewed the island nation as theirs. That could put the US and China squarely at odds diplomatically. Also, China could lash out at India. Tensions in that region are increasing by the day. Either scenario would invoke the wrath of the US diplomatically, and possibly militarily.


    • Irene C says:

      Amy P. – I was thinking the same thing as I was reading the article. They have already “threatened” the U.S. and, I believe, fired their “warning shot” across our bow. I remember reading an article that said China believes they are the superior race and have dreams of taking over the world. We need to watch them carefully. As Tom E. said, they have plenty of men to “spare” for war.



    • RainMan says:

      If there was a war, there’d be no booty left.
      MAD (Mutualy Assured Destruction)


      • Amy P. says:

        They could EMP us and wait for us to starve. Then start over.


      • Mark says:

        @Amy P. We have several nuclear submarines on patrol at any given time that wouldnt be affected by an EMP attack here.They could EMP them back in short notice.Then WE”D ALL be in the dark. ha


  2. Tom E. says:

    Many people do not realize, China is not nearly the United States’ friend as Canada, UK, and Israel, are (or have been). For a foreign company to manufacture in China a company is required to have a local equity partner in the facility. And with this partnership comes a required technology transfer. Thus the partner has the information to independently produce the product if they see fit, and well, they do. I worked for a telecom company several years ago, they determined their number one competitor in Asia was basically themselves, manufactured by another company.

    All that is to go with your statement that things are not all what we see with China. It is a complex country with many, many issues. There are also millions of men without hope of wives, children and thus, no one to take care of them in retirement.

    China is also seemingly partnering with many of our potential foes in this world, this should also be a worry.

    Although they have been stretching their military muscle, I am not convinced they believe they have achieved superiority, they have started some muted grumbles about Taiwan. I have also not seen a lot of rallying, but I am watching.

    And in that last point, at some point the leadership in China may need to mobilize support for the country, maybe as much in the way Germany in between WWI and WWII. When we start to see the Chinese leadership start talking about integrating Taiwan back into China, and a larger massing of their military near the island, and increased propaganda time is start to really worry.

    North America owes a lot of money to China. They may need it, badly. Right now there are some studies that suggest the price advantage to build in China is down to 10%. Companies are looking at other markets for manufacturing. Stories are out this week Foxconn Brazil assembled iPhones are hitting the streets in the US. And Apple is looking at Sony contract manufacturing in Japan. As indicators, this is not good for China.

    If China feels they are being pushing in the corner, watch out. As mentioned they have millions of extra men to help wage a conventional war. As the old guard in Russia is proving their resilience, I believe the old guard in China will not go away quietly.


  3. prayntongues says:

    I was under the impression that China’s economy was holding up well while the US, UK and EU were teetering on the brink of collapse. This is very troubling news. I have been slowly building up my pantry for 1 1/2 yrs. I know my household will be ok when it comes to food. I’ve been warning friends and people to do this as well. Right now, people are charging and spending for Christmas gifts, things that they cannot afford but they feel obligated. This should be a happy time of year but soon the joy will be replaced by fear. If you know Jesus, you won’t be afraid, I’m safe in the hands of the Lord and I hope you are too.


  4. Yes, but China has a lot more capitas.



  5. TTB says:

    Meant to put my post in the flashback nov 11 article…sorry.


  6. Roberto Lupe says:

    The enemy of the USA is inside the USA! Take my notes!! Just stop to think who controls the bank system and big corporations!


  7. Hanuman says:

    China is a threat to the neighboring countries and they are very arrogant. This has already been proved in Indo-China war when they themselves declared war and end of the war without concern for India, though India was weak that time. Increase in China’s hold over the world will only unleash misery onto the world.


    • radiogirl says:

      Yes ,they answer to no other higher authority,just the government.People really hold no value to their leaders with the exception of governmental glorifacation and labor.


  8. Staatsbankrott says:

    China was interested in Taiwan because in the past Taiwan always produced the newest Technology. Since Taiwan and China is getting to close, the newest Technology from Japan US and Korea stays away from this Island. Elpida, Micron, Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba, they all producing DRAM and got the newest Technology for NAND Chips. They let the DRAM prices drop and making money with NAND Technolgy while China and Taiwan´s DRAM Industry is going down. Same in the LCD Industry, AUO and Chimei don’t receive any new orders from Apple. Taiwan in this condition is useless for China. We will see the winner soon, when the manufacturing lines moving back home, this will destroy China – don’t need a war. The USD will go up very soon as “save heaven” don’t trust the news, it´s all bullsh*+, just follow the USD Index 30years monthly – USD will go up during the christmas time and will stay strong for a few years. Thats why the gambling so much around with the USD, they wanna scare people to sell the USD. I say 1 USD / 1,18 CAD by end of the year and 1 USD / 1.37 CAD by end of next year, watch the double bottom in monthly chart 30 years. The whole currency System will get a huge correction. US dropped already in 2008/2009 and devalued, now it´s time for the others to drop and devalue.


  9. chrissie says:

    Can anyone tell me how much worth of USBONDS China has and what will happen if China redeems those bonds and demand gold and other metals in lieu of paper printed useless USA $?


  10. Tom E. says:


    Well it makes sense, when you look at who is behind the MSM, including GE, they have in the last year or so divested themselves of NBC, it was obvious they turned NBC into their tax guzzling green machine shill. We still see GE as an industrial giant, but a significant proportion of their revenue is generated from their financial divisions.


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