4 Responses to House of Cards: S & P drops rating changes on 37 global banks

  1. nickk0 says:

    A friend sent me this You Tube link today :

    “While hoardes of Americans were beating the heck out of each other for two-dollar waffle makers in Wal Mart – the U.K. quietly announced that is preparing for an all out collapse of the global banking system.”

    How Timely – and so pathetically sad. 😦

    – Nick


  2. Ken says:

    Who is it that is behind this spiral of despair? The banks are not in a “business as usual” market and Countries are the same. Any further financial pressure and the egg that is cracking will fall apart! Is the Antichrist at work?


    • Donna says:

      He’d be definitely waiting for his cue, don’t think it’ll be too long now that everything will crash and he’ll pop up with the “answer”. Praise God it’s nearly over and Yeshua’s return is so near. 😛


    • Irene C says:

      I agree Donna. The suspense is getting to me. Iran wants to attack Israel, Israel wants to attack Iran, wars and rumors of wars all over the place, seismic activity becoming rampant, the financial market is collapsing, plus we’re heading into a one-world religion. It’s all coming together. As frightening as it can be, it’s also exciting. Yeshua is returning. 😀



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