37 Responses to Checkmate: Eurozone stumbles through final market moves to prevent collapse

  1. David Israel says:

    Howl, ye inhabitants of Maktesh, for all the merchant people are cut down; all they that bear silver are cut off.


  2. Hannah says:

    Anybody bothered to ask the English tax payers about this? Course not.


    • alex says:

      English I think u mean British


      • Hannah says:

        Is that necessary, I am English hence posting “English” if I were Welsh I could have posted “Welsh” we may all be “British” but we are still unique. Just like government puts us all into one pot and we get what we are given and that’s that. Did not mean to offend this seems to be a site where our comments are relevant and we are a blessing to each other in such times.


      • and we are a blessing to each other in such times…”



      • alex says:

        Hi Hanna did not mean to offend just that as a country were in this together and when it comes to paying the rest of the British isles will have to help not just the English. To be honest I’m not really into nationalisam it has habit of coursing wars we all live: on the planet and need to look after it as a race before it to late


  3. nickk0 says:

    There go this year’s ‘Christmas’ sales.

    To paraphrase what some Fisherman on the island of Patmos wrote, about 1900 years ago, “The merchants of the earth will weep and mourn…..because no one buys their cargoes any more”.
    Never mind the common folk, who will be affected the most.

    – Nick


  4. John Hollis says:

    “”I guess they still think the Boston Tea Party was all about taxes on tea!””
    “”. . . and that the big bankers know best. Run on that platform and see if ninety-nine per cent of your constituents are still that stupid.””
    Sad – I fear they are. …


  5. Gaur Nitai says:

    At the present moment due to economic woes the European Union is struggling to continue its existence. There is ever-increasing pressure for it to be at least partially, if not completely, dismantled. If we study its founding principles, we can easily understand why it is going through such a struggle. There is no mention of God anywhere in its founding principles. The fact is that any nation or institution which does not place God at the center will sooner or later completely collapse. The European Union is no exception to this principle.


    • Gypsie says:

      The US says IN GOD WE TRUST we are going down just as fast as eurozone. It just looks better because we can print more money. I know this is a very religious board but this is a stretch IMO.


  6. Dann Rivera says:

    There are no sound money anywhere in the world right now. What they’ll do is print more of their funny money, throw it the fire and hope to put it out – in other words more QEs all the way around. This will help finance World War IV. After which the FUNERAL OF THE DEAD WORLD ECONOMY! Kill two birds in one stroke – death of world economy & the death of individual government – and the rise of One World Economy & One World Government & the birth of the NEW WORLD ORDER.


  7. luisport says:

    Goldman Explains Why ‘Core’ European Yields Are Heading Higher No Matter What

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/goldman-explains-why-core-europe-is-screwed-no-matter-what-2011-11#ixzz1ezsxPhYk


  8. luisport says:

    zerohedge zerohedge
    Euro Area Crisis Threatens All European Sovereigns, Moody’s Says – bbg
    há 7 horas


  9. luisport says:

    PARIS (AP) — The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says policy makers around the world must “be prepared to face the worst,” as the economic impact of Europe’s debt crisis threatens to spread around the developed world.

    The Paris-based OECD says in its latest Economic Outlook that continued failure by EU leaders to stem the debt crisis that has spread from Greece to much-bigger Italy “could massively escalate economic disruption” and end in “highly devastating outcomes.”

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/oecd-warns-that-euro-crisis-could-massively-escalate-economic-disruption-with-highly-devastating-outcomes-2011-11#ixzz1ezu8uIiB


  10. Fillade says:

    It is amazing to be living thru this end time turmoil prior to the 2nd advent. Everything is prophised we are witnessing. Satan’s Human Instruments thru the demons are accelerating the world wide demise, the wars and the overlaping 7 seals are nearing completion.
    Pray always that you might be spared the hour of trial, pray for you familys, the very young, the old, your pets and animals. Pray for all who cannot pray for themselves that the Lord thru his angels will protect and sustain. It will soon become horrific, and then it will be finished.



  11. Gen says:

    According to this news report the IMF denied talks were taking place to help Italy.



    • RainMan says:

      This is interesting/strange, the IMF soon to be anounced bailout (600b+) and now a denial?
      The fact that the IMF is only a bank holding funds from the US and formerly other rich countries including Germany, it then could be said that it’s a -US/Germany bailout, (I wonder if you the taxpayer will get a thankyou note).
      So, if the US can print money at will, could it possibly feed the IMF? Hence the anouncement coming soon of an Italian bailout, or have they got second thoughts and relised that if China wont help, why should they, after all the US ain’t doing so well and it is your money and China now is starting to downsize. Maersk, worlds largest shipping company (Asia to Europe) has just anounced 35% cutbacks in shipping exports.
      One big strange week coming up


    • nickk0 says:

      According to the article linked above :
      “EUROPE reeled today from warnings it faces “deep depression” if the eurozone collapses and that every EU nation’s credit rating could be hit without firm action to stop the debt crisis.”.

      Well…. WHAT the Hell KIND of “firm action” do they expect the European countries to take, exactly ??
      Very vague and unspecified.

      I suppose that these ‘firm actions’ may include :
      – Drastically raising taxes, on both individuals, and businesses <-(those that are still left open)
      – Termination / Elimination of unemployment benefits, (or the dole, whatever it may be called, depending upon host country)
      – Termination / Elimination of all or any kind of retiree pension system (or Social Security, or whatever it is called, depending upon host country)
      – Termination / Elimination of infastructure maintenance – (such as road repairs, repairs after storm damage, etc. )
      – Termination / Elimination of all or any Public Health Care or Insurance programs
      – Termination / Elimination of all or any forms of public assistance – (such as state-run shelters, halfway homes, recovery centers, etc.)
      – Elimination or phasing out, of any kind of state-run utility, to be replaced by privatization ( such as trash collection, postal mail delivery, water supply, TV or radio stations, etc.)
      – Elmination / Termination of any kind of public health or safety service, which is normally handled by a government – ( such as distribution of flu vaccinations, handling public health-related threats, disaster aid after earthquakes, etc.)

      In short, these actions will, Drastically affect the standard of living, that the West has become accustomed to, for the last century.
      'Unmanageable' (or un-managed) disasters and crises, will not be something that happens in some far-away, 'remote' country anymore.

      – Nick


      • RainMan says:

        And these drastic actions (austerity) wont be taken lightly by the ripped off general public. Apart from hunger, depression, suicide, their will be revolt, riots, destruction, bloodshed, it’s inevitable.
        Fix or perish, looks like the later, and it’s on our doorstep.


      • Irene C says:

        The way I see it: want to get rid of social security, fine. Just refund the money we’ve paid into the system all these years that they automatically took from our paychecks, (that we were depending on) and we will deal with it. I mean, it’s bad enough our 401K’s are shot now.



  12. Dennis E. says:

    Alright, let us say that the Euro does crash and burn and tehn Europe crashes.
    Question, what currency will replace it.?
    Where do we go from there?


    • Nobody knows where this endgame is headed or what elite financiers are planning. My thought is the world will wake up to a shock sooner than later and may come over one weekend or a bank holiday when bank regulators usually enact such changes.


    • jones2012 says:

      As with most accounting, the numbers are skewed and when it comes to gold, much of it is held in secret. 100 years ago, the Vatican owned most of the gold and that’s probably still true today.


      • Bone Idle says:

        There needs to be an audit of the gold holdings. These audits have been resisted by many governments.

        The gold lists don’t include gold reserves still held in the ground in countries like Australia, Canada etc.


  13. After Russia joined the WTO, they are now refered to as the G-8 in economic terms!


  14. luisport says:

    zerohedge zerohedge
    French Jobless Claims Jump to 10-Year High
    há 15 segundos


  15. luisport says:

    zerohedge zerohedge
    Egan Jones Downgrades Italy From BB+ To BB, Projects 157% Debt/GDP By 2014 http://www.zerohedge.com/node/441002
    há 34 segundos


  16. Larry says:

    Hello Alvin, a few months ago the concensus of opinion was that the Dollar would collapse first and then may other currencies for example the Euro.Why do you think the Dollar is stalling before the major collapse of the US currency as has been suggested and proposed ???

    Christmas Greetings

    Larry UK


    • Larry- I think it’s about leverage and right now, that favors countries that have Central Banks and well-oiled printing presses: The U.S., and secondly, Japan, who both are printing their way to oblivion with the right hand, and offering Treasuries and JGB’s with the left hand as sound investment havens. In the short term, this appears to preserve the intergrity for now of the two countries own currencies but it’s creating a situation that will make the Eurozone crisis look pale in comparison when it eventually blows up in everyone’s faces. Moody’s already cut Japan’s rating to AA- in August and money is still flowing into the country’s (Japan Government Bonds) JGB’s as a safehaven for investors fleeing the countries in the Eurozone crisis. Now, people talk about Greece or even Italy defaulting and crashing the Eurozone and creating a Depression but what’s scarier is Japan’s imminent crash which will come sooner than most think. For every dollar the Japanese economy can generate in a given year- it’s $2.26 more dollars in debt. Here’s the sovereign debt picture among countries in American dollars so you can see the Eurozone is only the tip of even worst things to come:

      Sovereign debt country by country comparison

      Greece: $400 billion dollars
      Italy: $1.7 trillion dollars
      Japan: $12 trillion dollars
      U.S.: $15 trillion dollars

      Debt to GDP ratio per country

      1 Japan 226%
      2 Saint Kitts and Nevis 185%
      3 Lebanon 150%
      4 Zimbabwe 149%
      5 Greece 144%
      6 Iceland 124%
      7 Jamaica 123%
      8 Italy 118%
      9 Singapore 102%
      10 Belgium 99%
      11 Ireland 94.% more on Ireland Debt
      12 Sudan 94%
      13 Sri Lanka 86.70
      14 France 84% (more – France National Debt)
      15 Portugal 83%
      16 Egypt 81%

      Finally, the Eurozone has no central bank and countries issue bonds to borrow money and trade debt between each other as they have no so-called ‘Lender of last resort‘ for the Eurozone like the Federal Reserve. The problem with this system is bond yields rise as debt levels among countries also rise because risks of loan defaults increases as the amount of debt-leveraging increases. Now the talk is centered around turning the ECB into a sort of Central Bank- A central bank idea is something even the Vatican is pushing for, so the so-called policy of “quantitative easing” can be used to print Europe out of the present crisis.

      See Vatican: https://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2011/10/24/vatican-calls-for-establishment-of-central-world-bank/

      Maybe the Vatican Bank will become the next European Central Bank binding the European nations to it…we’ll see. Lastly, here’s the latest update about the crisis and the role of a central bank being pushed as one possible solution.


  17. Greek filmaker talks about the coming catastrophe of the country’s looming default;


  18. Gen says:

    The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) warns of spreading eurozone recession.



  19. Larry says:

    Hello Larry,thanks for your forthright comments and taking the time to illustrate such an important issue.You have such a mind of information that you really should have a video link-up or channel like Alex Jones.Thanks again for taking the trouble,at least I appreciate it and one hopes so do your readers.

    Seasons Greetings

    Larry UK


  20. yamkin says:

    Wealthy US Bankers Win $254m Lottery Jackpot


    To rub salt into the wounds of millions of people, the wealthy bankers decided to go public and show off.

    Of course they would say some of the money will go to a charity. Which One? Their platinum bank account.

    Bet they get a Multi million Dollar Bonus next week as the nail in the coffin to all of the hard up people who are struggling.


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