Swarm of 700 quakes unnerve residents of El Salvador

November 26, 2011 SAN SALVADOR (Reuters): More than 700 slight to moderate earthquakes hit an area in eastern El Salvador in a 24-hour period, damaging dozens of homes but hurting no one. The brief quakes, which started Thursday and ranged from 1.8 to 4.6 in magnitude, have occurred in the municipality of El Carmen, some 163 km (101 miles) east of the capital of San Salvador, the country’s National Territory agency said. Jorge Melendez, in charge of civil protection, said on Friday that 80 homes were damaged by the tremors, known as an earthquake swarm. A hospital in the area showed cracks on the walls but no structural damage so far, he said. Army troops were sent in to monitor the damaged areas. While authorities have not ordered evacuations yet, many residents of El Carmen chose to sleep in the open and the army was handing out tents. El Salvador suffered two powerful earthquakes 10 any ten years ago: one of 7.6 magnitude in January 2001 and another of 6.6 magnitude a month later. The quakes killed more than 1,150 people and left about one million others homeless. El Savador is a region on the turbulent subduction border where the Cocos Plate interfaces with the ever-growing more dangerous Caribbean plate. As can be seen from the map, El Salvador is lined with volcanoes. –The Star
contribution Nikkoale
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16 Responses to Swarm of 700 quakes unnerve residents of El Salvador

  1. Nikkoale says:

    I also found this article on the potential of earthquakes and tsunamis in the Pacific Northwest while I was news surfing this morning…



  2. Jens Skapski says:

    Government of Nicaragua warned the inhabitants of a possible strong quake in the next few days it Bay of Fonesca. (LatinaPress)
    “Juskis Erdbebenvorhersage” predicted a strong quake for Tuesday


  3. Marshallrn says:

    I live in northern California and close to many fault lines. I know that quakes can only register on a seismograph from so far away depending on the size of the quake, of coarse. My problem/question is, why does the USGS “cut” small segments out of the seismograph sheet sometimes? Two days ago almost all of the graphs for this area had tons of blank spots cut out. My earthquake APP. On my phone shows some small 1.0s in the area but nothing in a comparable quantity. Also the App. shows only the 4.0 in the El Salvador area even when told to “show all 1-10.0s”. Don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist because I’m still New to watching the seismographs. Thanks Alvin.


  4. Irene C says:

    I would be unnerved also. I have felt two tremors in my lifetime, and that was enough. I think I’ll stay with my tornado alley and snowbelt.

    On a serious note, The ring of fire is certainly more active than I have ever seen.



  5. Sombie says:

    Forget the Quakes, anyone notice the volcanoes lined up like tanks???


  6. doug says:

    dont matter know how–your going to die someday–nobody gets out alive


  7. G.McCray says:

    Does anyone have any stats on the increasing volcanic activity that compares it with past years?

    Would love to see how dramatic is this uptick!



  8. Nikkoale says:

    This morning I noticed that there has been a swarm of quakes up to 5.2 magnitude near Puerto Rico:



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