Solar radiation storm and shock wave sends CME towards Earth

November 26, 2011RADIATION STORM: A minor radiation storm is in progress. The protons making up this storm were accelerated toward Earth by shock waves in a CME that left the sun around 0700 UT on Nov. 26th. This event could have an effect on high-latitude HF radio communication. A solar wind flowing from the southern coronal hole (above) could reach Earth as early as Nov. 29. Solar wind speed is currently 364 km/sec with a proton density reading of 4.3 protons/cm3 –Space Watch
contribution Yamkin
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10 Responses to Solar radiation storm and shock wave sends CME towards Earth

  1. George says:

    It has been suggested that it’s the proton stream (more importantly the quantity of protons, not just the CME) that cause tectonic disturbance and volcanism; let’s observe the impact of this stream in 3 – 4 days time.


  2. Debra says:

    you never know what is coming down! Sky is > Alive


  3. yamkin says:

    MASSIVE CME – Will Hit Earth Nov 29-30, Another will hit earth TODAY


  4. Tim says:

    NASA animation and mapping of the CME


  5. yamkin says:



  6. Rick M says:


    Spotted an unusual item in the Neumayer 10-minute shots (11-28-2011) at the South Pole:
    Note the purple sphere that appears at 3:50 UTC and continues until off-camera at 5:30. It is hidden by clouds during one shot. Any thoughts on what this could be? A camera flare is doubtful, as it tracks through the sun’s movement. Transit of Venus is not due until June 5th, 2012.


  7. yamkin says:


    Magnetosphere is under very high pressure. The angle of the solar wind is indicated by Bz(nT) & Bz(nT) as negative which explains the pressure build. Furthermore, there is an increase of plasma temperature and density which also acknowledges the pressure build. PROTON LEVELS ARE MODERATE TO HIGH. FURTHER EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANO ACTIVITY AND OTHER DISASTERS WILL BE GREATLY INFLUENCED BY THE COSMIC RAYS STRIKING THE EARTH’S CORE.


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