32 Responses to British draw up plans to protect citizens across Europe from mass-rioting if Euro collapses

  1. david says:

    Coming soon to the USA,so we must get ready and be prepared.


  2. dannrivera says:

    . . . what’s FEMA Concentration Camps for?


    • T. D. Spade says:

      FEMA Concentration Camps are for people who cannot comprehend the real, shocking changes that are about to happen in America and around the world. Some among us will no doubt run for their guns before they even understand what is happening. As part of these coming changes (which are all good), there must be a way to stop the gun-toters from shooting whoever they want (you and me, for example). Violent people will be placed in FEMA camps if necessary for the safety of the non-crazy, non-gun-toting idiots who don’t carry a gun when they go to the grocery store. This is also why the Central Command of the US Army has been given the legal right to operate within the United States. The Army will help put the crazies in the FEMA camps until they regain their composure. And hopefully locking up their ammo until they regain their senses…


    • Dennis E. says:

      Christians and other people viewed as a threat. I did not read the link Tim posted, but I did read a posting that The US Military has drafted a document that those who believe that Jesus Christ is coming back and rule from Jerusalem are a potential threat to national security of the usa back in 2008. (Its called American millennialism) From Fort Leavenworth ,KS the military school of advance studies think tank,Comand Staff College. http://www.cuttingedge.org/news.


      • Irene C says:

        @Dennis E. – Yes, I’ve read that too. We need to keep our our eyes focused on Jesus. Boy, will these people be surprised when they find out how wrong they were.

        @dannrivera – I have also heard about the FEMA camps.

        @david – I so agree.



      • Danny Adams says:

        If that’s the case, Dennis, they’d need to consider nearly every soldier in the military a threat, since the vast majority self-identify as Christians.


      • Irene C says:

        @Danny – actually there’s a big difference between those who just proclaim Christianity as their religion of choice and those truely study the Word of God and the end times prophecies and are waiting for the literal return of Jesus to set up His kingdom. Those of us who take the prophecies seriously are often laughed at by those who are “Christian in name only”. If you would ask the average church-goer to explain what the Bible says about the end times, many, if not most, would not be able to give a sound, scriptual answer. That is why, during the last days, so many will be deceived.



  3. luisport says:

    zerohedge zerohedge
    Britain’s Foreign Office Prepares For Riots In Europe. Sees Euro Collapse “When, Not If” http://tinyurl.com/cggl636
    há 28 minutos


  4. Gen says:

    Captions for that photo of Merkel and Schauble:

    “We’re up to something”.
    “Don’t let them know”.
    “String them out a bit longer so we can prepare”

    They say a picture says a thousand words.


    • I think Merkel and Schäuble are considering this:
      Euro Crisis: Germany is liable, with 560 billion euros
      The German Federal Government in the course of rescue operations for the benefit of ailing euro-zone countries now received legal liability that exceeds the volume of the recently passed federal budget for next year (306 billion euros) by more than 80 percent. This shows a new calculation of the Munich Ifo Institute.(Center for Economic Studies (CES), CESifo GmbH (Münchener Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wirtschaftswissenschaft) )

      In an extreme case – a payment default by Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain – would come to the German government payment obligations in the amount of up to 560 billion euros, the Ifo experts had calculated. The largest single item consists of 253 billion euros from the guarantees given by Germany to the rescue EFSF (The European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), was created by the euro area Member States)
      The second largest item, with 172 billion euros are the “Target” of Federal bank loans.
      Merkel stresses that the role of the European Central Bank would not change under the proposed reforms. In doing so, she was pushing back against calls from other EU states — France chief among them — for the ECB (European Central Bank) to use its money-printing firepower to help solve the euro crisis. German opposes a greater role for the ECB out of fear that it would lessen the pressure on countries to sort out their finances and lead to inflation.

      Merkel also repeated Germany’s opposition to euro bonds, quelling speculation that Berlin might be ready for a U-turn. Following the Strasbourg summit, she told reporters that euro bonds “would weaken us all.
      The German Federal Republic may soon have two trillion € debts – despite all the
      austerity and cuts made over the last years. We, the normal people have to and are paying now already the price-the bill.


  5. TT says:

    create problems and then give solutions !? Who are riots if not those violent policemen? everyone should take a seat and watch them neurotic clowns!


  6. ozspeaksup says:

    the Neuro…oh thats sad!
    and wheres the Amero gone?


  7. Roger says:

    Well, at least in the citys and states that don’t have Communist politicians running them, we still have the God given right to keep and bear arms. This will atleast give the law abiding citizens some means of protecting theirselves.


  8. luisport says:

    The IMF is preparing a 600 billion euro bailout for Italy in case the debt crisis worsens, Italian daily La Stampa reported citing IMF officials (via AFP).

    The IMF would guarantee rates of 4 or 5 percent on the loan, far better than borrowing costs far better than the commercial debt market where yields have reached as high as 8 percent.

    The loan is intended to give the new Mario Monti government 12 to 18 months to launch necessary reforms.

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/imf-600-billion-euro-bailout-italy-2011-11#ixzz1evYbZrZg


  9. luisport says:

    zerohedge zerohedge
    EFSF Cash For Irish Bailout Running Out http://www.zerohedge.com/node/440953
    há 3 minutos


  10. When the Euro zone falls there will be despair and riots all over Europe. It,s the normal people who have to pay for it and the next generations.) To me it looks pretty dark at the moment. (Have been reading all the news over the weekend.)


  11. luisport says:

    Ominous warnings for 2010 ignored…


  12. luisport says:

    In The Next Few Days, Congress Will Get Into A Brawl That Will Seal The Fate Of The Economy In 2012

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/democrats-to-push-millionaires-tax-to-pay-for-payroll-tax-cut-extention-2011-11#ixzz1evwncF00


  13. Tiggy says:

    The God given right to kill people? Any rioting in the US will be far worse than in Europe, simply because so many people have guns. Violent crime is far higher in America than in the UK for that reason. Nowhere in the North Western hemisphere has Communist Politicians or Communism. If Communism ever existed, it certainly doesn’t now. It was never achieved because of corruption and now places like Russia have incredibly rich elites and a very poor populace who actually have less than before the fall of Communism.


  14. luisport says:

    zerohedge zerohedge
    Welcome to the EFSF’s latest role: 1 month payday advance lender
    há 4 minutos


  15. luisport says:

    The Endgame In Europe
    Tyler Cowen commenting on the failed German bond auction offered perhaps the most succinct analysis of the dilemma facing Europe:

    Maybe these markets simply will shut down soon. There is so much talk about what the Germans should do, but I don’t see the viable options.


  16. Gen says:

    Barbara Mahati Schafer,

    Just to let you know I meant nothing bad about the German people. My only brother in law is a German born Australian who came here in his thirties. He grew up on a farm in Frieberg Black Forest and his parents had the ill fortune of one of Hitler’s SS units walking in and taking over a room in their house to operate from. He wouId have been about 6 at the time. I love him dearly, a wonderful brother in law.


    • Dear Gen,
      don,t worry.
      It is in the nature of this crisis (Debts and Euro zone, etc.)that the longer it continues, the more confusing it gets. It becomes more difficult to follow its twists and turns and to see who is responsible for what. And the whole time, alternatives (financial and political) are disappearing before our very eyes.–Look at the news around this world, hard to find solutions.In the past, there were enemies; today, there are markets — that’s how the historical situation could be described – I trust in God. And this helps me. ( Sometimes I get scared of what I see around me. And it seems like there is a kind of war going on, on all levels; All against all.)
      Love and peace.


  17. napalomo says:

    A couple years ago, were they not talking about how well the euro was doing and how the U.S. and every other country in the world should convert to the mighty euro?


  18. Second hand smoke says:

    You can’t have a society made of strangers.The illuminut failure is complete.Oh well,the next world is simple all you need is love and food and moms got that all onboard.Good luck and goodbye lol


  19. ozspeaksup says:

    uh? the people with nous, supplies and guns to defend it, are the least likely to be harrassing others, the FEMA is for the sheepies who have no idea no food and would be the most likely to be looting, and getting in everyones way in a bad time. oh and all the people whos food and land and stock the us govt plans to requisition at their command. you know the small land owners farmers and means of feeding people, the big agris will then have total control, means production distribution and sale.


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