White smoke billows from summit of Anak Krakatau

November 25, 2011INDONESIA – Indonesia’s Mount Anak Krakatau volcano has been puffing white smoke the last few days, and scientists are warning locals and tourists to keep away. That could mean that the long suspected eruption of the world’s most famous volcano could be imminent. Actually, this volcano is the remnant of the biggest blast ever recorded on Earth. That was the 1883 eruption of Mount Krakatoa. From the ruins of that gigantic crater left in the land has come forth what is now known as the Anak Krakatau volcano—literally “Krakatoa’s Child.” In the time since the original eruption, scientists have gotten much better at predicting when a volcano will have a catastrophic eruption, distinguishing it from the many smaller eruptions which do not harm the local population or environment. One of the telltale signs is sudden and increased activity like what scientists are seeing in this past week at the Anak Krakatau volcano. Of course, not wanting to take unnecessary chances, scientists have to balance warning off residents with calling a false alarm. That’s why this recent warning is so significant. Seismologists have learned to read the signs to an astonishingly accurate degree and have a tremendous track record for getting it right. So, the world may be close to once again hearing the loudest sound ever recorded. And this time, the spectacular show will be caught on tape! The volcano remains on level 3 alert.–Gather
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17 Responses to White smoke billows from summit of Anak Krakatau

  1. callyrox says:

    f******&%^*** NZ banned their peoples rights to grow crops… WTF is this BS. I feel like im in an endless nightmare, that i keep thinking i will wake up from, and realize it was only a dream. But i don’t think we are going to wake up from what is heading our way, if people didn’t realize. Japans sinking process has sped up, japan is literally sliding off in to the ocean. Best of Luck in the coming weeks. People Stay safe, and try to have a good Christmas, I know it will be hard. But you can do it. for the kids?


  2. Gen says:

    I thought Anak Krakatoa was much smaller than Krakatoa. Will it really be that loud, surely not as loud as Krakatoa? It was heard on the American continents was it not?


    • No, it would not be any comparison. You are right. Unfortunately, I didn’t write the article. Anak is only a fraction in size compared to it’s parent Krakatau and with the 1883 eruption, the entire magma chamber is believed to have been violently expelled in the eruption. It was a unique volcanic event.


    • Bone Idle says:

      “Anak” is literally translated as child from the Bahasa Indonesia language.(Also Philippines Tagalog).
      If you do some research regarding the 1883 eruption of Krakatau you will find out that the activity took place over a few months e.g. starting in June until the culminating August large explosion. There will be probably some of the same type of pre -activity from the child of Krakatau.
      Krakatau and it’s variations have a long history of eruption.

      The main worry here and now is that there is now a very large population living around the shores of Java, Sumatera and some interlinking islands. Any possible Tsunami associated with an eruption will be devastating.

      Watch for earthquakes around the area


  3. Niebo says:

    “…hail and fire mixed with blood….”

    Rev. 8:7


  4. Lucy says:

    Interesting! I am prophetic and about two weeks ago I heard a huge explosion. The sound was so loud I knew it had traveled over a vast area. I was thinking it might be nuclear but I would be happier to find it to be volcanic.


  5. truth says:

    This is just another example….the world is changing. Hang on tight, buckle your seat belts, this ride is just starting. I’ve been following this site and many others for years….its not about pretending anymore…protect your own cause no one else gives two shyts. Prepare, prepare, prepare….


    • Apple IIGS says:

      I don’t want to sound doubtful or unconvinced, but we keep hearing about things stirring and yet no major event has happened yet. When I say “major” I mean a world changing event that CANNOT be ignored. Is something eventually going to happen in the near future….or will things just keep stirring and stirring then fizzle out?

      I’ve been on the fence about it. I’m not sure what to think.


      • K says:

        Major events are happening to many people many are being affected by horrible floods, volcanic eruptions, famine, disease. Things are stirring everywhere and many are being deeply affected and are suffering. One huge world changing event hasnt happened affecting every soul however many major events are going on at the same time floods over in Asia, fires somewhere else,etc. these events are causing more and more havoc on every continent. Those things are not fizzing out, though you don’t hear about an event anymore people are still struggling and suffering and it is still a major event for them. I didn’t write this to insult you but just my opinion.


  6. for some reason, it sticks in my mind that Tambora was the bigger of the two explosions, but it just may have been more deadly…with this hot spot, a sudden colapse of the magma chamber would allow enough seawater in to flash into a steam explosion that would really mess up someone’s day, so even if it isn’t the biggest, it will still be a huge mess….


  7. I was aware of that but you provided corresponding details. You should cut and paste the article under the appropriate header.


  8. Garth whelan says:

    I doubt this will be a blast like the original Krakatoa of the 1800’s. What happened in the 1800’s was that the hole created by the volcano was in an undwerwater cave like system, which kept pouring sea water onto the magma, and the water rapidly evaporated. But because it was inside the mountain, the steam had no outlet, and so the inside of the whole mountain started to pressurize like a pressure cooker, until the pressure got so great, the mountain couldn’t hold it in. The mountain literally blew up, went airbourne, and was thrown into the sea. So, by the fact that today it is letting off steam most likely reveals it will just be a normal eruption, nothing big like the 1800’s.


  9. Irene C says:

    Thank you for providing us with information about Anak Krakatau and El Hierro. It is difficult to find elsewhere. I know El Hierro has a webcam, but have they set one up at Anak Krakatau? That would be fascinating to watch.

    I will be praying for all of those people there and that the geologists will be able to give the populace sufficient warnings. They are right about one thing though, a false alarm would be disastrous because then people wouldn’t listen when the true alarm comes through.



    • Bone Idle says:

      Keep an eye on this blog if you want Volcano information. The site is maintained by a vulcanologist and posts are made by other vulcanologists as well as some very well informed amateurs.

      Erutios Blog


      • Irene C says:

        @ Bone Idle. Oh believe me, I follow this blog constantly. This is where I get most of my information. I am a student of Biblical eschatology. I have been studying it since the 60’s. So much has happened since then. There is more going on than I can follow anymore and I praise God to have somewhere I can go for information. And I thank you for your input here. I read your comments all the time. Be blessed.



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