24 Responses to While Arab nations are in chaos, Israel says time to act on Iran has arrived

  1. susanjac says:

    We knew it was coming…how and when are always in question. But will Isreal really strike first knowing that Iran has nukes? How would they strike Iran? We all know the outcome won’t lead to peace for anyone. When it comes to the use of nukes…who is the cat and who is the mouse here and how will the US respond?


    • Dennis E. says:

      Susanjac: If such an event was to occur, and I agree with Kirk’s comment Israel does not announce its military intentions: But, probably on a moonless night.
      If USA comes along, sleath bomber strike on Radar/Communications/Airfields net.
      When Israel launches its strike from its bases, every other radar site in the Mideast will pick it up and perhaps warn Iran and turn on their missile sites for air defense.
      Also at the same time, cruise missile launch from submarines in the Gulf to sub-press air defenses and open an air corridor for the strike aircraft. When Iran turns on its radar for it’s missiles, they will be targeted by certain aircraft and taken out. Iran has no formiable air force to withstand Nato aircraft. At this time Israel will also strike the Gaza Strip, terror groups in Lebenon because they have thousands of missiles aim at Israel.
      There could be the use of small tactical nukes to destroy certain nuclear development centers and large scale conventional bombs, blockbusters.
      At the same time Iran will probably launch what missiles they have to Israel and all their friends world wide, later will conduct terror strikes world wide to include the US.
      Unknown if Russia will intervene on Iran’s behalf………The wild Card in this situation.

      Just an Idea and thought…………


  2. Kirk says:

    This story is likely a bluff. Israel wants to impose more sanctions to cripple Iran and bring down the current leadership. A strike by Israel would keep the Iranian leadership in power. And Israel does not announce pending military action.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Who is trying to ruin Christmas this year?
    Persia (Iran) must, must march with a confederation of nations against Israel in the last days that includes Russia. If she is destroyed, then the prophecy cannot be fulfilled, unless there is a large contingent of forward deployed Iranian troops in Syria or another Arab Country.
    And, I am not trying to be smart mouth or a know-it-all. Regardless if just one Nuke is popped, it
    changes everything forever.
    Not only do we keep hearing about a possible Israelis strike, we are also hearing about
    a possible Nato Strike to include a ground invasion up to almost 100,000 troops.
    Reports also keeping surfacing, that Iran has had a device since 2002.
    Also, the trouble developing between India and Pakistan, South and North Korea, may be the cause of these devices being sold to Iran.
    Along with Earth Changes, it continues to unravel…………….


    • Irene C says:

      Personally, I plan on celebrating Christmas this year, like I do every year. I will be celebrating the birth of my Savior (even if it isn’t the actual time of year.) I will actually have all of my children together at the same place and same time this year. For that I am blessed.



      • Dennis E. says:

        Irene, me too, but sometimes outside events can upset the best of intentions and plans.
        people, fail to grasp, that if such an event was to occur, it would not be contained in that area, it will be a world-wide event…………


    • Dennis E. says:

      Third Adam:::Hi,
      1) it is written, so it will happen. Listed by name.
      2) Ezekiel 38 – 1-10 as a start
      3)war of the latter years, some say after US influence is dislodged from the area
      4)Mutual Defense treaty with Russia in 1991
      5) Iran’s real name is Persia, changed by the Brits sometime in the 1800’s and Iran essentially means “land of the Aryans, I think they are Indo-Russians.
      6) Just because Persia may have made a military venture into the area in pre New Testament times, does not mean it cannot return?
      7) Iran has posted that it will destroy Israel.


    • mek says:

      good morning…this a new years i believe for the muslim culture and i thought possibly that a strike might occur on a holiday of some sort and/or other type of celebration…dennis what do you think of the article i read that said n korea was supplying nukes to pakistan…pakistan has a q khan, who was released from house arrest, sometime last year…and i wonder if many realize that it’s natural resources that are at stake and not differences in religion so much, though that would be the impetus…that would include china/india/pakistan…i read so much that i sometimes mix up the authors but i believe much of what is happening was outlined by dr paul craig roberts…his work appears in globalresearch tho he probably has his own website…i will still celebrate the winter soltstoce which is still used to celebrate jesus cristos b-day….best thing about the celebration of the solstice is that you don’t need to offer presents but to take a day and offer reverance to the universe…


  4. NickK0 says:

    Regardless how this conflict plays out, 2012 Is Going to Suck, simply because of all the uncertainty created, by all the ‘sabre-rattling’.

    – Nick


  5. luisport says:

    zerohedge zerohedge
    há 49 segundos »


  6. Derek Pool says:

    The idiots who run our countries shout their stupid threats, the rest of us quiver to what they fortend…..
    But when the bullets fly and the houses burn, where do you find these idiots…….cowering 100 feet below the ground..

    For all their shouted threats, it is our son’s and daughters who stand, to face the devils fury of bullet and the burn.

    He today is supposed to be my enemy, but yestday was my friend…….let’s rid ourselves of the idiots who hide cowering in the ground……….


  7. luisport says:

    zerohedge zerohedge
    Egyptian cabinet has resigned.
    há 1 minuto


  8. luisport says:

    zerohedge zerohedge
    Which Egyptians have worked at Goldman in the past 2-10 years? Meet the new cabinet
    há 2 minutos


  9. Christ, you would think with all the Internet data about the Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, Counsel on Foreign Relations, Bildaburger and the global economic crisis as totally predicted by people leaking information from those groups that everyone would see what a setup this is! No one wants nuclear war except those arrogant enough to believe they will survive it. India, Pakistan, China, Iran all suddenly decide they need to make a big crater next door? How can people be so easily purchased and sent to slaughter? If we as a race are this stupid, then we deserve to annihilate ourselves and leave space for a new civilization to rise on this planet; one without the disorder of narcissism knocking social evolution back to zero every century.


  10. Jane Johnson says:

    So how is it that strikes against ‘Iran’ – ie the people of the country, not the people in govt who make decisions- is going to effect a change of heart?
    I’m reminded of the wind and the sun competing to remove a man’s coat.
    Not the violence of the wind, but the warmth of the sun won through.
    Equally, the threat of attack is more likely to make a nation wish to defend itself, than a diplomatic
    ‘Let us trade, my friend: your people’s needs are much as our own…
    Through trade and diplomacy much may be achieved that is impossible through war and bloodshed.


  11. luisport says:

    Iran threatens to ‘bung Israel into the trash bin of history’ if attacked
    Commander of Iranian revolutionary guards’ aerospace division says it is one of Iran’s ‘biggest wishes’ that Israel do attack, so that the ‘enemy of Islam and Muslims’ can be discarded.

    In case of an attack on the Iranian nuclear sites, “Iran would bung Israel into the trash bin of history,” a general of the Iranian revolutionary guards (IRGC) said Monday.

    “It is actually one of our biggest wishes that the Zionists regime [Israel] would make such a move,” Amir Ali-Hajizadeh, commander of the IRGC aerospace department, told Fars news agency.

    “In that case we would do what we wanted to do for quite a while; bunging the enemy of Islam and Muslims [Israel] into the trash bin of history,” he said. http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/iran-threatens-to-bung-israel-into-the-trash-bin-of-history-if-attacked-1.396837


  12. Philippino Bob says:

    Israel will not attack at this time. They know the consequences. It is only a bluff for now.
    Once the stock market crashes that is when the sparks will fly.


  13. K says:

    I agree Philippino Bob!


  14. Fillade says:

    There is a report a no fly zone will soon be imposed over Syria. This could get very sticky quickly, Russia is sending Naval assets to Syria, they have personell in place. They use the same air space which will be patrolled by demoncratic nations bringing humaniterian assistance to
    Syria thru Kinetics.
    Somebody is going to get blown out of the sky. We will soon learn if the Russian intellegence system has really done their job. Over ten years ago the Bush’s pushed several research and developement enterprises in the nano explosive field, specifically for the production of the nano thermate used on 911. From recent military testamony nano weapons have been tested that are over 10 times more powerful than previsous high explosive ordnance, this was 10 years ago.
    There is no place for the use of nuclear weapons in any war, we may soon witness non nuclear destruction beyond our comphrension.



  15. johnny mac says:

    Israel has once again refused to acknowledge international calls for transparency in its covert nuclear program during a meeting held by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).


  16. Fillade says:

    Looks like a ship convention off Syria, a Russian Aircraft Carrier, very soon the G.W. Bush, our newest, carring our very best treasure, our men and women of honor. I again have the same feeling in my gut as I had last year off S.Korea, we are going to see our flattop hit the bottom with thousands lost and maimed.
    barry and his progressives, and some RINO’s will chuckle if it happens, that’s how sick these people are who are leading us into the ditch. My guess is the Russians will be set up, it will be a Chinese supersonic cruise missle that hits the G.W.Bush, probably launched by Mossad thru a Chinese whoople group .
    This is exactly what the satanist’s work for, this is playing straight into their hands, with barry carring the flag.



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