32 Responses to Architect of Fukushima’s Reactor 3 warns of massive hydrovolcanic explosion

  1. nanoduck says:

    “And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon a third of the rivers, and upon the springs of water; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and a third of the waters became Bitter; and many people had died of the waters, because they were made bitter.” (Revelation 8:10, 11)
    Interesting enough, Chernobyl is sometimes translated to “wormwood”, and every nuclear disaster is often compared to Chernobyl. While Fukushima is just one reactor, one can imagine what would happen if several reactors went offline and had a meltdown due to earthquakes or power loss due to a solar flare.


  2. js says:

    Fukushima currently has a minimum of 3 reactors in meltdown/melt-through, though potentially 6 from some reports I’ve read, where tons of uranium, plutonium & MOX has burned up into the atmosphere and many of spent fuel rods may have evaporated also. Furthermore, there have been reports of the Fukushima Daini facility up the coast being in meltdown, but I have not ever seen any 100% verification of that fact after their loss of power and cooling in March. Also read a report recently about the plutonium reprocessing plant that burned up in Japan after the EQ and tsunami. So, nanoduck, not sure if you realized how serious the situation is these days, but way more serious than just one plant melting down…potentially multiple facilities having open-air criticalities, while the cores quietly melt out of containment and into the ground. You are correct in your concern as to what would happen in a massive power outage due to a large EMP/flare/EQ…globally, it would be the end for all of us.

    Scientists are saying that we have a full China-Syndrome on our hands, which can only lead to the corium from the multiple reactors hitting the water table eventually. This will cause a radioactive geysers of steam pumping high-level radioactivity for who knows how long into the upper atmosphere, poisoning every creature on this planet much more quickly than what is already happening. Absolute worst case scenario and nothing we can do to stop it. Make peace and enjoy today.


  3. NickK0 says:

    IF / when Fukushima goes BOOM, “they” (meaning World Gov’ts. and their stoooopid cherished Financial Institutions and Banks) can kiss any real prosperity, goodbye.

    No doubt, “they” will keep trying to ‘restore’ the current system, regardless.

    – Nick


  4. LA says:

    Alvin, can you post a link to the photo explanation of the China Syndrome you have posted here? I can’t read the text nor can I enlarge it, and it looks very interesting. Thanks!!


    • That’s the actally size of it…if I find another, I will post it up. Here’s more info though on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_Syndrome


    • Dan s says:

      I used a magnifier tool and wrote down what it say for ya, the only word i could not make out is on the bottom line.

      The Hollywood movie The China Syndrome, portrays nuclear fuel rods in a US reactor melting down amid fears they will burn through the Earth’s crust all the way to China. Although not considered imminent in Japan, a full meltdown can happen.

      1. A full China Syndrome meltdown would begin with the nuclear power plant’s vital cooling system somehow becoming completely disabled. At the same time, the plant’s operators would not be able to shut down the reactor.

      2. With the cooling system unable to circulate cool water around the radioactive fuel rods, they would overheat and melt. The reactor would get so hot the steel walls on the containment core would melt.

      3. In a complete meltdown, uranium fuel rods reaching tempuratures of 2700 degrees celcius would turn to liquid and melt through the earth about 15m.

      4. At this depth they would react with the groundwater and produce large explosions of radioactive steam and debris. The explosions would shoot radioactive material such as iodine, strontium and cesium high into the sky.

      These particles are ???-quarter the size of a grain of salt and can be carried by winds. Radioactive ash would be carried much further.


  5. LA says:

    found this from back in JUNE… http://www.roundtree7.com/2011/06/meltdown-to-meltthrough-bad-to-worse-at-japans-fukushima-reactors/

    looks like its been melted through for months. no wonder they are concerned about this “volcano” effect. And now the specter of nuclear war appears in the middle east….


  6. Harry K says:

    3 reactors had meltdowns. They were side by side . Last i heard more (6?) meltdowns since then. I expect humans will be rare in a hundred years , medium rare until then.


  7. Jill England says:

    I believe that the Japan accident involves four reactors (one was offline but blew up anyway) and not one as you said above.


  8. We’ve been FUKUSHIMERED….:o(


  9. George says:

    To keep up-to-date with events at Fukushima from time to time check what Arnie Gundersen has to say on this his web-site — http://www.fairewinds.com/


  10. Tish says:

    I know this will make everyone feel a lot safer, but my Nuke alert has went off 3 times this week in Nebraska…This makes 5 times in the last month or less in this state. I have driven to Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and it never went off in any of those states while I was there. People can say what they want but I know for a fact that radiation is already here in the states and that there are apparent hot spots! God Help us all!


    • K says:

      That is interesting Tish because last week and this week I have a alert thing that shows plane crashes, violence, all sorts of different alerts well last week about two nuclear events in the US one in NC and another I thought was Ohio and this week there was another one I think it showed around there! I wish I could tell you the exact state but they took it down. I do know for sure one in NC! Freaky!


  11. carolyn says:

    I read the comments at the link. The people who seem to know what they are talking about are making some very dire, very scary, predictions.

    Thanks Alvin. You really do a wonderful job here.


  12. Bundy says:

    Dan,I think the missing word is….one…one-quarter the size of a grain of salt.


  13. Every state in the U.S.has been “Dusted” with radiation and some way more than other states, and all milk in the U.S. has tested positive with radiation and this is all over the WORLD!!!Take a rad-alert to the grocery store and check the produce…you’ll be shocked!The continent of Brazil and surrounding countries is the only countries thats seen very little if any radiation contamination.Their trying to find the source of cesium radiation contamination in several different countries as i type this……DUH.Just something for you to ponder is…..Why are most,if not all nuke plants built on fault lines????? Just coindence?????


  14. Amy P. says:

    Here’s a good website to monitor radiaton. I check it every once in a while, but I think I will check it more regularly now @_@


  15. Wow. That is scary. But there are many more nuclear power plants out there. What if a catastrophic event like a massive volcano or the Canary Islands crashing into the sea and causing a 200 foot tsunami happened? How many nuclear power plants would then be detroyed and how many tons of radiation would be released into the atmosphere?


  16. Tina Marie says:

    I also remember reading that the first reactor melted down months ago and sank into the basement of the plant. I don’t have any sort of alert to hear about radiation but it seems perfectly logical to me that it has made it across the ocean to us. I know some was detected in Maryland, I believe, back a few wks after the origanal event happened. Of course it will spread and we can’t even begin to imagine the damage it will do in years and decades to come. I’d venture a guess we will all be glowing in the dark before much longer. I feel the worst for the people of Japan. We probally know more about what is going on over there than the average citizen does, and we don’t really even know a quarter of it, I’m sure. The poor children born in this now toxic country with birth defects will dwarf what we saw after Chernobyl and will likely poison everything they come into contact with for hundreds of years. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before we see a disaster of this magnitude or worse here in the U.S with all the reactors built on fault lines. Nuclear power was supposed to be our savior and it will most likely now turn out to be our doom.


    • When you look at it; nuclear power has all the makings of a horror story. When you create the power of a mini-Sun just to boil water- that conveys its own inherent insanity at the hand of human devising because the whole so-called cooling process involved in nuclear engineering is not cooling at all- it’s simply “temperature maintenance” to prevent a core meltdown. When the temperature cannot be maintained, the reactor goes super-critical and will burn through the Earth as any unfettered mini-Sun would be so inclined to do. This is the fate of any of these plants whose safety restraints are over-thrown by the mercurial and fierce forces of nature.


  17. elijahsmom3 says:

    What completely dumb-founds me are all the people that claim nuclear energy is the “cleanest” form of energy we have!! Why? Because you can’t see it, smell it, or taste it while it’s slowly killing you? Maybe its clean if everything involved in producing and maintaining it goes perfectly, but where there are humans, there is human error. And as soon as something goes wrong, it is the most EVIL form of energy we have.


  18. Tim says:

    Japan: Fukushima Meltdown Worse than Thought:
    Molten nuclear fuel at Japan’s Fukushima plant might have eaten two-thirds of the way through a concrete containment base, its operator said, citing a new simulation of the extent of the March disaster. Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) said their latest calculations showed the fuel inside the No. 1 reactor at the tsunami-hit plant could have melted entirely, dropping through its inner casing and eroding a concrete base. In the worst-case scenario, the molten fuel could have reached as far as 65 centimeters (2 feet) through the concrete, leaving it only 37 centimeters short of the outer steel casing. Until now, TEPCO had said some fuel melted through the inner pressure vessel and dropped to the containment vessel, without saying how much and what it did to the concrete, citing a lack of data.



  19. Tim says:

    Japan: Water Leaks from Crippled Japanese Nuclear Plant:
    Japan’s crippled nuclear power plant leaked about 45 tons of highly radioactive water from a purification device over the weekend, its operator said, and some may have drained into the ocean. The leak is a reminder of the difficulties facing Tokyo Electric Power Co. as it tries to meet its goal of bringing the tsunami-damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant to a cold shutdown by year’s end. A pool of radioactive water was discovered midday Sunday around a decontamination device, TEPCO said in a statement on its website. After the equipment was turned off, the leak appeared to stop. Later, workers found a crack in a concrete barrier leaking the contaminated water into a gutter that leads to the ocean. TEPCO estimated about 300 liters leaked out before the crack was blocked with sandbags.



  20. Tim says:

    Japan: Japan’s Meiji Recalls Baby Milk After Cesium Find:
    Japanese milk powder maker Meiji has recalled its baby formula after discovering radioactive cesium in the product. Shares in the firm fell 10% in early trading in Tokyo after it said it would recall 400,000 cans of the formula. Meiji produces the milk, which is only sold in Japan, in Saitama prefecture, north of Tokyo. The factory’s location is within 200 miles (320km) of the tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant. The recall was started after tests found up to 30.8 becquerels of cesium per kilo of Meiji Step powdered milk.



  21. Tim says:

    TEPCO: Fukushima Radiation Isn’t Our Problem
    Tepco lawyers tried something novel. They claimed the company isn’t liable because it no longer “owned” the radioactive poisons that were spewed from its destroyed reactors.


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