37 Responses to Wall Street analysts everywhere are in agreement: ‘the world is ending’

  1. richard says:

    The onrush of day-to-day events.


  2. Suddenly fear of Germany, cos Germany dictates to save money and stop spending over the limit.?

    Facts and Myths about Germany’s Far-Right Extremists


  3. Grim says:

    This is going to end in war. No financial system in human history collapses without war. Shame, the world will have it’s cropping of population. All us young men will die fighting, then you’ll have another era of humanity with all the best of it gone. But this time there will be no recovery time, a the planet makes it impossible for the human required infrastructure to continue. Famine then disease, then social breakdown! Nice! 😦


    • Jachin says:

      Well Grim, this certainly is the case but you can move in a spiritual direction to escape it. All of it is within you if you just seek you will find. Get out of the way where you can and let the creator do the rest, in this way we can find some peace during all the chaos designed to consume the destroyers of the planet. After all, He made the darkness and the light!


    • Scott Batten says:

      Actually, financial collapse ends one of two ways. War being one and a fracturing of the collapsing country being the other. Take Rome or the USSR for the other. Sure they had skirmishes, but for the most part it was amicable.


  4. News from the EuroZone:

    Sir John Major has warned that a Franco-German plan to introduce a financial transaction tax across Europe was akin to directing a “heat-seeking missile” at the City of London.


  5. Dennis E. says:

    Germany is worth watching; IS MAKING A SERIOUS COMEBACK!


    • Irene C says:

      Interesting. I had always heard that, after WW2, the Germans said that they wouldn’t be kept down. Both Germany and Japan lost the war. Japan fought their way up economically, eventually flooding the market with their cars and electronics. Now it appears that Germany is working on taking over economically. This may not come down to a physical war, but a war with money which could be just as devastating as other economies collapse. The final “solution” will be a one-world economic system and the loss of sovereignty of most of not all nations. And we, the “little people” can only sit back and watch.



      • Dennis E. says:

        Note the power play of Germany and France to England……………Interesting


      • Dennis E. says:

        Of all the nerve, for Germany to recommend to Britain to Scrap the Pound for the Euro.
        Observation: Could we see a conflict between Britain and a German-France alliance?
        Britain might would lose if not for US intervention or get an offer they can’t refuse?
        Economic boycott by the EU?


  6. Herudagod says:

    The world is not ending. Civilizations has come and go, but this planet will still be here.


  7. Eurozone crisis worsening by the day warns senior UK analyst:


  8. Even if and when we are nearing the END of this World there is A new World Order coming and then after that another will arise, I have no fear because Perfect Love has no fear. God is the perfecter of his Love. Wars and rumors of war, there is a lot to take place before the final curtain call, The World will wax worse and worse. You have not seen a thing yet.


  9. callyrox says:

    if you look at the Synonyms Of the word “World” It’s not just Earth, it’s EVERYTHING, the universe the stars, The milky way.. If the “end of the world” was happening It would mean the universe was Dying.. People if you Don’t realize this by Now we are like an Ants fart in space… Excuse my Poor Description But it’s true We are a Spec of Dust… Open your eyes and see the BIGGER picture, The universe is Infinite, Well Close to it,

    World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones – Einstein….


  10. Cris says:

    ” We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair…”
    2 Corinthians 4:8


  11. Herudagod says:

    Callyrox, I couldn’t have said it better!


  12. Evo says:

    The word “austerity” has appeared from nowhere, and now appears in our newspapers everyday. It’s like a backpack that is being filled with bricks, day by day, on a persons back. It even sounds horrid.
    People are people, and inevitably, they will say, “enough is enough.
    Austerity will rip Europe apart, in time. Ignore a country’s people, and the hardship they endure, at your own risk. Perhaps it should be called Col Ghadaffi, (oops!) I meant… Col Austerity.
    Germany and Britain, may well have other things to think about soon.


  13. luisport says:

    There’s No Getting Around It, Germany Is Taking Over Europe

    It may have been a bad idea to send a German. And his name certainly didn’t help matters.

    When Horst Reichenbach arrived in Athens recently to head a new European Union task force to help the country deal with its debt, the Greek media instantly dubbed him “Third Reichenbach.”

    Cartoons appeared of him in Nazi uniform. A Greek tabloid showed a photo of his office with the headline: “The new Gestapo headquarters.”

    The Greeks are not alone in harboring suspicions toward Germany, which occupied the country during World War II. The British conservative press is up in arms. The Daily Mail went so far as to accuse the Germans [3] of attempting to use the euro crisis to “conquer Europe” and establish a “Fourth Reich.” Meanwhile in Poland, Germany’s supposed imperial ambitions became an issue in the recent elections.

    And as the euro crisis has deepened, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pushed for the EU to have a greater say in the domestic governance of the euro zone’s seventeen members. Among other measures, she has called for real European power over countries’ budgets.

    Read more: http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/europe/111114/germany-fourth-reich-euro-zone-dominance#ixzz1eBw0DqU9


  14. luisport says:

    Here’s What Angela Merkel And David Cameron Are Probably Saying To Each Other

    Read more: http://www.globalpost.com/dispatches/globalpost-blogs/europa/merkel-and-cameron-meet-wonder-what-they-will-say#ixzz1eBxozqtr


  15. Roberto Lupe says:

    Asian powers spurn German debt on EMU chaos
    “Asian investors and central banks have begun to sell German bonds and pull out of the eurozone altogether for the first time since the debt crisis began, deeming EU leaders incapable of agreeing on any coherent policy.”



  16. Jerry Lambert says:

    It seems simple to me. All debt holders including governments and banks agree to write off 50% or some percent that would make the payment of the balance feasible. We go on from there and strive to pay our debts. No government or bank should be allowed to borrow until they have paid off another 20% of the remaining debt.


  17. nickk0 says:

    At this point, I am wondering How the Eurozone with either :

    1). Change; perhaps completely ( as Alvin’s link insinuates above )
    2). Come to an end.

    I am thinking, that Greece leaving (or getting kicked out) of the Eurozone, would be a blessing in disguise – At least they would be able to move forward, and work on becoming somewhat self-sufficient again.
    However, if that ^ were to happen, then the same could happen to the other so-called ‘PIIGS’.

    Would Germany and France [read: The Banks/ Financial Entities] allow that to happen, however ?
    It seems to me, that they would rather Keep their Slaves, than free them. 😦

    – Nick


  18. Kathie says:

    This is all theatre. The the minion ‘leaders’ are effectively ratcheting up the hegelian dialect on behalf of the TPTB as it’s their stated, long-term goal of a one world government. They create the instability to instill fear so we can beg them to offer us a solution which they have ready to pull of the shelf once the public outcry is audibly loud enough. Note the manipulation by the MSM in the 20th century “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world-government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the National auto determination practiced in past centuries”–David Rockefeller in an address to a Trilateral Commission meeting in June of 1991
    However, we the ‘sheeple’ are able to access information outside of MSM via the internet and this doesn’t bode well for the lunatics. This is why there is many man-made issues coming at us daily unlike any other time in modern history. It’s time to turn off the TV, iPhone and do your own research about TPTB world-wide slavery agenda. It is crucial people go back to living as sovereign individuals as this will be the only way to defeat TPTB. In the end your offspring will thank you that they didn’t have to live on their knees.


    • Brandon says:

      To any who will read for themselves. There will be no rapture. Read II Thessalonians Chapter II. The man of sin must come first, none other then Satan himself playing Jesus (anti-Christ). Jesus doesn’t come until the 7th trump the end not the 6th. If you worship the 1st claiming to be Christ you will be worshipping the Devil himself.

      This is why Mark 13 says if they say Christ is here or there believe them not. Because when he has returned you will know no questions. Corinthians explains when Jesus returns you will be changed into a spiritual body. Take the time to read, your soul counts on it.

      Revelation says the saints go through the great tribulation. There is no rapture. Study to show yourself approved before God.


      • The Bible says exactly that…Satan masquerades the appearance of Christ by appearing on Earth. 2 Thess 2:9 That’s why we are warned about beings and religious figures appearing anywhere on the Earth claiming they are here to guide Earth through this crisis and you will be astonished by how much this will begin happening. Christ says there will be no peace on Earth until the kingdoms of Satan are overthrown and the Earth is placed under his rule. Jeremiah 6:14, Revelation 11:15, Rev. 12:5


  19. Mark says:

    In researching mankind’s histories (unfiltered). Two common threads are noticed. Those are the banking classes (finance) and priest classes (religions). From Babylon to the federal reserve. The same bloodlines prevail. It’s funny people are falling for the German and British conflict. It is also very sad that the people do not realise that the House of Windsor is German! And has been since the the reign of William of Orange (Conquerer). So when you see the Queen of England. Your looking at the Bauer/Rothschilds of Germany. And if you care to look back a little further. You will find the Queens grandmother, Queen Mary of Tick. Is related by blood to Vlad Dracul the Holy Roman Emperior. And his bloodlines reach back to the Brotherhood of the Snake in 2700BCE Egypt. And from Egypt, we can trace these bloodlines to Babylon.
    Finance was developed in Babylon. Then intertwined with religion in Egypt (Temple Priest). From Egypt. The religions and finance migrated to Italy and Turkey. From there with help of Rosecrucians, Free Masons and Iluminati agents. This treachery has spead around the entire globe. This plague on mankind has caused starvations, famines, wars and heartbreak throughout history. And until the people put the names with the faces of this tyranny. Humankind will continue to suffer at the hands of the few.


  20. Fillade says:

    Hello Alvin, You are dead on, the supernatural wonders we are soon to see will belwilder men, they will be done before the eye’s of men specifically to subdue the human mind. These signs are so spectacular they would even fool the very elect, except for the understanding held by the elect.

    I again look to scripture to illuminate the end of the path, the two witnesses. They will apear in Jerusalem and do a powerful witness for 3 1/2 years, upon their apearance satan is cut off.
    Remember, satan gives all power and authority to the beast to perform lying wonders in the sight of men, and to require men to worship the image of the beast, and to slay the elect, the saints of Jesus Christ.



  21. Germany may well be taking over Europe but on the positive side I don’t think they will start killing people this time.


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