Volcanic tremor activity at El Hierro remains moderately elevated

November 18, 2011CANARY ISLANDS The volcanic tremor measured at El Hierro remains at very high levels and in sharp contrast to visible activity, feeding speculations and fear about new volcanic vents opening up somewhere on or near the island. Some fear such a new vent could be located in the El Golfo Bay, near Frontera, since most of the (deep) earthquakes in recent days are concentrated beneath the northern sector of the island. However, so far, these earthquakes are very deep (ca. 20 km) and do not point towards an immediate eruption in this area, rather are intrusions of dykes in the upper mantle beneath the island. At La Restinga at the southern tip of the island, we could observe a slight increase in activity from the submarine vent ca. 1 km off the coast today: every 15-30 minutes, brownish plumes of water could be seen upwelling, flattening the ocean surface and sometimes producing dark stretches of floating mud(?) and foam (not steam!) in a circular area around the vents. The Instituto Volcanológico de Canarias (INVOLCAN) has been recording highly elevated levels of Helium and CO2 gas dissolved in the water around La Restinga, another sign that the submarine eruption is still in progress. – Volcano Discovery
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4 Responses to Volcanic tremor activity at El Hierro remains moderately elevated

  1. Irene C says:

    God bless you Alvin for your faithfulness in keeping us informed so we in turn can inform others.



  2. luisport says:

    Data Update 18/11 – 09:32 UTC
    – A lot more earthquakes today compared to yesterday – 16 greater than 1.5 since midnight.
    – Harmonic tremor has not recovered
    – As said in our 22:44 update from yesterday, more and stronger earthquakes can be expected from now on
    – We expect that the current drop in activity will be temporary and will gradually climb again (may take a number of days)
    – Joke reported this morning that she saw NO activity in the Mar de Las Calmas. The New Webcam arrived a little too late to capture the action
    – Today will be a perfect day for the Román Margalef to do research close to the erupting vent. The scientists may be able to make very detailed topographic maps from the seabed, including the erupting vent.


  3. Tim says:

    November 29, 2011
    El Hierro — CLOSE UP — sea level view via boat


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