Thousands of piranhas invade popular Brazilian tourist beach

November 17, 2011BRAZILThousands of flesh-eating piranhas have infested a beach popular with tourists in western Brazil and have bitten at least 15 unwary swimmers. Officials in the city of Caceres in Mato Grosso state say this is the first time they have had a problem with piranhas at the Daveron beach on the Paraguay river, where the aggressive fish began schooling about two weeks ago. “People have got to be very careful. If they’re bitten, they’ve got to get out of the water rapidly and not allow the blood to spread,” firefighter Raul Castro de Oliveira told Globo TV’s G1 website yesterday. “Everyone knows there are piranhas in the region and have always taken the necessary precautions,” he said. “What is different this time is that they’ve appeared where they never appeared before.” The city has seen far fewer people than normal use the beach recently because of the piranha attacks. It was deserted on Tuesday, a national holiday in Brazil, normally a heavy beach day. Officials have put up large signs with blood-red letters warning swimmers of the risk: “Attention swimmers. Area at risk of piranha attacks. Danger!” Local fisherman Hildegard Galeno Alves said that when he throws out fishing nets near the beach of late, he catches numerous piranhas. “I come here with my kids and I always see blood on the river banks,” he told G1. “The worst is that the attacks are in shallow water, next to the bank.” –SMH
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6 Responses to Thousands of piranhas invade popular Brazilian tourist beach

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Eat them! According to one of those travel food show, piranhas are really tasty fish.


  2. Irene C says:

    Wow, that’s not good. Sounds like a bad horror movie. Makes me wonder what’s causing them to make a move like that – food supply or a navigational glitch.



  3. Robb714 says:

    While it has been many years since I have seen the movie, I still get the “heeby Jeebies” swimming in a lake or even a swimming pool sometimes. The further they stay away from this water loving nut, the better. They actually remind me of, Washington lobbyist, TBH!


  4. Elizabeth says:

    I saw the movie when I was a kid, I always had it in the back of my mind when swimming in lakes. I saw a show earlier this year that said they are now being found in lakes in the US, so they are moving northward. I don’t think they know yet why, but it probably has something to do with climate. Alaska is seeing insects they never had before, too. The earth is changing.

    But, as I said before, if you catch a piranha, grill it up, they are supposedly very tasty. They are also an invasive species, so they will likely decimate other fish populations where they are not supposed to be…like in the States.


  5. K says:

    Scary. I dont like swimming in lakes. I just knew they piranhas were in there somewhere.


  6. John Lennon says:

    Bad situation at best ! scary thing is you will always have the one individual that will think or say they won’t mess with me ! up until they get bit


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