A quake in Haiti, swarms in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico- tension mounts on Caribbean plate

November 16, 2011VIRGIN ISLANDSSeven quakes have rocked Caribbean islands as of Saturday and another tremor occurred in Haiti this Monday, raising concern among experts about a likely seismic reactivation in the area. “For some days we have observed an unusual activity that seems to be linked to the subduction of the Caribbean tectonic plate,” Saint Lucian seismologist Bruce Kleever told Prensa Latina. Seven tremors were felt in the British overseas territories in East Caribbean over the weekend, according to the Disaster Management Department of the Virgin Islands. “The seismic events were of 3.5-4.6 magnitude and could also be felt in Puerto Rico. We’re following closely the situation in the area,” said Kleever. A 4.3-magnitude quake rocked southern Haiti early morning today, one year, ten months and two days after the worst seism in the history of this country occurred. No damages or fatalities have been reported so far, but the people panicked as they relived the nightmare. According to the expert, the tremor might indicate an area of seismic activity also in the northern Caribbean plate. For years, the specialists have feared the likelihood of powerful quakes and ensuing tsunamis in the Caribbean because of the existence in the area of important focuses of danger of tectonic movement. One of them is located near Dominica, considered the point with the largest number of potentially active volcanoes in the world. However, Kleever said panic must not be triggered among the population. “Just remain on alert and take steps in case of any tremor,” he said. Steps include going to open, safer spaces, mainly in highlands, far from buildings. The Caribbean currently lacks a tsunami early warning system. Such a device would be likely available by year 2014. Watch over the area is carried out from the Hawaii-based Tsunami Warning Center, in the Pacific. At least 88 tsunamis have occurred in the Caribbean in the past 500 years, the worst of them in 1946, killing some 1,600 people. –RSOE
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6 Responses to A quake in Haiti, swarms in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico- tension mounts on Caribbean plate

  1. yamkin says:

    Regarding the recent quake in Indonesia:
    The Indonesian Earthquake Centre has recorded this as follows:
    PAPUA, INDONESIA Magnitude 6.2 Depth 57 km
    Better go with the horse’s mouth, the Indonesian Authorities

    USGS & EMSC are showing different recordings!
    PAPUA, INDONESIA Magnitude 5.8 Depth 8.9 km – USGS
    PAPUA, INDONESIA Magnitude 5.7 Depth 33 km – EMSC
    Subject to changes knowing USGS & EMSC!!!


  2. Theresa says:

    This has been going on for some months now. I think it is connected to the activity in the Canary Islands and the Azores. There was an eq in the Bahamas and there was an eq in Bermuda not too long ago.
    There have been alot more than seven earthquakes to rock this area of the Puerto Rican Trench. It seems to me it wasn’t until the Hati eq that attention has been brought to this. According to RSOE there have a few eq’s as of today. As a matter of fact i have seen eq’s in those areas every day on the rsoe map.


  3. soundwash says:

    why only report this now?

    The area between the british virgin islands and anguilla has been quake
    storming 40 to 60 2.5-3.5 magnitude quakes a week since a few days after
    the japan quake.

    (fwiw: the same area since march 11th in japan has not stopped
    either. -only those have been in the 4.0+ range)

    “Hey, don’t look over here!”



  4. Larry says:

    Puerto Rican trench is some 25,000 feet deep. I don’t think the Gulf states realize they too are on the bulls-eye. We could be seeing not one or two but many Mega-Tsunami’s. 70 million residents on east coast alone plus gulf coast. No wonder our military is preparing for the worst. Floridians have zero tolerance. El Hierro, La Palma, mid atlantic ridge, Iceland, Puerto Rico-Haiti, Portugal islands we should all be prepared in America. Lets hope these things are delayed until late 2013 and some real house cleaning is in effect. Wall-Street is set up where as a back up? Georgia Guidstones, US Navy map, Edgar Cayce, Cascadia, Ranier, Helens, San Andreas north and south, Yellowstone, and New Madrid fault; oh—my!


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