Mass stranding of whales on Tasmanian beach

November 12, 2011AUSTRALIAThere has been a mass stranding of 20 sperm whales on Tasmania’s west coast, with only four whales stuck in shallow water believed to still be alive. The pod was discovered on Ocean Beach near Strahan early Saturday morning, but authorities say conditions in the water are too dangerous for rescuers to intervene. Nearby, rescuers were making progress in freeing another eight sperm whales stranded on a sand bar in Macquarie Harbour, about four kilometres south of the beach. Chris Arthur from the Parks and Wildlife Service says four of them were swimming freely, with a fifth joining them later in the afternoon. With the help of fish farmers and jet boats, authorities managed to free the whales, but he says getting them to open ocean from the harbour entrance proved difficult. “The weather conditions won’t allow us to get them out so it’s a matter of just managing them at the moment,” he said. Rescuers will resume their bid to save the whales at first light, but say it could take several days to free the ocean giants. Authorities are urging people to stay clear of the channel between Hells Gate and Table Head. –ABC
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20 Responses to Mass stranding of whales on Tasmanian beach

  1. duki says:

    I feel so deeply for these beautiful animals and admire the humans who are giving their best to save them!


  2. Sadly, it’s likely they have beached themselves due to grave discomfort, suffering and innately understand that they will die.

    We often think animals are unaware of death… but they see it all the time around them. My belief is that they are acutely aware. More and more, we are coming to realize that animals are much more sentient and conscientious than we could have imagined.

    It is such a heartbreak that so many of these whales felt the need to perish. Were they harmed by naval testing, disease, parasites, underwater conditions, pollution? A sad mystery.


    • I agree Ellienne Cici – most animals have more intelligence than we give them credit for. They express joy and they grieve. They also know when their time on this world is over. I have cats and I talk to them like I would talk to a person. It always amazes me that they sometimes understand what I’m saying.

      Alvin, whatever was going on with WordPress appears to be fixed. I am once again able to post easily.



  3. Roberto Lupe says:

    Same thing happening here in Brazil, with whales, dolphins and sea turtles! It is, for sure, a big sign of Earth’s magnetic field weakening!


  4. tellthetruth1 says:

    How interesting: “The pod was discovered on Ocean Beach near Strahan early Saturday morning, but authorities say conditions in the water are too dangerous for rescuers to intervene.”

    I wondered what they were moving away from when I read this? Watching and waiting for more news…


  5. Gen says:

    Most of the whales have now died. Alvin, just thinking, would whale beachings be connected with hot spots.


    • In a way, yes….Hotspots are connected with planetary magnetism and geomagnetism is what’s fading from the planet’s magnetic field by which these creatures circumnavigate the globe. As the magnetic field strength erodes further, this will occurr more and more as will the number of people suffering from depression and anxiety. The planet’s magenetic field is twice as weak as it was during the time of the Roman Empire. Magnetic fields have been used to treat depression in TMS therapy- see below



      • Tim says:

        That’s a really interesting that more people will suffer from depression as the earth’s magnetic field erodes. The treatment in the article for depression was surprising, as well as the cost. I wonder what will happen here in the U.S. when major catastrophes occur and a large percentage of the population cannot get their Zoloft, Lexapro, Prozac prescriptions refilled. Any information about the earth’s magnetic field eroding and people suffering from depression is appreciated.

        Isaiah 58:11


      • elijahsmom3 says:

        I had NO idea the magnetic field affects depression and anxiety. This is good to know since most of my family suffers from one or the other, or both. It seems there is not going to be ANY part of life and living that will not be disrupted by all of these coming changes.


      • You are correct Ronni. No life on the planet will be left untouched by what is both upon us and before us…


  6. Tim says:

    It’s been reported that Tasmania witnesses more mass whale strandings than any other place.
    Why do you think that is? Are there and correlations to whale strandings and large scale earthquakes?

    May His Light continue to shine through you.


  7. Tim says:

    An interesting hypothesis and supportive evidence on why whales beach themselves.
    Seaquakes, Capt. David Williams – “These whales were injured by a seaquake about 2,000 kilometers upstream from the stranding beach. The seaquake waves caused a barotraumatic injury in the massive sinuses in their heads and destroyed their ability to navigate. They were washed by the current into this particular beach.”

    “Seaquakes are hazardous to both Ships and whales” –


  8. Sheree Andersen says:

    Our family’s home and farm overlooks the ocean in Tassie. Two weeks ago I watched about 20 whales frolicking together, some were enormous and others just babies. So beautiful to watch.


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