25 Responses to Chess moves continue: US to boost troop deployment in north Australia

  1. StXenia says:

    Wow, and we can’t even get a base of troops down at the Mexican/American Border to regulate the drug cartels??? A prime example of terror in America. What is going on?


  2. kenny moore says:

    War! War! War! I long for the Prince of Peace.
    Come soon Jesus, Son of God.


  3. dennissde17 says:

    They giving China space. It is going to get Tawain eventually, I believe and the movement of some Chinese missiles from from the Mainland to there, will increase range throughout the pacific.
    It is only a matter of time.


  4. Cindy says:


    ! I agree Kenny!

    Hey Alvin did you hear about the Arab league in four days is going to suspend Syria if it doesn’t stop the violence? Let’s say they don’t stop the violence what do you think? I am curious to what you think. God Bless!


    • I don’t think it will stop the violence; no more than it was willing to stop pushing Hezbollah fighters into the Israeli meat-grinder in Lebanon. I have written in my book that Syria is a wild-card in the Israeli peace equation. It will never disappear quitely and will do any and everything to stay in power.


  5. Cindy says:

    Thank Alvin for the response. And I agree with you.


  6. Evo says:

    Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. The people of Syria should not be underestimated, in all this…
    China, Russia, and the US, are the real players in global chess.
    How safe would our world be if they shook hands, threw their glasses into the fireplace, and just helped each other.
    Of course this is unthinkable. But, Why?
    Like never before in time, we have all the tools available now to change global awareness. Communication.
    Perhaps we are simply not capable of delivering a very simple message.
    “Love thy neighbour”


    • estey says:

      I agree with you Evo, but it’s hard to love thy neighbor when they are busy doing everything possible to undermine your existence, and survival. It’s not hard to see the strategies of the various countries, and I’m pretty sure the same things are coming down the road regardless of who ends up winning the game.


  7. Bone idle says:

    There will be no U.S. Soldiers based in Australia as long as the Greens are holding the current Australian government to ransom.


  8. susan says:

    As a resident of Western Australia and having spent a decade living in the Northwest in the region of the US naval station in Dampier, I doubt the impact will not be much noticed by residents. Like Pine Gap, those stationed there are not often seen. In Darwin – thats a different story. But it is no secret that under Kevin Rudd and John Howard, an absolute fortune was spent upgrading our military planes, naval vessels and carriers over the last decade. I do believe that it is as much a protection against a huge Indonesian military capacity, and that country’s very large population on very small lands. Our state is vast, and mostly empty. We use barely 2% of our lands for residential purposes. the northwestern tip of the country is very close to the easternmost islands of the indonesia archipeligo. Should any major catastrophe strike indonesia, we would be unable to hold back the tide of humanity that would seek to enter the state. Their military numbers dwarf ours. the title of this piece, Chess Moves continue, is very apt. We see the small moves, but the board is too big for us to see how the game is being played out.


    • Ross Woodhams says:

      Agree with all.. except.. Australia doesnt have any aircraft carriers. Just saying. 😉

      Also, Indonesia’s government is so corrupt, they couldnt actually afford to invade Australia. The reality is, over 3/4th of there airforce is mothballed and under massive disrepair. They couldnt get there infantry on the ground here either. Why.. because each level of command in indonesia takes a “cut” from from the “defence” funding..I read a while ago.. something like 1/3rd of the budgeted defence funding for indonesia actually gets spent on the maintaining its forces.

      The other point is Indonesian forces would be too far away from base and supply lines would be extremely difficult to maintain. If they attacked in the winter, they would have to get towards Carnarvon or Geraldton by the Summer.

      Not saying its impossible, but given Indonesia’s current state.. its unlikely.


  9. Gen says:

    Bone idle, I agree with you that the Greens will jump up and down about this. Here is a bit more regarding the subject . President Obama arrives on Wednesday so we already know what is going to make up a large portion of our news/media coverage.



  10. pagan66 says:

    Maybe this is part of the reason why Julia & her cronies knifed kevin in the back. He had started to drift toward China & away from the US for closer trade & diplomatic ties. 1,000 US marines will not make such a huge difference anyway – that’s a huge unprotected coastline up there. I know – it’s where I grew up & it’s where my grandparents were bombed by the Japanese in WWII. There are always US warships in Darwin Harbour as there are usually both Australian & US naval ships doing scheduled naval exercises. My partner used to skipper a commercial trap boat out of Darwin – closer to Indonesia than to Australia, in international waters – he says there are always both Aus & US vessels out there & more Australian customs boats & planes than you can believe. So seriously, what are 1000 US marines going to achieve? I believe this is just another publicity stunt & the Australian Government will just sell out to the highest bidder again for her uranium, rare earth minerals, natural gas & iron ore. China came close to dealing with Rudd, then got knifed – Julia will deal with Obama. Same old, same old. Call me jaded but the Australian Government needs a complete overhaul – they are playing a dangerous game.



  11. gen2revztruth says:

    Go away Gillard!
    Go away Obama!
    Sick of both of you evil little puppets!

    …I also agree with Kenny, Yay for the return of the King!


  12. julie generic says:

    THIS is what it’s really about:


    “Rival powers scramble for seabed mineral rights in South Pacific
    By Patrick O’Connor
    29 June 2011

    Newly developed technologies and booming commodities prices are driving the emergence of deep seabed mining projects internationally, with the South Pacific at the forefront. Lucrative reserves of gold, silver, copper, zinc and rare earths are up for grabs, fuelling rivalries with established powers, such as the US and Australia, in a region where China has recently extended its influence.”


  13. Ross Woodhams says:

    I think the broader issue here is that the government is getting us use to the idea of lots of americans being here. If anyone cares to remember.. during WWII, Fremantle was the largest submarine base in the southern hemisphere. Americans are warmongering and sadly, they will pre-stage forces in Darwin and in Rockingham (HMAS Stirling). These location make good sence for American expansionist goals but not for Australia though. Not that far from Iran and its close proximity to Asia. The rediculous thing is, that this makes US foreign policy Australian foreign policy (eg..by allowing it, we condone it). It also means that there a high chance Darwin and Perth will be nuked back to the stoneage when it goes down to the wire. Make no mistake in underestimating the Chinese. For all the US’s capability, there country cant sustain the 350million odd american casulaties that would occur in the event of nuclear exchange with China.

    Pack ya rice…It’z coming!


  14. luisport says:

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  15. ozi ozborn says:

    wow… and to think that julia gillard has a pending court matter for committing treason and still is dictating australias’ future… 😦
    Go do good.


  16. c/o Pagan

    Off topic I know but this must be mentioned – I cannot believe we have this madwoman running this country. I’ve said it before & will say it again – Australia is playing a dangerous game.



  17. susan says:

    I read this really interesting and perhaps telling short piece about the US Presidents visit to Australia tomorrow. I quote … AUSTRALIA’S position as the “southern pier” of the global political system makes it crucial to its US ally, says Kim Beazley.

    of the global political system? am i reading into that something that is, or isnt there?


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