Strong 5.6 magnitude aftershock collapses buildings in eastern Turkey – 7 dead


November 9, 2011VAN, Turkey – A strong and very shallow 5.6 magnitude aftershock (4.8 km) struck the eastern region of Van, Turkey- the site of the deadly October 23, 2011 7.1 magnitude earthquake that left 601 people dead and damaged more than 11, 232 buildings, leaving as many as 60,000 people homeless. Today’s shallow earthquake was less than 5 km in depth and is reported to have caused many buildings, which survived the initial October earthquake, to collapse. The epicenter of the earthquake was 16 km (9 miles) S of Van, Turkey Iran’s and 929 km (577 miles) E of ANKARA, Turkey. Today’s devastating aftershock adds additional misery to a nation which has already seen one of its eastern most populous urban centers reduced to ruins in a matter of 50 seconds. Authorities in Turkey say 7 people were killed and about 50 people were buried under rubble- though some were rescued. –The Extinction Protocol
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4 Responses to Strong 5.6 magnitude aftershock collapses buildings in eastern Turkey – 7 dead

  1. Brandon says:

    This is terrible! God be with all of them. What’s funny is that they had a METEOROLOGIST say when asked would there be another quake in Turkey he said no. Lol! Yeah he can make that prediction right? Lol! He’s a meteorologist.


  2. Leon says:

    The problem in Turkey is that they have mostly very very old buildings in poor condition.
    Since the last great quake weeks ago, Turkey is in constant shaking (after quakes), so cracks in the walls of buildings are getting bigger every day. If all those buildings won’t be fixed soon, bigger quake will flaten them all with the ground. And of course, many will die. So to conclude all this, the main problem isn’t power of earthquakes but old buildings in poor condition.


  3. pagan66 says:

    It’s not just these quakes & the aftermath of them that the Turkish people need to deal with – more misery is being dealt to them from their own authorities. Riot police have started firing tear gas & using batons on people protesting against relief efforts & authorities giving them the all clear to return to their homes & businesses before the latest aftershock occured.



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