Scientists peer into mystery of giant waves off the coast of Portugal

November 9, 2011PORTUGALHawaiian hellman Garrett McNamara has cheated death to ride what is being billed as the largest wave ever surfed. The big wave rider caught the huge 30m (90 feet) monster earlier this month at Praia do Norte, Nazaré  off the coast of Portugal during the ZON North Canyon Project 2011. “Everything was perfect, the weather, the waves. Cotty and I surfed two big waves of about 60 feet and then, when Garrett was ready, came a canyon wave of over 90 feet,” said Mennie who accompanied McNamara on the excursion. “The jet ski was the best place to see him riding the biggest wave I’ve ever seen. It was amazing. Most people would be scared, but Garrett was controlling everything in the critical part of the wave. It was an inspiring ride by an inspiring surfer.” Praia do Norte off the coast of Nazaré is home to one of the only deep water canyons runs all the way to shore in Europe.  It funnels large swells from the Atlantic Ocean and, under the right conditions, can create massive waves that dwarf those along the rest of the Portuguese coast. McNamara has been working with the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute to understand how the waves reach such record-breaking heights at this particular point. “I feel so blessed and honoured to have been invited to explore this canyon and its special town. The waves here are such a mystery,” said McNamara. –Irish Times
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8 Responses to Scientists peer into mystery of giant waves off the coast of Portugal

  1. Well..what’s the mystery here?


  2. Fillade says:

    I am a surfer, back in the 60’70’s, there is nothing like flying down a wall of moving water.



  3. Amazing and awe inspiring. Not sure I would surf it though.



  4. Interesting and insightful, Euro-Atlantic…the geology of the planet continues to be the head-line story of late.



  5. Oklahoma resident says:

    As amazing as mother nature is, humans can be too! Thats amazing!


  6. well….they do say……”may you live in interesting times”


  7. buckwheat slater-irons says:

    scientist’s at Oxford, Cambridge and MIT University’s have discovered what caused those massive waves. it was from a giant pod of sperm whales 175-200 all farting at the same time. the sudden release of all that flatulent gas created giant air bubbles. as the air bubbles were rushing towards and bursting at the surface, the massive amount of energy behind those giant bubbles caused the ocean to swell and create those monstrous waves. all in all the surfers that were there that day said and i quote: ” it was a once in a life time experience, and a gnarly day of surfing. we all were totally stoked. if it wasn’t for the rotten egg smell we would have been in heaven”


  8. Hannah says:

    How can he ride that wave without getting crunched


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