19 Responses to U.S. Admiral warns nuclear war on Indian subcontinent among world’s greatest threats

  1. JohntheBaptist Generation says:

    A stray missle into China from India would really set things off. I wonder if the USA would keep their nose out of it?


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Yep! Another hot spot that equals the Mid-East crisis in regards to fussing over land and just plain hate for one another (India and Pakistan). India and China are the two countries that could lose one million soldiers in one day and keep a truckin….

    Man! Is it me or is it just getter hotter……………..


  3. Shon says:

    I believe once somebody drop a nuke, out of fear it will cause a chain reaction and other countries will follow suit. Try to get them before they get got. It will be one of the worse days man has ever seen.


    • I think that is what we have to address Shon and it is vitally important. The next use of them will set a precedent that will open a floodgate and expose the world to these horrors. The use of these weapons are unthinkable..


      • Xavier says:


        In a recent Marian apparition to Pedro Regis (2010), the Virgin Mary was quoted as saying, there will be a nuclear holocaust in the middle east. I think we are approaching that time sooner.



    • NickK0 says:

      Shon, I think this is possible.
      It is that kind of thinking, that led Europe into WWI. ( Which was only a rehearsal for WWII )

      – Nick


  4. radiogirl says:

    what is your solution……………………………….Israe lis completely surrounded by people who want to EXTERMINATE the Jews.So are the Jews the ONLY people that they Hate????NO! I believe it is the rest of the world that is not of their radical beliefs….so how long to your doorstep after they wipe Israel off the map.
    France and Italy tried to shake hands with the devil in hopes Hitler would kindly go invade and slaughter everyone else but them .Did IT WORK…NO.

    This has and always been and will always be about EXTERMINATION and WORLD DESTRUCTION in the hopes of WORLD DOMINATION in fullfilling their religious beliefs .
    Unless you are a radical Islamist according to them you don’t deserve to live on this earth,your a mistake to be murdered visciously .So tell me….. after Isreal… think you won’t be next?


  5. RainMan says:

    Mutually Assured Destruction is the paradox with nukes.


  6. Duncan Ragsdale says:

    So you say. Military planners have been thinking about using nuclear weapons since WW II. McCarthur wanted to use them in Korea. Kennedy’s staff wanted to use them on Cuba and Russia. There are detailed nuclear weapons plans for every contingency. Each of the global military commands has a staff section whose only purpose is to manage the use of nuclear weapons. It is only a matter of time.


  7. Luciano says:

    The great purification start now with oneself for when the reality comes whether we live or die we at least will be ready to do our part. We also need to recognize that the widespread corruption of faith and morals is at the root of it.


  8. This brings back memories of the fears we lived with during the cold War. However, there were only two “super powers” at that time. This is much more frightening.

    Dennis E – yes, it’s getting hotter.



  9. Platoon Sergent Chee says:

    If we knew how close we are, on any given day, to nuke blackmail–men’s hearts would fail them.


  10. otay1 says:

    The u.s. has been pushing israel to do it’s dirty work toward this moment for the last 8-9 years now.
    The u.s. of course blames any country who is standing in the way of the u.s.’s 7 country greed-fest. Either their land & people are destroyed if they’re on a planned trade route for yet to be stolen resources.
    Pakistan is a patsy.

    Today even Bush jr is behind the podium professing unlikely (false) reasons we should feel ok about killing millions MORE innocent people and destroying/poisoning their land and livelihoods which are theirs culturally by birth for tens of thousands of years.

    I can’t articulate what i am feeling, and have felt for 11 years and counting…..


  11. nickk0 says:

    Otay1, please *do* articulate, when you can. 🙂 You have some interesting comments here.

    To ‘Platoon Sergent Chee’ : I am afraid that you are right.
    I have *heard* some stories, but I won’t tell you, otherwise you’d have to kill me. 😛

    – Nick


  12. When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous.
    – Albert Einstein


  13. Dennis Jackman says:

    “A” wants to wipe out “B”.
    “B” needs the help of “C”.
    “C” is afraid to help “A” because it will raise oil and have to deal with any military action from “D”, “E”, “F” and “G”.
    “A” wipes out “B”.
    Will “C” punish “A”?
    Not without having higher oil and dealing with any military action from “A”, “D”, “E”, “F”, and “G”.
    DO you want a 25 letter alphabet?


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