Nyamuragira volcano erupts in the Congo

November 7, 2011DRC, AFRICAThe Nyamulagira volcano located 22 km from the city of Goma, capital of the province of North Kivu, in eastern DRC, has been erupting since Sunday around 8:30 p.m., a said Monday the Goma Volcano Observatory. According to volcanologists, the people of Goma, are not directly threatened by the eruption of this volcano because the lava flows are directed towards the Virunga National Park (Virunga National Park). . However, had he added, people should be held in compliance with the rules of hygiene to protect against such volcanic ash released by the volcano. During the last eruption of this volcano in January 2010, the lava had burned over 11 hectares of the forest of the Virunga Park, which extends over 790,000 ha. To the World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1979, the Virunga National Park is home to various species of mammals (hippos, gorillas …), reptiles and birds. The eruptions of Nyamulagira May 2004 and November 2006 had made the most active volcano in Africa. Nyamulagira and Nyiragongo volcanoes are two of eight active volcanoes that make up the Virunga chain, located in the Virunga National Park in eastern DRC. In January 2002, a lava flow of Nyiragongo volcano had destroyed 80% of the border city of Rwanda. Le Nyamulagira volcano erupts at intervals of about 2 years in contrast to Nyiragongo is unpredictable. –Afriquinfos translated
contribution Luisport
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16 Responses to Nyamuragira volcano erupts in the Congo

  1. A_lad says:

    How come none of this stuff is being reported? The Volcanic activity seems to be off the charts. Is this true? I mean it isn’t normal is it?

    I understand that the Governments don’t want panic. But you would think that you would hear more of this news.

    Thanks Extinction Protocol for keeping us up to date 🙂


    • Most of what’s happening in the world continues to go unreported. We’ve tasked it upon ourselves to become a community of the informed and I thank all of you for that.



    • Peter says:

      A Ladd is so right with his comments.Here in the UK it is quite typical to neglect World News like this.One supposes that the Economy takes precedence and little else is important to anyone.If you read the SUN,MIRROR AND STAR then you would find even less of real news and what is going on in the world.I sometimes pick it up in a cafe and I despair at it and the content therein.Without being a snob I try to imagine the workings of such readers brains.Sport and Sex and vey little about the world economy even.If war were to break out or a global shift I am sure we would read it all on the sports page.
      The point I am making is that there is ALMOST a news blackout in the UK and little gets reported.Most real news I get from your Country and use the WEB page CNN.
      Best Wishes also so glad at least Alvin keeps us updated.

      Peter UK


    • radiogirl says:

      One more big event and you might just see a change in ms news.If you watch any of the channels such as TLC or natgeo and discovery they program many good shows on natural disaster,what if terror attacks ,pole shifts etc.So somebody is paying attention.Also great Biblical presentations..so bravo to them.If I were still in radio Id be having one interesting guest after another …and it would not be about Justin Beibers paternity test.Although the drummer in my son’s country band is Justins drummer too.funny


  2. Apple IIGS says:

    Alivin – Is it normal to see so many simultaneous volcanic eruptions around the world, or is this atypical behavior? I can’t think of any other point in my lifetime I’ve seen so many. It’s almost a bit disturbing that virtually NONE of this is being reported in the mainstream news, like they want to avoid panic.


    • People pay little mind to it quite frankly…and what I try to direct people’s attention to is the rising link between volcanism and seismicity that hasn’t always occurred like after the 2010 8.8 mag. earthquake in Chile and the double subsequent volcanic eruptions the following year; or with the swarms in the Read Sea and the eruption of Nabro in Eritrea.


  3. luisport says:

    Via Avacan : animated gif of Eqs July/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov here:

    Doesnt show the trend in magnitude but summarises sequnce nicely.


  4. Yes, thank you Alvin. Many of us would still be in the dark about these Earth changes without your hard work. I prefer to remain forewarned and prepared, even if I will probably never be completely prepared.



  5. amy rigg says:

    well yeah thanks Alvin – and Patty – & everybody who is trying to be just a notched more enlightened. I LOVE YOU.


  6. sylvia says:

    This is all so interesting to me and a bit frightening but all part of the changes to come. Embrace change and be prepared as best you can is my motto. Thank you for your tireless reporting as I cannot even imagine having to rely on traditional msm for any relevant information. Peace & safety to all.


  7. luisport says:

    A ML3.5 earthquake in Katla volcano
    Posted on November 8, 2011 by Jón Frímann
    At 09:50 UTC today (8 November, 2011) there was a ML3.5 earthquake in Katla volcano. According to news this earthquake was felt in Vík í Mýrdal town and on nearby farms. No harmonic tremor has been detected following this earthquake.
    It is impossible to know what this means in terms of activity in Katla volcano. But this was just a normal earthquake for most part from what I can tell. There was no harmonic tremor following this earthquake.



  8. luisport says:

    Piera Polo Fotos espectaculares del volcan Nyamulagira en el Congo- Africa, ocurridas hace dos dias…sin palabras!!! http://www.nationalgeographic.it/ambiente/2011/11/08/foto/congo_eruzione_nel_parco_dei_gorilla-645842/1/
    há alguns segundos · Traduzir.


  9. Larry says:

    One has to agree with the comments of A Lad. Much of the media neglects real issues it would seem. If only the media throughout the world would enlighten us like Alvin then the world would be a more informed place and news of the gravity of serious events. I suppose without Alvin’s frequent updates we would know less.



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